Have you activated your creative juices lately? We all need a friendly reminder from time-to-time—to be more imaginative, to utilize our artistic abilities, and to demonstrate our deepest passions. In doing so, we discover the superpower of creativity and ultimately experience the world more vividly. So today, and every other day, live creative: channel creativity into everything you do. Need help? Learn to activate your creative juices with these easy, but genius 10 tips:

1) Deviate from the norm.

You know that saying, “Take the road less traveled?” Make breakfast for dinner, explore a new town, sign up for an art class (even if you can draw stick figures, at best). Try something new and different; it will surely inspire your mind and you won’t regret it.

2) Immerse yourself in a creative environment.

Sometimes all it takes is going to a concert or walking through an art museum. I know that every time I do, I leave feeling inspired and reconnected with my creative mind, ready to pursue my own passions. So think about your interests and then find an enjoyable way to surround yourself with creativity!

3) Write from your stream of consciousness.

Okay, so this might remind you of an exercise in English class—but writing from your stream of consciousness can actually be a super useful, beneficial activity. Sit down and just start writing whatever comes to your mind, and don’t pause to make any edits along the way. The end product may be messy, but it can also be very telling of your deepest thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, it will prompt your creative flow.

4) Don’t be afraid to be wrong.

Imagine all of the things we could accomplish if we didn’t freeze in fear. Delve into your work and your daily activities, unafraid of being wrong or making mistakes. Because oftentimes, you won’t be wrong, and the outcome will be amazing.

5) Step outside!

I can’t even begin to count the amount of times nature has inspired me; there’s just so much to see, hear, and feel. You don’t have to go on a crazy hike or pick up rock-climbing if that’s not your kind of thing—but I guarantee even just taking a walk outside will stimulate some creative thinking.

6) Adjust your perspective.

Alter your mindset! Think differently; approach your work from a different angle; challenge yourself with new ideas. The key is to get out of the bubble you’ve built around yourself and to welcome a change in perspective.

7) Be playful.

Adulting doesn’t have to equal boredom: it’s completely acceptable to revisit a childhood game you loved (and still love) or simply joke around at work every now and again. In fact, that’s what a lot of us need. Laughter and a better imagination.

8) Watch or listen to something inspiring.

I am easily and quickly inspired by success stories, whether that comes in the form of a book, a movie, or a song. These pastimes motivate me to get to work and accomplish my own goals. And guess what? I bet they could do the same for you! What are you waiting for, give it a try—put on Forrest Gump, sit back, relax, and let the magic happen.

9) Doodle.

Another foolproof way to channel creativity is by doodling or scribbling on a piece of paper. Draw hearts, write your name in cursive a million times, trace the outline of your cup—it doesn’t matter. Doodling in any regard will help you to focus and generate new ideas.

10) Stay curious.

Whatever you do, wherever you go: stay curious. Because you never know what might inspire you: a cloud in the sky, a picture in your cappuccino, a song on the radio… the list is never-ending. Keep yourself open to the many outlets of creativity. I promise you won’t regret it.