Congratulations to Thrive Boston Therapist Brittany Hartman who was featured on the NECN Morning Show today. Licensed Counselor Brittany Hartman provided 5 Tips for Turning a Bad Day Around (“Flip the Script on a Bad Day”), and she absolutely rocked the interview. Congrats Brittany!!

To reach Brittany, contact Thrive Boston Counseling at 617-395-5806.

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Dr. Anthony Centore

Anthony Centore, PhD

Anthony Centore, PhD, is Founder and Chair at Thriveworks — a counseling practice focused on premium client care, with 340+ locations across the US. Anthony is a Private Practice Consultant for the American Counseling Association, columnist for Counseling Today magazine, and author of "How to Thrive in Counseling Private Practice". He is a multistate Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and has been quoted in national media sources including The Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, and CBS Sunday Morning.

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