Two life coaches in NYC who hosted a radio show “The Pursuit of Happiness” committed suicide in their Brooklyn apartment.

Our thoughts go out to John and Lynne. If you or anyone you know is struggling with this issue, please seek help. To remember their memory, here is a clip of their show “The Pursuit of Happiness”.

Suicide is the tragic and fatal culmination of a psychological process caused by unresolved events that lead to hopelessness and depression.

An individual(s) who is considering suicide is unable to see any hope that their future will be any better than their painful past of present.

Those who are more at risk for suicide include those who have recently begun taking antidepressants, and those with subsiding depression. Suicidal individuals often do not see any option other than death. They do not see the big picture and wholeheartedly believe that suicide is a reasonable thing to do.

Note: Any threat of suicide should always be taken seriously.

Action Steps

Get help immediately. Protecting the life of a suicidal individual is the most important priority. One should not worry about embarrassing the individual by calling for help from the police or paramedics if that individual has a plan or the means to commit suicide. Do not attempt to transport a suicidal individual to the hospital on your own- it is far too dangerous. If the suicidal individual is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, arrange for them to be under constant supervision while they are detoxing or sobering up. If the individual is no longer suicidal once sober, they should be encouraged to seek substance abuse treatment.

Follow up. Check-in with the suicidal individual often after their attempt. If their thoughts are not improving, encourage them to seek further help.