Some unsolicited advice on seeking answers from advice columns

Modern advice columnists answer questions about sex, relationships, work, mental health, and existence itself.  Your probability of taking someone’s advice is determined by a number of cognitive and social factors, like their reputation and your emotions. People–especially people with low motivation–frequently just need a listener, not an advice-giver.  We can…

What is character bonding? Exploring the connection we feel with fictional characters

Character bonding is when we start to emulate the personality traits of fictional characters that we admire and/or feel drawn to. There’s nothing inherently harmful about character bonding; just remember that there is a distinction between them and you.  While people may be drawn towards different fictional characters based on…

How to deal with toxic friends: Tips for identifying friendship red flags and maintaining boundaries

Red flags in romantic relationships are a popular subject—but what about our friendships?  Friendship red flags are real and can be an indication that your friendship is toxic or at least needs some work.  If you spot manipulative or controlling behavior in your friendships, it’s important that you set boundaries….

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