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Do We Need Couples Therapy?

Every couple experience ups and downs throughout their relationship. Having a disagreement is normal and can actually strengthen a relationship over time. The couple learns to appreciate each other for their unique voice and embrace the differences that contribute to the uniqueness of the relationship. Making the decision to seek therapy can be challenging for couples especially if one party is more open to it than the other. There are a wide range of perspectives about the effectiveness of couple’s therapy and this can lend to couples being apprehensive to make a call to their local therapist. It is important to note that not all disagreements require a therapist and you certainly do not have to seek a therapist for extreme cases or issues. Couples therapy can also be used as a preventative measure and equip the couple with tools to help them avoid pitfalls that many other couples face in their relationship.

Typically, when a couple is in distress, the situation can seem hopeless and emotionally draining. Agreeing to go to couples’ therapy may help you get to the root of the issue and potentially help you find a solution or determine if some time apart temporarily or permanently may be the best solution. Here’s how couples counseling can potentially help you:

    1. Does the relationship need a new perspective? A therapist can help couples see both sides and provide and objective assessment of the issues they may be facing. The therapist helps the couple eliminate blaming each other and fosters an environment where responsibility can be taken where needed. Creating a new narrative for the couple is essential in helping to alleviate the tension they may be feeling.

    2. Therapists can help couples change or improve dysfunctional behavior. Dysfunctional behavior can impede the progress of any couple, especially if this behavior is used during an argument. By working on eliminating dysfunctional behavior, couples can also reduce the escalation of conflict.

    3. Therapy can help couples decrease emotional avoidance. Individuals who avoid expressing their private feelings can benefit from therapy because it could help prevent them from becoming emotionally distant. Effective couples’ therapy can help create an environment where couples feel emotionally secure and open them up to revealing emotions they would typically keep inside.

    4. Therapy can help couples improve communication. Communication is one of the “three C’s” of healthy intimacy. Building effective communication can help reduce tension, stress, and conflicts. Partners who struggle the most are the couples who have issues communicating and an effective manner. Many couples complain of not being heard or understood by their partner are essentially admitting that they are communication issues.

These four tips can help couples determine if therapy is the right direction for their relationship. Couples therapy can help them identify ways to build and maintain a healthy and intimate relationship. If you are struggling in your relationship, please be mindful that you do not have to suffer in silence. There are local therapists in your area that can help!

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