Appointments With Licensed Psychiatrists in Rochester, MN

Appointments With Licensed Psychiatrists in Rochester, MN

If you’ve ever worked from a recipe, you know how frustrating it can be when you run into an ingredient you don’t have, especially after you’ve already prepared side dishes, arranged the table, and called the guests. There are three choices you can typically make in this situation —  you can try to substitute what’s missing, you can skip the ingredient entirely, or you can go out and get what’s missing.

Our mental health isn’t so dissimilar. There are times when something seems to be missing —  the key to self-esteem, the ingredient for a happy marriage, the courage to face a fear. During these times, we have a decision to make: substitute, ignore, or acquire.

If we choose to substitute, we risk replacing a necessary component with something that may not work as well. If we choose to ignore, we risk messing up the entire process. But if we choose to acquire, we give ourselves the opportunity to find that missing ingredient that can make the whole thing come together.

Every great chef has their sous chef. Our online psychiatrists at Thriveworks are yours. They’ll help you acquire that missing ingredient. They’re ready and waiting to equip you with the proper mental tools and encouragement you need to take your next steps forward.

Some people think therapy is only for those with severe mental illnesses. In reality, therapy can be for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. Our board-certified psychiatrists have spent years in medical school learning techniques and treatment methods to help people face their challenges and discover what’s missing.

Our expert team is here to help but therapy ultimately starts with you. When you’re ready to begin, call us at Thriveworks in Rochester, MN to schedule an appointment with a remote psychiatrist. We know we can create something powerful together.

Common Disorders Addressed During Psychiatric Sessions

If someone told you that visiting the dentist was only for people with cavities, you’d likely scoff at them because you know that regular appointments with your dental hygienist can provide both emergency and preventative care for a variety of oral health issues.

Psychiatry appointments are no different. Your provider can address a wide range of problems you’re currently experiencing, but they can also help you prepare for future concerns. Couples expecting their first child, adults experiencing a sudden career change, and teenagers preparing to go off to college can all benefit from the expertise of a board-certified psychiatrist.

There are other common reasons people attend online psychiatry sessions with a Thriveworks provider, including:

  • Separation anxiety disorder and other anxiety disorders
  • Major depressive disorder and other depressive disorders
  • Substance abuse and addicting behaviors
  • Mental, physical, and emotional abuse
  • Narcissistic personality disorders and other personality disorders
  • Bipolar disorder and other mood disorders
  • Learning disabilities
  • Eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia
  • Insomnia and other sleep disabilities

What Kind of Psychiatric Treatment Can I Expect?

Psychiatrists are trained medical doctors who have spent years earning a medical degree and learning about the hundreds of mental illnesses and disorders that impact the human brain.

Because of their degree, they’re able to examine the physical causes of mental and emotional illnesses and prescribe medications that tackle the physical and mental symptoms of those disorders and illnesses.

When you receive care from a licensed psychiatrist, you can expect a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific situation. You may be prescribed medication or guided through one or more types of therapy, such as:

  • Exposure therapy, which safely and slowly exposes you to an object or situation that correlates to your fear or phobia
  • Light therapy, which uses light to help with depressive disorders such as seasonal affective disorder
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which retrains your brain to identify and change negative patterns of thinking
  • Emotion-focused therapy, which centers on the emotions around your relationships and bonds

In addition to medication and therapy, your provider may also suggest self-care techniques such as improved nutrition, avoiding coffee and other stimulants, and creative exercises. You can schedule an online appointment with a Thriveworks provider in Rochester, MN to begin your own healing journey as soon as you’re ready.

Book With Thriveworks in Rochester, MN Today

There will always be challenges in life; how we handle those challenges is up to us. When you need additional support, Thriveworks is here to give you the support to overcome your mental or emotional issues.

Our online psychiatrists are available seven days a week, in the mornings, afternoon, and evenings. To speak to your provider between sessions, simply send them an email or give them a call. Clients also get access to our counselor-moderated message board, exclusive videos, and digital eBook content. You’ll even find an online Q&A service for additional support.

We accept a variety of insurance plans and also offer a flexible cancellation policy should you need to reschedule your appointment. When you’re ready to get started, schedule an appointment with us at Thriveworks in Rochester, MN.

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