anxiety management

How to get antidepressants: Tips on working with your provider to receive the best medication for your symptoms

Even if you don’t know how they work (or how they’re prescribed), chances are, you’ve heard about antidepressants. Perhaps you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or depressed yourself—and you’re now wondering how to get antidepressants. Psychiatric providers prescribe antidepressants based on mental health criteria that they’re trained to treat and diagnose. This…

Medication-related pregnancy questions: What anxiety prescriptions are safe during pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, or are trying to conceive, chances are you’re curious (and maybe a little nervous) about how certain medications and substances might affect your pregnancy. You probably know to avoid alcohol and limit caffeine among other things. But what about psychiatric medications? How can prescription drugs that you’re…

Anxiety nausea: A comprehensive guide to physical symptoms, coping methods, and treatment options

Most of us know by now the somersaults our stomachs can turn, and the cold sweat that may bead our forehead when we start to get anxious. But when that uncomfortable tension builds, anxiety nausea—nausea caused by our physical reaction to feeling anxious—may develop. Even though anxiety arises in our…

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