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Life is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, positives and negatives. However, for many people, their lives are filled with far more downs than ups, lows than highs, and negatives than positives. People suffering from depression often feel helpless and hopeless, and these feelings often take control of their lives. When depression sets in, it may be time for professional help. Depression is a mental health condition that is treatable, and many people find the treatment they need through counseling.

If you are experiencing depression, depression counseling at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY can help. Our licensed therapists, counselors, social workers, and psychiatrists are here for you, to help you navigate life’s short-term or extended rough patches. We offer help and hope to those in need.

What Is Depression? What Are the Symptoms of Depression?

You may be asking yourself, “Am I depressed?” Often, people have many symptoms of depression but do not know that they are depressed. Sadly, they may think that these difficult emotions are how they are supposed to feel, or who they are. In reality, many people can and should experience happiness in this life.

If you are experiencing a season where life feels more dull, you may be experiencing depression. Here are some common symptoms of depression:

  • Trouble sleeping. Is it difficult to fall asleep? Are you awake at odd hours? Are you feeling constant fatigue and wanting to sleep all the time?
  • Change in appetite. Do you find yourself not eating at all, or eating much more than you normally do? Have you lost or put on a lot of weight in a short period of time?
  • Loss of interest. Once favorite things and activities, including sex, become passé. This is called anhedonia.
  • Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, sadness, and self-doubt.
  • Irritability and impatience.
  • Difficulty concentrating, and/or short-term memory loss.
  • Pervasive feelings of dread and sadness, anxiety, and guilt.
  • Thoughts of harming oneself physically.
  • Long-term physical aches and pains that never seem to go away.

Are some of these symptoms affecting you? If so, they are not cause for alarm or for further negative feelings. Depression is not your fault. It does not in any way define the type of person you are or the character you possess. Whether these feelings inside of you have just started, or if you have felt this way for a long, long time, help is available. Depression is very treatable and millions of people around the world have greatly benefitted from depression counseling, and are able to live happy, productive lives.

You are not alone, and you can now focus on addressing these issues and feelings. You do not have to suffer. Depression does not have to control your life. Take that first step and seek out help from a depression counselor at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY.

What Are the Different Types of Depression?

Some of the different types of depression that clients seek treatment for at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY include the following:

  • Major depressive disorder (MDD)
  • Bipolar disorder (manic depression)
  • Bipolar II disorder
  • Postpartum depression (PPD) or perinatal depression (PND)
  • Persistent depressive disorder (PDD) or dysthymia
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)
  • Situational depression
  • Prolonged grief disorder (PGD)
  • Psychotic depression
  • Atypical depression
  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

How Do You Treat Depression?

Depending on what type of depression you are experiencing, a mental health professional at Thriveworks, NY might approach the condition with a different therapy modality. For example, someone with major depressive disorder (MDD) might benefit from psychiatric treatment, including antidepressant medication, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Someone experiencing depression in the months after childbirth may benefit from psychosocial interventions as well as psychotherapy. Therapists at Thriveworks typically use a person-centered approach and tailor treatment around each individual’s unique situation, personality, and goals.

Choose Depression Counseling at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY

Our team of counselors are highly trained, fully licensed, experienced, and qualified to help. They take the time to get to know each person they treat. For each client, they develop a personalized plan to help with their specific needs and help them reach their treatment goals. Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY has caring, empathetic, knowledgeable, and helpful therapists.

When someone needs counseling, they need it right away. We get it. Obtaining timely and quality counseling should not be difficult, but all too often, it is. That’s why we offer appointments within 48 hours, and often can schedule you with a therapist within 24 hours. We offer in-person and online counseling sessions as well. We take most major insurances too, which helps to make your therapy very affordable.

Are you ready to experience more of life’s ups than its downs? We can help you get back on your feet. Call us today at (716) 541-0841 to make an appointment with an exceptional depression counselor.

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