The pros and cons of a starter marriage

Starter marriages are legal unions that only last a few years and produce no children. The term “starter” can seem insensitive, especially considering that young divorcees still suffer emotional and social consequences when their marriages end. The first year of marriage tends to challenge most couples–but so does the 4th…

Emotionally attracted vs. sexually attracted: Can I be in love but not sexually attracted to someone?

Sometimes, we aren’t sexually attracted to our partners from the get-go—and it can cause us to worry about our overall connection. While it might be worrisome, the lack of a physical connection isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker; instead, it can take time for someone to feel sexually attracted as they get…

Do meat, sex, and money count as irreconcilable differences? Workarounds for 3 heated lifestyle clashes in couples

Relationship conflict comes from an infinite variety of sources, but lifestyle differences can be especially hard to manage.  There are practical ways to deal with compatibility issues between vegetarians/vegans and carnivores, significant others with low sex drives and high sex drives, and couples from different socioeconomic backgrounds.  Communication, compromise, and…

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