Why do we lie? Have you ever caught yourself lying for no reason? Tomiko Logan, Thriveworks Atlanta Counselor, was featured on Atlanta’s Liar Liar show on KISS 104 to help explain why.

Tomiko challenged Atlanta (and people everywhere) to detox and purify so that they can get back to telling the truth.


Step 1 – People need to “level set”. This is an assessment.

How does it work? Monitor yourself and check out how you answer questions. Did you tell the truth?

Assess the complex and simple questions: such as, how did you respond when you were asked “Did you take out the trash?” It is so easy to lie on simple questions.

Once you have taken the assessment, record whether you lied or not. And then record why you lied.

Step 2 – Own your lies and offer forgiveness to yourself. In order to get rid of this, you need to go ahead and forgive yourself and seek forgiveness.

Step 3 – Choose to be honest. Be intentional about being honest.

Why is honesty so important? The truth helps you operate in authenticity. When you lie, you are telling yourself that you are not good enough. You feel as if you need to be someone or something else to be good enough.

Lying is toxic because it encourages a state of fear and anxiety. Telling the truth relieves anxiousness. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to worry about the truth being discovered.

A little about Tomiko Logan, LCSW

Tomiko is a client-centered Therapist in which her style is to create a safe and supportive space to partner with you in your journey to heal the emotional wounds of the past in order to live a more enjoyable now! She believes in your life’s purpose and works with you to address areas that may be keeping you stuck and in the way of you experiencing joy and wellness!

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