Insomnia Counselors in Kennesaw, GA—Counseling and Therapy for Sleep Disturbances

Insomnia Counselors in Kennesaw, GA—Counseling and Therapy

Insomnia can quickly turn sweet, restful dreams into a restless nightmare. If you are like the many people who experience sleep disturbances, your mind and body are not getting the restorative sleep they need each night, and these sleepless nights have real consequences for your day: irritability, drowsiness, trouble focusing, and more. Sometimes, home remedies help for a while, but many times, insomnia sufferers need more.

If you have trouble falling asleep, if you wake after sleeping a few short hours, if you wake exhausted and drained, maybe insomnia has become your normal. But sleep disturbances are not normal, and insomnia counseling has helped many people find relief.

Are you living with insomnia but ready for better nights and days? Insomnia counselors at Kennesaw, GA take a thorough approach to insomnia therapy, and many of their their clients are now receiving the sleep their mind and body need.

Side Effects of Insomnia

The secret is out: sleep matters. Bodies need sleep to restore their nervous, muscular, immune, and skeletal systems. Sleep also improves the soul and mind. Adequate sleep can boost memory and cognitive ability. If sleep gives people all of these benefits, what if insomnia keeps people from getting enough sleep? Anyone who suffers from a sleep disturbance may have…

  1. Trouble focusing
  2. Weight gain
  3. Irritability
  4. Low sex drive
  5. Greater risk for physical and mental illness
  6. Poor job performance

Insomnia is a serious but common problem. Are you living with any of these symptoms? Maybe, you wake up in the middle of the night. Maybe, you sleep for two hours, wake for four hours, and then sleep for two more hours. Maybe, you sleep for two to three hours and then are awake for the day. Maybe your mind and body have a hard time falling asleep. You are tired, but you lie in bed, awake for hours. Then, the sandman finally comes an hour or two before you have to start your day. Maybe, it seems like you sleep all night. However, instead of waking rested, you wake exhausted.

What Causes Insomnia?

The causes of insomnia may be physical and/or emotional.

  • Physical. Sleep habits are affected by exercise and diet. Insomnia can accompany health issues such as hyperthyroidism, chronic pain, menopause, and diabetes as a side effect.
  • Emotional. Insomnia can be caused by an anxiety disorder or depression. Insomnia can be triggered by life changes and stress as well.

Sometimes, insomnia is its own issue. It may not have any accompanying mental or physical health problems or causes.

What Is Insomnia Counseling?

Insomnia can bring pain and frustration to the lives of those whose sleep is disturbed. Many people who suffer with insomnia wonder if they will ever sleep well again. If you have ever wondered this, know that cognitive behavior therapy has helped many people who suffer with sleep disruptions. The insomnia counselors at Thriveworks Kennesaw, GA offer their clients this thorough approach.

Our counselors help their clients by tailoring practical sleep strategies for them and addressing any specific emotional or physical causes for their insomnia. Our professionals know that underlying causes matter, but so does short-term relief from insomnia’s symptoms. That’s why we work with our clients for a multi-faceted approach. For example, they can help you understand and employ practical sleep strategies:

  1. Optimizing Your Sleep Environment. Sleep is affected by light, time, noise, and temperature. Insomnia counselors help their clients identify and maintain an environment in their bedroom that promotes rest.
  2. Monitoring Sleep Patterns. Our counselors can help their clients identify specific sleep problems by monitoring and analyzing their sleep patterns. Some counselors may ask their clients to keep a sleep log because each person experiences insomnia differently. Correctly identifying the problem is a big step toward correctly identifying the solution.
  3. Nurturing Sleep Hygiene. A good night’s sleep often starts during the day: healthy eating, enough exercise, reducing naps, and so forth. Good sleep hygiene during the day may lead to a good night’s sleep. Our counselors have worked with their clients to identify and promote these healthy habits.

Following these practical sleep solutions has brought much-needed relief to many of our clients, but a thorough approach to insomnia counseling means addressing insomnia’s underlying causes, too. Your insomnia counselor will help you tackle and accomplish this mission.

Schedule Insomnia Counseling at Thriveworks Kennesaw

Do you suffer from sleep disturbances? Seeking help from a caring, experienced insomnia counselor may be what you need to start working toward restful nights. Call Thriveworks Kennesaw, GA to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.

Our insomnia counselors care about their clients, and they want to see them receive the help they need for their insomnia.

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Excellence at work

Carlene Battiste-Downie is an outstanding individual with clear vision and insightfulness. With her years of experience, I have no doubt that she would be able to provide the level of empathy and caring to help her clients to thrive.
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Kelli Beechler

Let's talk about Kelli Beechler for a second! This woman is an absolute God send to me! If you don’t believe in God, well then let's just say the universe or regardless of whatever it is you actually believe in, she has been an absolute gift in my life! This is a woman who NEVER makes you feel like you are just a number or a paycheck to her! I feel so thankful to know her! I can't fully express in words, how blessed I feel to have her in my life but I'm going to try just for the sake of someone else who might need to know her could be reading this. She is someone who’s beyond kind and compassionate and caring! She always meets me exactly where I am, and there has never been a single time that I don’t feel better after a session with her. My sessions change my week, my life, and also keep me sane when things go crazy! It brings me comfort in remembering no matter how hard things feel I get to see her and she will do whatever is in her power to help me help myself! She never fails to remind me who I am in my core, or what I’m trying to accomplish, or how to lead with a level head and not my emotions based on what I’ve told her I'm trying to accomplish. She helps me stay focused, determined, and accountable. Her soul is one of the best I’ve ever seen! I have been in and out of therapy the better half of my life and I'm about to be 28. I have had all kinds of people and teachings and nothing compares to the relationship I’ve developed with this woman in just a few short months. I don’t feel like she’s just a counselor, I feel like she’s my friend! Kelli shows up for me in a way no one else in my life does! I feel like I can tell her anything without fear. It's always a judgement free zone! I feel like she always comes from a place of love and of service in her heart! She’s always teaching me new ways and tricks and tips that help me. I am going through a great deal of things in my life right now and I’ve got to say I don’t really know what I would do without this woman and her support! The role she plays in my life is so significant. There is something so special about knowing you can count on someone, and not just count on someone but have great advice. There is something huge to say when a person is choosing to show up for you when you need them most, and I just want to express that I have literally never ever felt like I was just a way for her to make money. When I think about Kelli I can't help but want to express how beautiful her soul is. She is such a special person and anyone who knows her knows she’s a gift; the kind of pure magic! Don’t believe me? Set up a session with her and find out for yourself!
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The Child Whisperer

Lamonica Green has a level of patience and compassion that I have never seen. She has a way of connecting with children. I have observed her on many occasions with her special needs clients. She has a unique ability to engage them and get them to respond no matter what they are struggling with. She's extremely knowledgeable about her craft, and she's a wonderful teacher and advisor.
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Simply Wonderful

Kelli is an amazing counselor. She is very open minded and listens carefully. She also shows genuine interest and empathy. She takes a solution focused approach.
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