Race & Identity

Common counseling challenges for African-Americans

Stigmas surrounding mental health exist in all groups and societies, but are particularly prevalent in the African-American community—making the concept of therapy or counseling a foreign one, at best. Some individuals simply don’t understand the practice, while others frown down upon it… leaving those in the community who struggle with…

Therapists and counselors: Here’s how you can best help your black clientele

Therapy is an incredibly rewarding process—but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Especially for a certain group of individuals: Black men and women. Keisha Wells, licensed professional counselor, explains that in a traditional sense, counseling is a “foreign” concept and viewed as a “last resort” in the Black community; however,…

Coping with Discrimination: Tools for the Targeted and their Allies

Overcoming the Effects of Bias Discrimination, as a byproduct of both implicit and overt bias, produces a myriad of unfavorable and difficult results. Race-related stress can cause intense emotional reactions such as: anxiety, frustration, paranoia, resentment, self-doubt, depression and anger. When searching for ways to cope, people often find themselves…

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