Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2022: Learn, share resources, and show support this October

Each October, volunteers, families, employers, and advocacy groups work together for a common purpose: to bring Domestic Violence Awareness Month into the public’s eye. Since 1989, 31 days in October remind us of the strength and resilience of domestic violence survivors—we’re encouraged to help support them through educating ourselves, volunteering, …

How can adverse childhood experiences and childhood trauma affect us in adulthood?

Childhood, if nothing else, is a memorable period of our lives. Hopefully, we can recall blissful memories: of holidays, old friends, family vacations, and time spent simply running around, doing all the things kids do. But not every childhood experience is so positive—some of us have adverse childhood experiences. In…

Can a violent relationship get better? Understanding the difference between characterological and situational violence

When I think about violence, I shudder. Whether it’s two MMA fighters battling it out on TV, a kid lashing out at his mother, or an argument that has escalated into a physical altercation between partners. I find the latter case particularly disturbing. The first example is obviously an organized…

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