social anxiety

Ring and Nextdoor: The good, the bad, and the gossip associated with neighborhood watch platforms 

Our mind’s eye often depicts suburban life as dreamy and picturesque—the epitome of the American dream.  While the ‘burbs have their perks, they also have their shortcomings: Many community issues are aired on neighborhood watch apps like Ring’s “Neighbors” and Nextdoor.  These platforms provide a virtual way for neighbors to…

Overcoming telephone phobia: When you jump through hoops to avoid “jumping on a call” 

People text more and make fewer voice calls than they did a decade ago. For some people, that reluctance to make and receive calls is caused by telephonophobia, or phone anxiety.  Phone calls can make people feel ambushed, trapped, or acutely self-conscious—but fortunately, there are different approaches that may help…

A Father’s Rejection Can Increase Social Anxiety and Loneliness in Children

Everybody can benefit from some time spent alone—most even desire some peace and quiet to themselves. Too much alone time, however, can result in feelings of loneliness and negatively impact our mental health, as a healthy and happy life demands we maintain loving interpersonal relationships: with friends, old and new;…

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