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In the thick of challenge, great coaches somehow always have the right words. “It’s supposed to be hard,” Jimmy Dugan told his players. “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” These words are part of one of the most famous inspirational speeches any coach has ever given. Coach Dugan’s players were facing the impossible—something that no one thought they could do. They were women playing professional baseball, and under Dugan’s leadership, they achieved exactly what they set out to do. But that’s what excellent coaches do: They challenge. They inspire. They help others reach a goal. Great coaching can happen anywhere—on the baseball field, basketball court, swimming pool, and even in everyday life. Coaches are not just for sports teams or inspirational movies like A League of Their Own. More people now are working with a life coach to reach their full potential.

Life coaches function in a similar capacity to any other kind of coach. Life coaches understand their client’s weaknesses, strengths, vision, and values. Life coaches can help their clients make goals based upon those values and vision. Life coaches can guide their clients on how to capitalize on their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses. In doing so, Life coaches can often help their clients achieve more than they ever dreamed.

“To excel at the highest level—or any level, really—you need to believe in yourself, and hands down, one of the biggest contributors to my self-confidence has been private coaching.” —Stephen Curry

As an NBA champion and all-star, Steph Curry knows what it means to succeed on the court. As a husband and father, he knows what it means to succeed off the court. To whom does he attribute the success? Coaching. That is why Thriveworks San Francisco offers life coaching. We have helped many clients reach their full potential.

Who Are Life Coaches? What Do They Do?

These are common questions because, compared to other forms of mental health care, life coaching is relatively new. In some ways, who life coaches are and what they do is still evolving. There is a lot of flexibility within the profession, and this means, they can often provide very personalized care. It would be impossible to list every way they can help, but here is a little picture of who life coaches are and what they do:

  • Life coaches’ goal is to help clients reach their goals and fulfill their potential.
  • Every coach has a unique style and is different.
  • Life coaches can often tailor sessions to a client’s preferences and needs.
  • Life coaching is more flexible that formal therapy or counseling.
  • Life coaches and therapists are different types of professionals.
  • The International Coach Federation (ICF) is an organization that sets ethical guidelines for life coaches.
  • Life coaches do not have to be licensed or certified.
  • Some life coaches work in partnership with other medical or therapeutic professionals.
  • Other life coaches work independently.
  • The foundations that life coaches utilize are believed to be based upon principles used in athletic coaching.

Are you working toward a goal? What do you want out of life? Working with a life coach may help you reach your personal and professional potential. Life coaches are great allies. They often know how to encourage, challenge, inspire, and advise in a way that spurs their clients onto great achievement.

“Coaching helps you take stock of where you are now in all aspects of your life, and how that compares to where you would like to be.”
—Elaine MacDonald

Who is taking stock of their lives with the help of a life coach? CEO who need an outsider’s perspective on their lives. Retirees who are reorganizing their lives. Stay at home moms who want the best for themselves and their family. New graduates who are making the jump from the classroom to the office. The list could continue indefinitely. Life coaches work with many different people who are facing many different circumstances.

Potential Advantages of Working with a Life Coach

The care that life coaches offer is often very personal, and so, the benefits are often personal. Generally speaking, the potential advantages of working with a life coach may include…

  • A clear vision for life.
  • Goals that support that vision.
  • Unbiased and unwavering support.
  • Techniques and strategies for maximizing potential.
  • Accountability without judgment.
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • Encouragement and inspiration during hard times.
  • Personal development.
  • Professional development.

Making an Appointment to Meet with a Life Coach at Thriveworks San Francisco

Do you have a specific goal in mind that you want to achieve? Maybe you do. Maybe you just have a sense that there is more to life than you are living right now. In either case, know that you do not have to journey on the road to success alone. Life coaches have helped many people shift careers, reach the next step in their professional, improve their personal relationships, reach a physical goal, and more. If you want a life coach, Thriveworks San Francisco is ready to help. We have life coaching appointments available.

When you contact our office, know that a scheduling specialist will answer and find an appointment for you. New clients often meet with their life coach within 24 hours. We also accept many forms of insurance, and we offer evening and weekend sessions. Call Thriveworks San Francisco today to begin working with a life coach.

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