(MAPPS) Mindfulness Awareness Practices & Parent Support Group

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(MAPPS) Mindfulness Awareness Practices & Parent Support Group

Mindfulness for Parents: A 4-Week Journey

Mindfulness practices are now standard within many hospitals, schools, and businesses. These practices, based in science, offer many benefits to both children and adults. This program is designed specifically for parents. We will talk with each other, explore practical mindfulness practices for adults, and explore strategies for teaching children mindfulness. This course can help parents navigate the tremendous challenges that come with raising children today.

Who: Parents, Guardians, & Caretakers
When: Weekly: Tuesday Nights (Starting April 13th)
Time: 6:00-7:30 pm
How: In person (With Telehealth Option)
Where: 201 N Washington Hwy #201, Ashland, VA 23005

Group support offers a safe and rewarding way to connect with and learn from others who share in similar life experiences.

As a group member, each person is a valuable resource to the other members as she/they/them shares experiences (as much or as little as desired!) – both the successes and struggles.

● $250 Per 1 Adult
● $400 Per Couple or 2-Person Team

Registration Deadline: March 29, 2021

For more information or to register, please contact:
Thriveworks Admin Office at: (804) 269-8755 or

Q & A about MAPPS

Q: What is Mindfulness?

A: Mindfulness is nonjudgmental awareness of your present moment experience – being aware of what is happening inside and around you right now.

Q: What is Meditation?

A: Meditation is the structured practice of focusing attention on one thing. Meditation is a tool for practicing and strengthening mindfulness. In this course, we’ll explore several different types of meditations along with other practical exercises and activities you can use within your current daily routine to strengthen mindfulness.

Q: How is Mindfulness helpful to parents?

A: Raising a family can be difficult and parents deserve support and tools to help with their stress. Mindfulness offers parents skills for relating to the inevitable challenge and difficulty of parenthood. Over 30 years of scientific research shows that practicing mindfulness has many health benefits, including actual growth in the areas of the brain responsible for mood, focus, stress regulation, & compassion. These are invaluable resources in the life of a parent. Perhaps most importantly, learning mindfulness skills not only helps parents, it also helps the children we raise.

Q: Who is the facilitator?

A: Matt Shenker will be facilitating this group. Matt is an LPC-R, elementary school counselor, and a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. Mindfulness is a core component of his counseling work. Parenting can be difficult & stressful even in the best of times. Matt believes mindfulness can help even in the most challenging of times. He also believes that incredible learning can happen when a group of parents come together to share experiences while learning.

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