5 journal prompts for your mental health

Journaling enables us to express and process our emotions as well as our thoughts without judgment. However, the act of journaling is more difficult for some than others. If you’re interested in journaling but unsure where or how to start, mental health prompts can provide direction and offer health benefits,…

How to regulate your emotions using the Internal Emotion Thermometer, a therapist’s tried and true technique

I’m about to put myself out of a job. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but I do think the following idea could decrease a lot of arguments and lead to better relationships. Introducing: The Internal Emotion Thermometer Let’s first think about the concept of having an internal emotion…

How to create a successful self-care routine: Choose practices that align with your values and interests, decide that you are worthy, and more

An effective self-care strategy requires identifying practices that work specifically for you: practices that you’ll enjoy engaging in and stick to. You can identify these practices by asking yourself, “What self-care practices align with my values and my interests?’ For example, if you’re a people-person and relationships are most important…

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