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At Thriveworks Richmond, we understand that a failed drug test can cause your life to to become very stressful. A loss of wages, embarrassment, tension in your family, and anxiety over your possible return to work are all serious concerns. If you have a job that requires adherence to the Department of Transportation regulations, you are subject to random drug and alcohol screenings. These can occur at any time, but will most certainly occur after an accident on the job. If you fail one of these screenings, you will be required to undergo assessment and counseling with a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

Your trained and certified Substance Abuse Professional will conduct an evaluation and assessment, and create a plan for your possible return to work. The SAP may also work with the Designated Employee Representative from the Department of Transportation in order to assess your ability to return to your position. You may be wondering how quickly you will be able to return to work. While we cannot give you an exact timeline for this possibility, we will work as efficiently with you as possible. Your recovery is in your hands, and is determined by your focus and willingness to work openly and honestly with your Thriveworks Richmond SAP.

A failed drug or alcohol screening may be a sign of an underlying addiction issue. You may feel relief at the possibility of having the chance to speak with a professional about this issue. Addiction issues often have roots in long lasting emotional or psychological problems. We are professionals, able to deal with whatever you bring to our counseling room.

We understand that you are in need right now, not three weeks from now. For this reason, we have appointments available for new clients within 24 hours in most cases. Our Substance Abuse Professionals are experts in their field, ready to put their knowledge to work for you. There is no need to feel any shame or hesitation in starting this journey of recovery. We are your trusted partners in restructuring your life.

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Important! We have several location in the greater Richmond area. Please double check your provider's address (sent via email upon booking).
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