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How does divorce affect children? If parents aren’t careful, their child or teen might lose their sense of safety and security

Kids and teens are more susceptible to mental health problems because their brains are still developing. It’s important that they’re shown continuous love and support as they change physically, mentally, and emotionally. When parents divorce, this balance of love and support can get thrown off and negatively impact the kids….

Researchers say if parents want to successfully cut back on their child’s screen-time, they must first cut back on screen-time themselves

New research shows that if parents want to successfully reduce their children’s screen-time, they should cut back on their own screen-time. Kids are spending more and more time playing on iPads and sitting in front of the TV, which feeds an increase in obesity among children. The researchers sought to…

Is cyberbullying really a thing? Stay safe and protect yourself from online harassment

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying in which the perpetrator uses technological means to harass, demean, tease, or threaten their victim(s). Cyberbullies can attack their victims via social media, text, phone call, or email, anytime and anywhere, so long as they have access to this technology. Anybody can become a…

Is it normal teenage behavior or warning signs of a mental illness? Keep an eye out for these 5 red flags

Teenagers are at an increased risk for experiencing mental health issues, as their brains continue to develop and change throughout this delicate time in life. This means it’s incredibly important for their loved ones to keep a watchful eye on them and understand red flags that might signify a serious…

Teenhood is marked by difficulties that come with significant and sudden growth

The teen years are characterized by significant developmental changes that often make this time difficult. It’s important that parents keep their teen’s struggles in mind and do their best to understand what they’re going through. First, teenagers struggle with the journey of self-discovery: they’re trying to understand who they are…