Communication Skills Therapy in Buffalo, NY—Therapists, Counselors, and Life Coaches at Thriveworks

Communication Skills Therapy in Buffalo, NY—Therapists, Counselors, and Life Coaches at Thriveworks

Let’s take a quick quiz (don’t worry, you won’t be graded). Have you ever…

  1. Said, “What?” or “Say that again?” so many times that you eventually just nod and smile?
  2. Completely zone out during a conversation?
  3. Become so focused on what you want to say that you forget what your partner is saying?
  4. Offended a close friend or family member without meaning to?
  5. Walked away from a conversation more confused than ever?
  6. Started to talk and then finished fifteen minutes later, realizing you never made your point clear?

If you’re thinking that you probably failed that quiz, don’t worry. It’s safe to say everyone has done at least three of those, probably more! Communication is the key to success in relationships, jobs and general well-being. So why is it such a struggle for some people?

Well, because… it’s hard. We, as humans, are focused on ourselves. It’s entirely normal and healthy. The skills required in communication require going beyond that natural me-centric approach. Without guidelines and practice, that’s hard to do. The counselors at Thriveworks Buffalo have refined their communication skills through years of schooling and mindful practice. If you are ready to take that step to improve your communication skills, we are here to teach and support you.

What Is Communication Skills Therapy?

Essentially, communication skills therapy will do two things:

  1. Teach you helpful tools and tricks.
  2. Give you a safe, nonjudgmental space to practice them.

Thriveworks Buffalo counselors are by no means perfect in their communication skills. We simply have some techniques that work and are eager to share them with you. Our therapists strive to create an open atmosphere where you are free to ask questions, make mistakes, and learn. During a session, you may get the chance to practice how to:

  • Form an emotional connection before engaging in communication. Practicing empathy while you’re communicating will enhance the conversation, prevent unintentional harm, and make it more productive.
  • Use non-verbal cues to convey the right message. Tone, body posture and eye contact are all taken in subconsciously and greatly impact the message being sent.
  • Not get lost in your thoughts (use active listening). Most communication isn’t actually talking, it’s listening!
  • Politely navigate a touchy subject. There will be things you’re highly passionate about, or ones that are a huge sore spot for people. These are all okay, if you can communicate effectively.
  • Use “I” statements. Starting a sentence with “you” sounds aggressive and accusatory.
  • Understand a different culture and approach it with sensitivity. Culture plays a huge role in how we communicate, as everyone communicates a little differently. You can break through the cultural barriers by working on your communication skills.

These are just some of the examples of what can be practiced in a session. Thriveworks Buffalo counselors understand that each relationship—and therefore each conversation—is unique. We are here to listen to you and what you want to learn. Communication with a spouse is much different than communication with a child or boss.

No matter the situation, our counselors in Buffalo are here to help you become the best you.

Why Is It important?

“Talking is just one aspect of my relationships, I can show my intent in different ways!”  This is a common belief. And it is true, in part. There are many ways you can and should demonstrate your thoughts and emotions. A conversation with your boss about a pay raise should be accompanied by hard work. A deep talk about relationship commitment should be followed up by more intentional time spent with your partner.

But humans are social creatures. Ones that like to talk a lot. Communication is more than just talking, and it has more of an impact than just strengthening your silver tongue. The benefits of increasing your communication skills are many:

  • Increased empathy: learning to truly listen and understand where a person is coming from will make it easier to do so in the future.
  • Less tension and drama in relationships: communication is the backbone on which all relationships are built. Communicate well and you’ll find a lot less stress in your relationships.
  • More free time! How many books and movies do you know that have revolved around bad communication skills? Probably most of them. Incomplete communication skills leave unsolved problems and wrong solutions- messes you’ll have to clean up. Strong communication eliminates problems before they start, giving you more spare time.

Not a day goes by without you participating in some form of communication. Some may be small, like, “What do you want for dinner?” Some may be large, such as, “How do we address our financial problem?” All conversations need communication skills. Give Thriveworks Buffalo a call if you’re ready to communicate more effectively.



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Jennifer Burt- LCSW-R

Jennifer balances her counseling expertly between talking/educating and listening. I already trust her after just a handful of sessions thanks to her objective feedback and concern. If you need a skilled mental health professional to help guide you thru life’s challenges, you will not be disappointed in Jennifer.
Thriveworks Counseling Buffalo

Extremely pleased

Wendy has been seeing my wife and I for almost two and half years. Her insights into how we both viewed our marriage so differently ultimately helped us both see that we are not the right people for one another. We have unfortunately decided that divorce was the right path forward for us as individuals but counseling made it a healthy, productive journey instead of letting things just fall apart at home. She is now my personal therapist helping me deal with the loss of my marriage. I don’t just appreciate our sessions, but I look forward to them. I take notes and I learn a lot about myself and my growth every time we meet.
Thriveworks Counseling Buffalo

So glad we found this place!

I was looking for a new therapist for my teenage son and came across their website. I called to see how long of a waitlist they had, expecting there to be a waitlist. ThriveWorks got my son in within 24 hours! Incredible! My son found a great therapist at ThriveWorks, Mr.Stephen Obrien. This guy has a unique approach and it works for my son. My son actually WANTS to go to therapy. He's getting more out of his sessions than either of us could have hoped for. We found this place at the right time and we couldn't be happier.
Thriveworks Counseling Buffalo

great care

Had circumstances that made me very unhappy. My therapist Cheryl gave me great coping skills. The appointments were easy to get and the office was bright and inviting. I would recommend Thriveworks to my friends and family.
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