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The Real Answer to Loneliness: Compassionate Counseling in Austin

Anyone who’s dealt with loneliness and discussed it with a friend or family member has likely gotten the advice that they simply need to make new friends. The reality for many people is not quite this simple but the right counselor can help individuals get through this frustrating experience.

Are you lonely or social isolated?

It’s common for loneliness and social isolation to be lumped into the same category but there is actually a key difference. Social isolation happens to people who are physically separated from people while loneliness is the feeling of being separate from the world. While they do often go hand in hand, many people feel loneliness even when there are people around.

These issues should not be taken lightly

Many people simply wait for feelings of loneliness to pass or hope for a magical solution. The reality is that these can be serious issues. Side effects of loneliness include everything from aches and pains to trouble sleeping to depression and thoughts of suicide.

There is treatment for these issues

The good news for those experiencing these issues is that there is help out there. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, patients work with a counselor who can assess their situation. They can help discover the cause, whether it’s a geographic separation from friends and family or a fear of intimacy. In some cases it may even be caused by a medical condition like depression.

At Thriveworks Austin Counseling & Coaching we are motivated to help you change your life. Depending on your needs and expectations your progress may be fast or it may be slow and comfortable. No matter how it happens, you can count on us for the compassionate care you deserve.

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