effective communication

Dealing with workplace manipulation: Identify the signs, spot dark personality traits, and communicate more effectively 

Workplace manipulation happens when a supervisor or coworker uses guilt, shame, coercion, or other tactics to exploit another member of the team.  If your boss is a workplace manipulator, watch out for traits and behavioral qualities that indicate they might have dark personality traits.  Dark personality traits (narcissism, machiavellianism, psychopathy)…

5 ways to survive family tensions during the holidays

The holidays are often portrayed as a time of happiness surrounded by family and friends, but for some it can be a more difficult time. Especially in times of pandemic, when social distancing may cause physical separation, communication can become more strained causing feelings of isolation, loneliness and guilt. Within…

My family stresses me out: Cut back on family conflict and stress by prioritizing time alone and communicating openly

Family conflict and stress is, well, distressing. While it’s normal to fight with our loved ones—especially the family members we see and talk to regularly—withstanding and working through these conflicts is far from easy. Not to mention that the impact of stress on families is damaging, both in the short…

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