Melanie Klein, Happy Birthday

Melanie Klein is a renowned psychoanalyst and author who has contributed significant work to child psychology. Klein was inspired by her meetings with her therapist (whom she met with after she became depressed) to observe her children and explore her interest in psychoanalysis. This observation led to her creating a…

How to do a Life Pivot

Editors Note: When we first read this article about making a “life pivot” we were expecting the usual tips and tricks–get up earlier, exercise, reconnect with friends. That’s not what we got with this article by Christina Lewis Halpern! She reinvented herself, making some exciting and dramatic personal changes. We…

Beauty Bias: Can Being Too Attractive Backfire in Work (and Life)?

Being (vs. Looking) Professional As a human in my late twenties — alive and (mostly) well in 2014 — I have experienced both negative and positive reception for my workplace appearance. I’m a halfbreed Latino with long curly hair, visible tattoos on my hands and arms, and gauged earlobes. In…

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