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Have you ever seen Cheaper by the Dozen? Steve Martin plays Tom Baker, a father who finally gets his dream job. The only catch is he has to move his family suddenly, uprooting his twelve children. The Baker family tries to adapt to their new home, but tensions reach a peak when their mom embarks on a book tour.

Some of the kids miss old friends. Others are bullied at their new school. Sibling rivalries end in shouting matches. The eldest daughter stresses about juggling her relationship and time with her family. The 2003 comedy is a great, if sometimes exaggerated, example of how a major life transition can affect family members differently. The parents and children react with varying degrees of anger, sadness, confusion, and exasperation.

Significant changes, like a cross-country move, can bring exciting new adventures. They can also prompt challenges that disrupt your happiness. If your family is struggling to adapt to new circumstances, it may be time to consider family therapy or counseling. A compassionate mental health professional can help you navigate change, develop healthier communication skills, and grow closer as a family unit.

At Thriveworks Counseling, mental health professionals in Biloxi, MS, are eager to help families of all shapes and sizes manage their issues and grow closer together. Consider calling our office or using our convenient online scheduling tool to get started.

Why Do People Seek Family and Child Therapy?

A big move isn’t the only cause of distress within family systems. Just as all families are different, the issues affecting them can vary. A single parent may struggle to make ends meet, a same-sex couple might face discrimination during the adoption process, and a teenager may act out because their parents are separating. However, some common themes can drive a family to seek professional care. Consider the following:

  • Unclear or violated boundaries: This includes things like curfews, social media use, or personal space. If a parent and child disagree about expectations, rules, or privacy, it can lead to a rift in their relationship.
  • Lack of familial support: A family member can feel neglected if their concerns are ignored or their victories go unnoticed. The same is true for someone with a mental health concern, chronic pain, or addiction.
  • Loss or tragedy: Death can cause immense grief and leave a family uncertain of how to move on without them. Similarly, events like the incarceration of a parent or a natural disaster can interfere with a family’s harmony.
  • Unhealthy habits: One person’s actions can impact an entire household. The presence of gambling, alcohol, or drug use can negatively affect a family’s relationships.
  • Behavioral problems: Focusing on a child’s actions usually obscures the underlying causes of their behavior. Bullying, underage drinking, and failing classes can be signs of deeper issues.

You may be going through some of these situations. These issues can feel daunting, and reaching out might seem intimidating. It’s important to remember you’re not alone. Countless families encounter similar hurdles, and licensed counselors and therapists can help unravel the issues present in a family system.

Common Benefits of Family Therapy Sessions

The good news is family therapy or counseling are effective methods for resolving specific issues, processing shared trauma, and discovering new ways to support one another. Your first session will mainly focus on getting to know your family. A counselor or therapist might ask questions about your family relationships, a typical day in your life, and what you aim to accomplish during your sessions.

From there, sessions can involve structural, strategic, or systemic therapy processes. Your provider may recommend homework, new activities to do together, or a specific family member accessing long-term mental health services.

However your appointments evolve, frequent takeaways include increased affection, enhanced communication, deeper empathy, and new perspectives on disagreements. Do you think working with a mental health professional could be beneficial for your family? Consider contacting our counseling center at Thriveworks Counseling in Biloxi, MS today.

Family Therapy Available at Thriveworks in Biloxi, MS

If you’re ready to explore therapy options for your family, consider scheduling an appointment with a licensed counselor or therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in Biloxi, MS. We accept many different insurance plans, and new clients often have their first session within 24 to 48 hours of reaching out.

There are several ways to access care at Thriveworks:

  • Through in-person therapy appointments
  • Online sessions via phone calls or video chat
  • Between sessions using text or email

Our providers offer convenient times to meet throughout the week. Beyond regular business hours, there are also opportunities on weekday evenings and weekends. Text-message assistance is available for booking and billing services. If life gets in the way, you can cancel or reschedule your appointments.

Getting started is easy. Simply call or use our online booking tool to connect with one of our team members from Thriveworks Counseling in Biloxi, MS. They can help you schedule your first family therapy or counseling session today.

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