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There are times in a family’s life when disruption and turmoil take over where harmony once existed. The reasons are varied and many, though there are some common disruptions. For example, the siblings are no longer getting on. Or perhaps the parents and kids are not coping too well with an unpleasant divorce or separation. Forming a new family can be a huge challenge for many, too, and some are unable to adjust to the changes.

It is times like these when some parents reach out to family therapists for some much needed support and guidance. Third party support can help to instill a little equilibrium into the lives of families that have lost all hope.

Identifying Problems

Denial can be a modern day curse and cause more harm than good. No one likes to admit that they’re not coping too well with trying situations in the home. Yet the longer people ignore their problems the worse they tend to get. There is no shame in seeking help and support from qualified family counselors. Beverly Hills therapists have helped to restore peace and balance in lots of homes over the years. Some of the areas they work in include:

  • Alcohol, drug and other addictions
  • ADD/ADHD; anxiety issues
  • depression (bipolar disorder)
  • divorce and trial split ups
  • the complex range of eating disorders
  • and relationship issues between siblings and/or parents and their siblings

Growing apart can be a slow and often painful experience for all concerned. One of the main reasons why families go through the emotional wringer is because they are too proud to seek outside help. Experience shows that those who do reach out often get to save themselves months, if not years of unnecessary upset and turmoil.

Qualified Family counselors can assist in the following areas:

  • Help families to improve relationships and build new bridges
  • Provide psychological testing and evaluation
  • Identify the root causes of problems and guide families toward the solutions
  • Deliver emotionally focused plans of action

Beverly Hills family therapists are only a phone call away. We’re in your corner and may just be the guiding light that you and your family needs right now.

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been particularly helpful in assisting myself and our family get back on track.

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Comfortable, private space for anyone and everyone in the family to get the personal time and space they need.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

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y life. I have always struggled with feeling misunderstood. But recently I fell into a deep depression; beyond something I could resolve myself. Therapy was required for my recovery. Since childhood I have been weary of therapists because I would talk through my problems but I didn't get tools and strategies to handle my problems better. Dawn has changed that. For the first time I leave each appointment not only relieved from having talked my issues through, but more importantly with tools to help me move forward. She has introduced me to methods I had considered silly, but now I could live without. I am proud of the person I am becoming and the journey I have chosen to take. Thank you for all you have done to change my life and my family's future.

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