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Sitting in rush hour traffic on the way home, you can’t help thinking about the busy week you still have ahead. Workdays jam-packed with meetings and presentations, daily soccer practice, grocery shopping, and the dog’s appointment with the groomer. Oh, and of course dinner with your in-laws on Saturday, where you’ll spend an hour defending your decision to keep coffee mugs by the coffee maker.

With an agenda like this, it’s no wonder you’ve had a hard time keeping up with regular counseling sessions. Your therapist’s office is on the other side of town and there’s no way you’d make it to an appointment without using the last of your PTO.

When spare time is hard to come by, it’s easy to let your mental health take a back seat. So how can you fit in time with a therapist when you don’t seem to have a second to spare?

Online counseling makes it easy to connect with a therapist without the commute to and from an office. Therapy sessions can be held by phone or video chat, taking the hassle out of battling traffic or a lengthy commute.

Thriveworks in Bend, OR can connect you with an online therapist today. Book online or call our scheduling team to see what options are available throughout the week and on weekends — you may even be able to speak to a licensed mental health professional within 24 to 48 hours of reaching out.

What Types of Therapy Does Thriveworks Offer Online?

With online counseling, you can expect to receive the same level of care that you would from in-person therapy. Almost any type of traditional therapy can be conducted online with the same results and personal progress.

Some types of therapy, like couples counseling or family therapy, can actually be more effectively scheduled using online means. Coordinating the schedules of more than one busy person can be difficult, and online sessions can make that hurdle easier to jump.

Common types of therapy available online include:

  • Life coaching and career counseling
  • Family and marriage counseling
  • Couples therapy
  • Child therapy
  • Anxiety and depression therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • LGBTQ+ counseling
  • Anger management

Thriveworks in Bend, OR makes it easy to start with an online therapist or counselor. Simply use our scheduling tool or give us a call to take the first convenient step in your healing journey.

Could I Benefit From Online Therapy?

Many people decide to pursue online therapy because it’s easier to fit phone calls or video chats into their day, rather than commuting to an office for face-to-face therapy. But online counseling is a great therapy option for reasons other than mere convenience.

Online counseling is significantly more accessible than in-person therapy. People with disabilities may experience difficulty attending traditional therapy sessions, limiting their access to comprehensive mental health care. Online therapy gives disabled individuals full access to mental health services without the limitations of travel or inadequate accommodations.

Easing into treatment via online counseling can also make the idea of therapy less daunting. To individuals with issues like social anxiety, in-person therapy may seem intimidating or frightening. These people are more likely to seek treatment if they can do so from a comfortable environment.

Lack of transportation can also put a kink in your plans when you have a therapy session to attend. Unexpected car troubles or unreliable public transportation can make you late to appointments, or cause you to miss them altogether. Online therapy takes all of the guesswork out of your travel and guarantees your appointments will always start on time.

You can decide whether you’d like to pursue online counseling by phone or video chat. Phone calls can be beneficial if you find yourself without camera access or without video capabilities. Video chats more closely mimic the experience of face-to-face therapy and are great for clients who prefer this intimate connection.

The convenience and accessibility of online counseling make it easy to get the care you need. Connect with the online therapists at Thriveworks in Bend, OR today and you can begin working toward better mental health from anywhere.

Schedule an Online Counseling Session at Thriveworks in Bend, OR

You shouldn’t have to choose between good mental health and your daily responsibilities. Fortunately, with online counseling, you don’t have to. At Thriveworks in Bend, OR, you can connect with a licensed therapist from home, the office, or even the little league parking lot.

Online therapy works hand-in-hand with the other benefits our clients enjoy, including:

  • Phone and email access to your provider between sessions
  • Exclusive video content
  • Counselor-moderated community discussion
  • Ask-a-coach 24-hour Q&A
  • Text message support via our Success Navigator

You don’t have to meet your licensed professional in person every week to improve your mental health. The convenience and accessibility of online counseling make it possible to maintain your schedule and good mental health at the same time. Connect with an online therapist at Thriveworks in Bend, OR today and begin your healing journey without ever leaving home.

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