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Healthy coping mechanisms and strategies: Behaviors that can set you up for success

Coping strategies (referred to interchangeably as coping mechanisms or coping skills) are behaviors that are designed to help us reduce the negative emotions associated with difficult events, situations, relationships, and more. Coping mechanisms may be learned both consciously or unconsciously.  Learning and implementing healthy coping strategies is a routine part…

Adult ADHD treatment: Medication, therapy options, lifestyle adjustments, and dietary changes

People of all ages can have ADHD, but specific treatment options apply to each age group. For adults, the medications, therapies, and lifestyle adjustments will be different than for adolescents or children. Like other mental health conditions, treatment options will be adapted to fit the needs of the individual.  Some…

What is self-care?

If you’re wondering how to best take care of yourself, self-care may seem like the obvious answer. But exactly how self-care should be executed might not be clear. It’s a process that’s about more than looking good or feeling better than we did the previous day. Self-care is about sustainability—on…

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