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When you think about your health, you probably think about kale, cardio, and the ever-elusive “reasonable bedtime.” You may visit your doctor for regular checkups and rely on them for guidance when you’re sick. But if mental health care isn’t on your radar, you’re ignoring a critical part of your health and wellness.

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as caring for your body physically. Just as you would tend to an injury or care for your aches and pains, responding to distress cues from your mental health is crucial to your overall wellbeing.

It can feel easy to put your mental health on the back burner when your days are busy and your schedule is hectic. Tending to your family, work, and chores may always seem to take precedence but this can take its toll over time. Because your mental state directly influences how you handle challenges in life, anxiety or other mental health issues can eventually bubble over and have a negative impact on your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

The licensed psychologists at Thriveworks in Green Bay, WI have extensive experience and skills to help you work through life’s challenges. Book your first appointment online or by calling our friendly scheduling team.

When Should I Consult a Counseling Psychologist?

Life is full of ups and downs, and the downs are not always easy to navigate — especially if you’re struggling with mental health issues. You may hit roadblocks in your relationship, fight with family members, or face a stressful problem at work that you just can’t seem to solve. While you can’t escape the curveballs life throws your way, you can control the way you respond to those challenges.

Psychologists are not just here to help people dealing with severe psychological disorders. While a psychologist can certainly help you manage mental illness, they can also provide guidance in your career or show you how to cope with difficult emotions and mood changes. A psychologist can help you improve your life in many ways.

Some of the most common situations that may prompt people to seek therapy with a psychologist include:

  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Wanting to manage stress or anger more effectively
  • Experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • Having trouble coping with major life changes
  • Facing uncertainty in one’s life or career
  • Experiencing ineffective communication in relationships
  • Dealing after a breakup or divorce
  • Working through financial difficulties
  • Overcoming substance abuse or addiction

Whether you need help managing any of these challenges, or something else is weighing you down, consider working with a clinical psychologist at Thriveworks Counseling in Green Bay, WI. Our licensed professionals can help you get to the bottom of your issues and provide tailored solutions to overcome them.

Getting Help: What Can I Expect from Psychological Treatment?

Psychologists are highly trained mental health professionals with the skills and expertise to diagnose and treat a variety of mental health issues. They can help you find a diagnosis for your specific problems and offer treatment in the specialty area that would benefit you most.

Therapy with a licensed psychologist often involves three major components: diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Your psychologist will assess your concerns, symptoms, personality, and emotional state to help you get to the root of your problem and offer a likely diagnosis.

With all the aforementioned factors in mind, your psychologist will design a treatment plan to tackle your specific issues in a way that accommodates your goals and comfort level. Along the way, you may learn techniques and coping mechanisms to help you manage your symptoms and prevent their return.

Psychologists use many forms of therapy to help people manage their mental health. Your treatment plan may include one or more of the following:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Humanistic therapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy

Whether you’re dealing with symptoms of a mental illness or facing a difficult life challenge, our psychologists at Thriveworks in Green Bay, WI are here to help. Connect with us to book your first psychology appointment today.

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Thriveworks offers exclusive benefits that make it easy to get the help you need when you need it. You can leverage flexible scheduling opportunities on weekends and in the evenings, the option for remote counseling via phone or video, and phone or email access to your psychologist between appointments. We also accept many insurance plans.

Are you ready to prioritize your mental health? Begin working with a licensed psychologist at Thriveworks in Green Bay, WI today so you can start getting the most out of tomorrow. We’re here to help you thrive.

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