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Anger is a normal human emotion; however, some people struggle to control this very normal feeling. Most don’t realize it is an issue until it is too late, or they do something to harm others or themselves. Many individuals do not realize the toll that anger can take on your relationships, careers, or health. Anger can be healthy if managed properly, but it can be dangerous if left out of control. Difficulty controlling anger can start in childhood and continue until adulthood. Many people simply lack the tools to help them effectively manage their anger in a constructive manner.

7 Anger management tips

1) Exercise
Exercise has been proven to help reduce stress that can contribute to feelings of anger. Many therapists recommend using physical activity to help effectively manage anger in the heat off the moment. Some activities to try would be walking, running, or yoga.

2) Step away
Stepping away from a heated situation can help diffuse anger and tense environments. By allowing yourself time to decompress, you can eliminate situations where your anger may get out of control if you do not leave the scene. Taking a few minutes may help you address the situation at hand.

3) Forgive
Anger usually creeps up when we have been offended. One of best ways to manage anger brought on by offense is to practice the power of forgiveness. Anger can cause us to store of negative feelings towards the person/persons who offended us. By practicing forgiveness, you release yourself from the anger that may otherwise provoke you to seek revenge. Forgiveness also paves the way for restoration if it is possible.

4) Humor can be used to diffuse anger
Laughter is indeed the best medicine and it can be specifically true when dealing with feelings of anger. Anger can be helpful in lightening a tense environment or situation. By looking on the bright side, it may help you see your situation as less serious than it is and therefore reduce or eliminate the feeling of anger.

5) Relaxation techniques
Practices such as yoga or meditation are extremely helpful when trying to manage the emotion of anger. Many therapists recommend breathing techniques to help individuals learn how to calm themselves down when their anger is flared. Play calming music or sounds are also another relaxation technique that can be used when your temper is elevated or aggravated. The goal is to help individuals find immediate ways to release the tension that comes with anger.

6) Get therapy
Anger is a serious emotion that can be dangerous if an individual does not get help to manage it. While anger cannot be eliminated, getting therapy can be instrumental in helping an individual learn how to control it.

7) Be mindful of your words
We have all said things that we don’t mean in the heat of the moment that has caused us to feel regretful after we said it. To avoid this situation is to pause for few moments to collect your thoughts before speaking and extending this same courtesy to the other party. The best way to engage in expression is to wait until you have calmed down. Being mindful of your words can help you express your concerns and needs without hurting others.

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