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It may seem like a question with a very obvious answer – what is infidelity? Whilst many will define it as a violation of sexual exclusivity, there are actually three different types of infidelity: sexual infidelity, romantic infidelity and the combination of sexual and romantic infidelity. It is certainly possible for an individual in a relationship to commit romantic infidelity by falling in love with another man/woman, and yet not to become sexually involved with that person.

The fallout in a relationship after the exposure of adultery is often different for each of the above listed types of infidelity. Similarly, every relationship will be affected completely differently when infidelity occurs. There are no hard and fast rules on how a relationship must develop after one partner has been unfaithful – some couples will choose to separate, whilst others will try to make up. Many, however, will remain undecided on what steps to take. This difficulty in navigating towards a resolution after betrayal has been exposed can be greatly helped by professional counseling for infidelity.

How Infidelity Affects A Relationship?

Infidelity affects the lives of more people than one may initially expect. The act can affect the dynamic of the entire family relationship; spouses, children, grandparents and even friends may experience the impact of this development. Yet, this isn’t to say that infidelity always signals the end of a relationship – more often than not the issues can be dealt with and the relationship can continue.

Counseling For Infidelity Helps

Counseling for infidelity is designed to help guide the couple towards a solution that best fits their individual needs – this could be reconciliation, or it could be an amicable separation. Regardless of the conclusion, the counselor is to act as an independent and unbiased moderator, to facilitate and guide conversation and mutual understanding between the partners. An experienced therapist should avoid dictating ready-made answers to the couple, instead he or she should focus on helping them arrive at their own conclusions.

Here at Thriveworks Birmingham, we pride ourselves on the experience our counselors have with couples who have suffered as a result of infidelity. We want you to understand that infidelity does not have to signal the end of a marriage or a relationship – no matter the outcome our counselors will strive to give you the support you need. Why not get in touch with us now to arrange your first counseling session for infidelity.

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