Mushrooms are “brain food” for seniors: Seniors who consume more than two portions of mushrooms a week may have 50% reduced odds of suffering from mild cognitive impairment

A six-year study suggests that seniors who eat more than two portions of mushrooms a week may have 50% reduced odds of experiencing mild cognitive decline. Furthermore, even just one small portion of mushrooms a week could prove beneficial and reduce these odds. The research team reached this conclusion after…

Improving your diet (even slightly) can reduce depression symptoms (Video)

Improving your diet, even slightly, can reduce depression symptoms. This, according to a study from University of Manchester that analyzed data from 46,000 people. Researchers investigated the effects of dietary interventions and found that making simple changes can benefit your mental health. For example, eating more vegetables and cutting back…

The Phenomenon Behind Childhood Obesity Isn’t What You Think

It’s hard to deny that we are in the middle of an epidemic. According to the CDC, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years, and in 2010, 1 in 3 children (including adolescents) were overweight or obese. Moves have been made to curtail this phenomenon, but what is it that politicians and parents are missing? The answer is a culprit.

4 Ways to Freshen Your Breath

Tips For Maintaining Fresh Breath It may sound trivial, but maintaining fresh breath is actually a matter of personal health on top of smelling good. Why? When your breath smells, that’s actually a sign of rotting substances inside your mouth, and no one wants that! So we put together a…

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