How putting yourself out there can get you almost anything you want.

Asking is a superpower. Really, it is. What makes something “super” or “powerful” has a lot to do with how effective it is and how unique it is as an action.

Well, asking is a skill that not enough people utilize, yet it’s extremely powerful.

In fact, you’d be amazed to see just how much your life could change if you simply asked more often.

Asking and Customer Service

For example, customer service is usually straightforward. We’re buying something that the other person is selling, or we’re delivering feedback on what we’ve already bought or used.

One time, I was on the phone with an Internet provider. She was discussing the various plans and offerings they had according to my web-surfing needs.

It became painfully clear that, while she was very nice and polite, I could tell that her agenda was not exactly my own. She was there to make sure I spend as much money as possible without realizing it.

“No problem,” I thought. “That’s her job, and I can use this to my advantage.”

So I did. When going over prices and figures, I simply asked if I could opt out of paying the installation fee. I explained that since I was upgrading from a cheaper plan, it would make more sense for me to save some money.

She agreed and waived the fee. Just like that.

If she had said no, not much else would have happened. I would have been disappointed, but it wouldn’t have made my life take a turn for the worse.

Sure enough, I received my first bill with all sorts of promos attached to it, delighted in the fact that being kind and assertive had benefitted me monetarily.

Now, some of you are already aware of how asking is a superpower. You may use this gift a lot or just sparingly.

But if you’re someone who finds it awkward to ask for things over the phone, at work, or even at home, then let’s talk about why you struggle with this.

Asking Is The Opposite of Laziness

I know that for me and most people, it’s just laziness. We’re too embarrassed to put ourselves out there and would rather let things just come to us.

“I’ll just pay the extra money if it means I don’t have to be here any longer,” is a thought that typically crosses our minds.

At first, asking for the things we really want will be challenging. Turning anything into a real habit takes time and a constant reminding that you should take an initiative with your money and time.

Asking in the Workplace

This is especially true for anyone who wants to rise above their station at work. In most workplaces, supervisors don’t look over their employees and analyze which ones want or need raises indiscriminately.

Make your needs known to them. Confront your supervisor and politely ask for a raise, explaining how it would benefit you practically (and of course, why you deserve it).

From the perspective of the person being asked, I am far more likely to react positively to someone who kindly asks me for something. Some people have been shocked that simply asking me for an interview or business opportunity was enough.

Make Asking Your Superpower

I challenge you to make asking a superpower today and the rest of this week. Review the things that matter to you and what you can do now to achieve them. Ask for what you want, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find out what happens.

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