Lynchburg, VA Counselor’s thoughts on Timberlake Christian School and Sunnie Kahle Story

  1. By all appearances Sunnie Kahle seems to be a wonderful, well-rounded, and well adjusted child.
  2. She has received straight A’s at Timberlake Christian School.

  3. The administration at Timberlake Christian School may need a lesson in human development.
  4. An 8-year-old child hasn’t hit puberty and doesn’t have secondary sex characteristics. Of Course girls are going to look like boys, and Boys are going to look like girls.

  5. It has been documented that Sunnie Kahle cut her hair to donate it to cancer patients.
  6. The school should be sending home a letter along with an award, praising Sunnie.

  7. Nothing published about this story suggests Sunnie has gender dysphoria or a gender identity disorder.
  8. Even if this were the case, this should never be grounds for an administrative reprimand.

  9. Sunnie’s grandparents seem to be doing an excellent job parenting.
  10. Children need to feel safe and secure and accepted.

Their choice to withdraw Sunnie from Timberlake Christian Schools seems very justified, and it took courage to go public with their story.

I wish them the best in finding an excellent school for their granddaughter.