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Thriveworks research indicates Americans commonly diagnose themselves and others with mental health conditions

Recent Thriveworks research examined how many Americans have diagnosed anyone, including themselves, with a mental health condition. Results suggest that 44% of Americans have diagnosed either themselves and/or another person with a mental health condition. These findings are more than intriguing: They indicate that diagnosing ourselves and others with mental…

Definitive DSM-5 diagnosis list

Mental disorders (aka mental illnesses) are health conditions that involve changes in thinking, emotion, or behavior—or some combination of the three. Mental disorders are connected with distress and/or impairment in functioning, whether that be socially, occupationally, or in some other dimension of life.  According to the National Institute of Mental…

How To Find and Choose a Good Psychiatrist

Anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health issues affect millions of people in the U.S. For many of them, talking to a psychiatrist can be a life-changer — it can help them manage uncomfortable symptoms, cope with difficult situations, and regain control over their lives. But one question often precedes…

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