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It seems that more people are seeking marriage or relationship counseling than ever before as modern life puts more and more pressures on couples all over the country. Infidelity levels are as high as they have ever been and counseling for adultery-related issues is now something that is more normal than ever before.

Adultery and infidelity come from a root breakdown of something inside a marriage or a relationship. The most common reasons that counselors see are as follows:

  • Unhappiness at home within the marriage/relationship
  • Feeling dissatisfied with the relationship, both emotionally and sexually
  • A relationship not being worked on—just left to wither away.

The above reasons all have a common core—they are all about neglect, where a partner is feeling lonely and neglected inside of a relationship and feels that they have to make up for that elsewhere. The infidelity itself is the result, not the cause.

Once it’s happened, though, it’s a nightmare. Counseling for infidelity often reveals the true feelings of anger, hatred, bitterness, humiliation, depression and despair that are evoked from one or other partner in a relationship being unhealthy. Not to mention the extreme guilt involved in hurting someone in that way. A counselor can help to make sense of this.

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For those couples struggling with adultery and infidelity within their relationships, one of the more productive things that they can do, if they want to save their relationship, is to seek counseling for infidelity. A professional counselor can help a couple in the following ways:

  • Identifying the issues that had broken down in the relationship before the infidelity that led to it
  • Working on finding common ground again between the couple in order to start again
  • Working on all the feelings of rage, despair and guilt affecting both parties and navigating a way through them.

It’s worth noting that counseling for infidelity is tough. It’s not easy and can be emotionally draining. However, if a couple really wants to stay together and really loves each other despite the infidelity, it’s worth looking at, at least. If you and your spouse fit this description, then please make an appointment with us to determine how we can help you.

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