Anchorage Family Therapy and Counseling — Appointments in AK

Anchorage Family Therapy and Counseling — Appointments in AK

Being in a family is like being a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Each person contributes something unique to the bigger picture of the family. Figuring out how those pieces fit together, however, isn’t always easy. Sometimes, one piece being upside down or out of place can affect the whole picture. Being a part of a family means even though you’re an individual, your behaviors and emotions have a ripple effect.

Naturally, the puzzle pieces won’t always fit together with ease. No family is picture perfect all of the time. But sometimes, the conflicts and challenges you deal with as a family might make you wonder how you’ll ever manage to put the puzzle back together again. Luckily, sometimes all you need is an outside perspective.

When family issues become too big to solve on your own, it’s okay to ask for help. Even the closest families can benefit from working with a counselor or therapist. If you think you’d benefit from family therapy services, call Thriveworks Counseling in Anchorage, AK, or use our convenient online scheduling tool to set up your first session.

Who Can Family Counseling Help?

Family therapy and counseling are available for all sorts of families, big and small, new and old. You might feel hesitant to bring your issues to a therapist or counselor because likely, your family has run into conflict before and worked through it in one way or another.

We want to dispel the myth that working with a professional indicates personal failure or weak family relationships. Everyone needs help sometimes, and going to therapy or counseling does not mean you’ve given up — it means you and your family are willing to put in the hard work to improve your relationships and work through your conflicts.

There are many reasons why a family might decide to start working with a counselor or therapist, including:

  • Long-term disagreements: Families that have long ignored or fought about their issues may not know how to start a healthy and productive dialogue.
  • Mental or physical health issues: Supporting family members dealing with disorders like anxiety, depression, addiction, or chronic physical illness is rarely easy and can warrant the help of an outside professional.
  • Behavioral problems: Children and teens acting out can damage familial relationships. The strain caused by their actions can make it difficult to understand the cause of their outbursts.
  • Major life changes: The loss of a job or a big move can drastically affect the mood and emotional state of a family. Family members do not always share how they’ve been impacted by these life changes, which can result in heightened tension or disconnection from the rest of the family.

Do you think family therapy or counseling could benefit your family? Consider working with a professional from Thriveworks Counseling in Anchorage, AK. They can give you the space you need to discuss your issues and move forward as a family.

What Are the Benefits of Family Therapy Sessions?

In family therapy or counseling, you and your family members have a judgment-free space to discuss your issues. This is often a short-term form of treatment, with most families attending around 12 sessions. However, care can be delivered on a longer-term timeline as needed.

There are a few different types of family therapy you might encounter, such as family systems therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, and supportive family therapy. Each of these therapies offers different approaches that your therapist or counselor might combine to provide the care that best addresses your needs.

By working through your challenges with these therapies, you and your family members can build skills such as:

  • Anger and stress management
  • Reflection and clarification when communicating
  • Boundary setting
  • Conflict resolution

Taking the time to learn how to communicate and interact with your family through this conflict will help you deal with future conflicts and strengthen your family bond. Our counselors and therapists in Anchorage, AK, want to offer guidance and support as your family starts this journey together.

Start Sessions With a Family Counselor Today at Thriveworks in Anchorage, AK

If your family dynamic isn’t where you want it to be, we want you to know that help is available. Consider working with a counselor or therapist from Thriveworks Counseling in Anchorage, AK, to help your family solve problems and grow together.

We offer comfortable online counseling options that let you see a provider over the phone or on a video call. This is an excellent option for families that are busy or have members living in different cities. In addition, we offer extended weekend and evening hours and a flexible cancellation policy in case something comes up –– just cancel within 23.5 hours of your scheduled appointment. We also accept many major insurance plans.

We want to provide a safe environment for your family to solve problems and help each other grow. Contact our office today if you’d like to set up an appointment with a family therapist or counselor at Thriveworks in Anchorage, AK.

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