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Can I be in love with someone without feeling sexually attracted to them? Is this a dealbreaker for a romantic relationship?

Sometimes, that physical attraction doesn’t come naturally in a relationship—and it can cause those involved to worry about their connection and future. While it might be worrisome, the lack of a physical connection isn’t necessarily a red flag; instead, it can take time for one to develop this attraction as…

What’s the secret to a lasting love? These tips will help you first better yourself and then strengthen your relationship

Wouldn’t it be nice to uncover the secret to a healthy, lasting love? Well, the truth is that there is no secret—healthy, lasting love takes time and effort instead. You should start by looking and working within: learn how to regulate your emotions, admit fault, set boundaries, and validate your…

What should couples do when they have different visions for the future? Is this a deal breaker or is it possible to resolve this issue and move forward in the relationship?

Sometimes partners have different visions for the future—and while this can be scary, there is hope for working through this issue and making your future together a reality. You must be willing to have an essential, yet tough conversation and ultimately decide how to best move forward together. Before you…

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