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Stay-at-home mom depression: Why motherhood may cause depressive disorders, how to cope, and more

For those of us who aren’t stay-at-home moms, we may marvel at how they’re able to run an entire household. And for some, especially those on the cusp of motherhood or who are contemplating life after pregnancy, being a stay-at-home mom may sound unfamiliar, or even scary.  Besides the struggles…

Medication-related pregnancy questions: What anxiety prescriptions are safe during pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, or are trying to conceive, chances are you’re curious (and maybe a little nervous) about how certain medications and substances might affect your pregnancy. You probably know to avoid alcohol and limit caffeine among other things. But what about psychiatric medications? How can prescription drugs that you’re…

Counseling for women: Coping with mental illness, building self-esteem, and creating healthy relationships

Asking for help isn’t easy—but it is necessary, especially when your health and wellbeing is at risk. When it comes to women, common problems include mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, problems in the workplace, guilt and self-blame, and relationship issues. Fortunately, counseling can help women to address…

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