postpartum depression

Strategies for coping with infertility and infertility depression

Infertility is often experienced as a crisis, and women tend to carry more of its physical and emotional burden.  Some coping strategies are more compatible with fertility treatment and infertility depression than others.  Though psychologists usually discourage avoidant and escapist strategies, active distraction can reduce stress. More people benefit from…

Are my fears normal or do I have postpartum anxiety? Here’s what new moms need to know

Today, new moms understand that they may experience “the baby blues” and maybe even postpartum depression. These are two very real possibilities that they prepare for. But there’s another common condition that new moms develop after having a baby that is less talked about: postpartum anxiety. While it’s normal to…

Dads Suffer from Post-Partum Depression Too

For many parents, bringing a child into the world is the greatest journey, experience, and accomplishment of their lifetime. After dedicating those 9 months to growing a healthy baby, seeing their child and hearing them cry for the first time is an absolute miracle. The parents want nothing more than…

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