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The only certainty in life is uncertainty. It’s often been said that how we deal with that uncertainty is entirely up to us — we can either run from it or we can face it head-on. But if you’re experiencing a mental health issue, dealing with uncertainty might not be so simple.

Consider the following situations:

  • A young man who was always punished for speaking his mind as a child is unexpectedly asked his opinion during a meeting at his first job. He fundamentally disagrees with the action plan his boss has just mentioned but he’s never been one to openly share his thoughts. The idea of speaking up now induces shortness of breath and his heart starts racing.
  • A married couple has just sent their last child off to college. They’ve lived in the same house for thirty years and while the husband would like a change, the wife would not. They have constant arguments over whether or not it’s time to sell their empty nest.
  • A woman has just lost her job of ten years. She’s emotionally devastated and copes with food and alcohol while she considers her next steps. When she eventually finds a new job, the overconsumption doesn’t stop. Every time she has a new problem, she eats and drinks in excess.
  • Ever since his fall from a ladder, an older man’s leg hasn’t been the same. He was always active but he can barely stand to walk these days. The inability to do what he once did so easily weighs heavy on his mind. He finds himself feeling hopeless and alone.

Emotional and mental health issues can take a toll on our minds and bodies. While we may try to solve these problems on our own, sometimes we need assistance. A licensed psychologist can help us face mental illness, emotional disorders, and many other kinds of mental health challenges. With a professional’s support, we can find the strength we need to work toward our mental and emotional health goals.

To see how a counseling psychologist can help you, call us at Thriveworks in Bend, OR to schedule an appointment.

When Is the Right Time To See a Psychologist?

When our mind is in duress, it can impact the way we perceive ourselves, our peers, and our world. We may be less open to change and we may be unable to cope with everyday stressors.

What throws off our mental and emotional health can be different for different people. For some, it may be an internal problem such as body image dysmorphia. For others, it may be an external problem like raising a child who has behavioral issues.

Some of the more common reasons people decide to see a psychologist include:

  • Relationship conflicts
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Anger management issues
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Job loss or other major life events
  • The death of a loved one
  • Substance abuse
  • Addictive behaviors

When you’re ready to see a licensed mental health professional, reach out to us at Thriveworks in Bend, OR.

What Can I Expect From My Psychologist?

Psychologists are mental health providers who have spent years studying the human mind and human behaviors. Their advanced degree in psychology enables them to make expert assessments of the mental and emotional complications that may impact the human brain.

A psychologist can help you in many different ways, including the following:

  • Building healthier relationships: Be it romantic or platonic love, your relationships deserve your time and attention. If a relationship is being affected by poor communication, misunderstandings, or other problems, a psychologist can help you get back on track.
  • Improving communication: We’ve all had trouble getting our point across before. Perhaps you’re uncertain about how to ask your boss for a raise or how to bring up an issue with a family member or friend. With work and time, you can learn to set healthy boundaries and effectively advocate for your wants and needs.
  • Decreasing stress: Stress is normal and unavoidable. But we don’t have to let stress control us. Your psychologist can teach you coping skills to help you reevaluate stressful situations and tolerate your distress more effectively.

These are only some of the ways a Thriveworks psychologist can help you improve your mental and emotional wellness. Set up an appointment in Bend, OR to begin your therapy sessions today.

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Whatever your mental health challenge may be, a psychologist’s guidance can often provide clarity and make it easier for you to move forward.

To schedule an appointment, call our support team or use our do-it-yourself booking tool. Our psychologists are available in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings — even on weekends! We offer in-person and online sessions via video or phone so you can control the where and when of your mental health journey.

Thriveworks clients can contact their provider between sessions via phone or email. You’ll also have access to our online resources including a life coach Q&A, message board, eBook, and video content. We accept many health insurance plans and offer a highly flexible cancellation policy.

To see what a clinical psychologist can do for you, book with Thriveworks in Bend, OR today. Let’s get started together.

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