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Cannabis use among older people is increasing faster than any other group, but many are hesitant to talk to their doctors about medical marijuana

While cannabis acceptance and use are growing among older individuals, many report challenges that stand in their way of accessing medical marijuana. The purpose of this study was to explore and better understand how older individuals view, use, and are affected by cannabis. Researchers conducted 17 focus groups in senior…

Room temperature affects men’s and women’s cognitive performance differently (Video)

Women generally favor warmer temperatures, while men prefer it cooler. Why? A new study says it’s about more than just comfort—room temperature actually affects the two gender’s cognitive abilities differently. Researchers from the USC Marshal School of Business conducted an experiment with 542 students: 60% were male and 40% were…

You can influence anti-vaccine individuals to become pro-vaccine by introducing them to someone with a vaccine-preventable illness, according to researchers

New research shows that we can reduce vaccine hesitancy by introducing the hesitant individual to someone with a vaccine-preventable disease. Researchers sought to understand how we can change anti-vaccine attitudes due to a recent rise in vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccine hesitancy. The experimented with 574 college students, 83 of which…

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