Dogs improve your overall wellbeing: they help to reduce stress, promote an active lifestyle, strengthen your immune system, and more

In addition to providing love, support, and companionship, dogs are beneficial to our health and overall wellbeing. When we pet a dog, we form a bond and release the hormone oxytocin, which helps to relieve us of stress and anxiety. Dogs also promote an active lifestyle, which helps us to…

Melanie Klein, Happy Birthday

Melanie Klein is a renowned psychoanalyst and author who has contributed significant work to child psychology. Klein was inspired by her meetings with her therapist (whom she met with after she became depressed) to observe her children and explore her interest in psychoanalysis. This observation led to her creating a…

Aggression is inborn, but worsened or improved by one’s environment (Updated)

We have long disagreed over whether aggressive behavior is inborn or learned—which has led to many research efforts, including the Bobo doll experiment. This study concluded that children become aggressive through observational learning; that is, through watching someone else conduct the same behavior. However, other studies disagree—or at least note…

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