Our smartphones have become essential little devices and are definitely getting more and more integrated into our daily lives. We use apps for everything: social media, games, news, and sharing pictures.

One hidden benefit to them, however, is their ability to actually improve your life across multiple levels, so I did a bit of research into what are some of the most useful apps out there for making your life better.

The best part? Almost all of them are free!

4. Everest

Everest is a great app for anyone who has dreams and personal goals they want to accomplish. The nifty platform allows you to create a “dream” and set what your goals are to make that dream happen. You have the option to “inspire” others by sharing your dream via social platforms and the app will keep track of all your goals in one place. Conventional wisdom says that writing down your life goals makes you more likely to achieve them, so Everest is a great starting point for doing just that.

The app is great for all kinds of new things you want to accomplish, such as traveling, losing weight, getting more sleep, reading more, or spending time with family.

This is a great way to organize the dreams you want to achieve and lay out exactly how you can achieve them. Everest is FREE and available for iPhone.

3. Sleep Cycle

There are a lot of ways to keep track of your slumber and improve sleeping habits, but Sleep Cycle sets out to accomplish something slightly different. The app actually addresses the problem we all tend to face with waking up: feeling tired, even when we’ve slept enough hours!

Sleep Cycle acknowledges that this is due to your body being woken up by deep sleep. The app tracks your sleep and works as a bio-alarm that wakes you up when you’re in light sleep. In other words, you won’t feel like a tired mess all day!

Not only can this app improve your sleep, it indirectly helps you stay upbeat and focused throughout your day, improving your moods and lifestyle. Sleep Cycle is available for iPhone and costs only 99 cents.

2. Stress Check

Stress and anxiety can be difficult to make sense of, even if you have a way of measuring it. Stress Check provides a way to analyze your stress levels in real-time and even show you what might be causing it.

The app estimates your stress via the camera and measures your heart rate. It provides real solutions to controlling your stress based on what it has learned about you. As you continue to use it, the app “gets to know you” and tracks your progress over time! This app is a fantastic solution to keeping your stress in check before it takes over your life.

Stress Check is FREE and available for iPhone and Android.

1. Fooducate

Okay, this is my favorite app on this list and the one I most recommend. Fooducate is a priceless resource for educating you on the food you eat. At the grocery store, you can scan your items to the app and view the food item’s “score.” The app analyzes the ingredients of any given food and grades it based on what it’s made of (such as A+, B-, etc.)

It will tell you the good things, like if a product has less than a tablespoon of sugar and uses natural ingredients. But the app will also tell you the bad! It will notify you of controversial ingredients that are present or if your item is low in nutrition. Fooducate is a fantastic resource for eating healthier food beyond just counting calories, allowing you to have great eating habits that will improve your life.

Fooducate is FREE and available for iPhone and Android.

If you know of any other apps that are great for improving one’s lifestyle, be sure to leave a comment below!