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My family stresses me out: Cut back on family conflict and stress by prioritizing time alone and communicating openly

Family conflict and stress is, well, distressing. While it’s normal to fight with our loved ones—especially the family members we see and talk to regularly—withstanding and working through these conflicts is far from easy. Not to mention that the impact of stress on families is damaging, both in the short…

Do you feel isolated or forgotten by your friends? Resolve these feelings by practicing compassion and digging deep

Feeling isolated or forgotten by your loved ones is a terrible feeling, but it’s important to put things into perspective. First, consider why you feel isolated from your friends; then, think about expanding your social circle and also show compassion to the friends with a busy schedule. Once you’ve grounded…

How to rebuild trust in a broken relationship: how trust can be restored post-deception and what that relationship might look like moving forward

Deception can wreak havoc on a relationship, but there is hope for healing if both partners are willing to put in the work. First, the partner who did the wrongdoing must recognize, acknowledge, and apologize for their mistake. Then, both individuals must agree to work on their relationship and move…

How to End a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can work… but sometimes, couples realize that they just can’t conquer the unique challenges that come with this` distance. “As there are many factors that individuals consider when choosing to stay connected across the miles, there are also valid reasons why others choose to call it quits,” Dr….

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