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I don’t stop eating when I’m full. The meal isn’t over when I’m full. It’s over when I hate myself.”

—Louis CK, comedian, writer, actor, director

What we eat gives us energy, enjoyment, opportunities to spend time with others, and a wide array of flavors to sample and enjoy. Problems arise, however, when food becomes more of an addiction than a source of sustenance.

When you suffer from an eating disorder, food begins to take away from your wellbeing – through undereating, overeating, or any other unhealthy eating practices. Eating disorders are fairly common, affecting nearly 24 million people. Only 10 percent of that group seeks and receive treatment, however.

Eating Disorders: Types and Definitions — Bulimia

Bulimia — one of the three major types of eating disorders, which also include anorexia nervosa and binge eating — is characterized by repeat instances of overeating followed by overwhelming feelings of guilt or shame and utilizing excess exercise and/or self-induced vomiting to offset potential weight gain.

Key signs and symptoms of bulimia include:

  • Frequent bouts of overeating
  • Infertility
  • Chronic gastric reflux
  • Constipation
  • Constant fluctuations in weight
  • Obsessive attention to external appearance
  • Fixation with caloric intake
  • Eating until the point of feeling sick
  • Dental erosion from vomiting
  • Feelings of shame and guilt
  • Poor self esteem and depression

When suffering from bulimia, you seek pleasure from food, which only brings you more pain, and your efforts to offset that pain only cause more. The cycle begins again.

Your life does not have to be this way. You can experience victory over this disorder, just as many others have before you, under the care of one of the skilled Detroit counselors or therapists at Thriveworks Birmingham eating disorder therapy.

Eating Disorders: Types and Definitions — Anorexia Nervosa

People suffering from anorexia nervosa attempt to attain an “ideal” physique by engaging in harmful behavior, such as extreme limitation of food intake to the point of starvation and excessive exercise. If left untreated, anorexia nervosa can be fatal.

Key signs and symptoms of anorexia include:

  • Unhealthy obsession with body image and calories and fat content in food
  • Crippling fear of weight gain
  • Dramatic loss of weight
  • Compulsive exercising
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Swollen joints
  • False perception of physical appearance
  • Depression
  • Chronic lethargy
  • Mood swings
  • For women, an absence of menses
  • Heart disease
  • Seizures

Eating Disorders: Types and Definitions — Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

Individuals suffering from Binge Eating Disorder (BED) will repeatedly eat more in one sitting than other people in similar circumstances would normally eat. Some people with BED will eat as much as 15,000 calories in one sitting.

Symptoms of binge eating disorder include:

  • Over eating at least twice a week for several months
  • Stashing food for secret snacking
  • Guilt after eating too much
  • Eating food as a means to relieve stress
  • Eating alone
  • Eating to combat depression or boredom
  • Feeling nauseated of physically uncomfortable after eating
  • Excessive worry over eating habits

What Causes Eating Disorders?

Various factors can contribute to an eating disorder, including:

  • Poor body image or self-esteem
  • Perceived societal pressures
  • Emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • Depression and other emotional disorders

Popular media often presents an unrealistic — or downright fake — image for what the ideal human body looks like. People that feel pressure to look a certain way but simply do not have that shape can feel less valuable or not attractive.

Forget the lies of the advertising industry. Each of us has a unique form with it’s own ideal shape. The important thing is that you are healthy, level-headed and free of self-doubt. Don’t force an impossible ideal on yourself. Accept your body’s natural leanings and seek fitness, not shape.

How can I deal with my eating disorder? Please help.

The struggle going on in the mind of someone suffering from an eating disorder is more complex than a simple lack of information, and is unlikely to be overcome by reading words of encouragement alone.

All the same, we do have a few thoughts on how you can begin working on your issue right away:
1. Eating five to 6 smaller meals throughout the day helps your body stay energized while not overburdening it with one or two calorie-heavy meals.

2. A well-balanced diet is actually quite simple. Shy away from unnecessary snacking and eat only things that provide benefit. So-called “comfort food” usually makes you feel worse, once the initial endorphin rush wears off. Eat for energy.

3. Do a little research and figure out how many ounces of water you should be drinking for your body type. Not only will you stay hydrated, but your appetite will be curbed as well.

4. Try to remove stress from you life. Find ways to actually relax, and stay away from snacks as a means of winding down.

5. Exercise regularly, if not daily. A strong body is a strong mind. Without that balance, it’s difficult to keep a clear head. Exercise not only increases your energy, but improves your mood as well.

6. Identify the activities or things that tend to trigger the disorder. Do fashion magazines give you disillusionments about your own body image? Do food commercials give you the urge to head to the drive-through? Find a positive replacement for these things, like a walk around the block or picking up that novel you’ve been meaning to get to.

7. Contact us at Thriveworks Birmingham eating disorder therapy. Our clinicians will create a custom treatment plan based on your specific struggles, personality and history. We’ve had great success helping people overcome their detrimental relationship with food. Learn how to put eating in it’s proper place.

Sample All the Flavors that Life can Offer

You consume food — it shouldn’t be the other way around. Instead of using food as a means of coping with other issues by over- or underindulgence, reach out to someone who can help equip you to understand what it means to practice healthy eating habits.

It may be frustrating that your friend can seemingly eat and drink whatever he or she wants without any noticeable difference in their physical appearance, but it only means that their bodies are better at masking the internal harm.

When your relationship with food is kept in check, your eating habits can help you achieve your goals, which brings far greater pleasure than a few flavorful-mouthfuls. Let us prove to you that you have what it takes to live a happy, fulfilling, healthy life.

Your eating disorder doesn’t have to control you. Are you in the Detroit area looking for therapy? Contact us today, and begin the journey to change.

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Great therapist

Andrea Golden is easy to talk with and goes or of her way to give a balanced perspective.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Lindsey is great!

I had the honor of working with Lindsey at a previous job and she is one of the sweetest individuals I have ever met. Lindsey listens intently to everyone and is open to people from all walks of life. Lindsey is knowledgeable and passionate about advocating for mental health. This makes Lindsey a great leader and counselor. I would refer anyone I know to Lindsey!
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham


I’ve known Tammy Wagstaff for quite some time. She was very helpful to me for finding my strengths and improving my working and personal relationships. She is a good listener and is able to “see” my point of view . I would highly recommend this counselor
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Review for Sandra Quigley

*****I have been a patient of Sandra's for nearly 2 years now and I really can't say enough good things about her work with me. She is a true Christian counselor and that was exactly the perspective I needed to guide me down the path God was trying to lead me. She definitely strengthened my faith and made many of life's big problems seem like small speed bumps when looking at the big picture!! I highly recommend Sandra Q. if you are looking for the someone who honestly cares about you and the journey you are on. Remember, there’s ultimately only one way to peace in your life, and that’s to walk daily with the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus!! *****
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

I really enjoyed meeting Melissa.

I really enjoyed meeting Melissa. It was easy to converse with her. She was very professional but completely relatable too. I would definitely recommend Thriveworks!
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Moving with meaning

Much Gratitude Christine, You're helping me become the best version of myself. The self I've always pictured the vision is clear and I am ready to LIVE!!
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

I wouldn’t recommend it – one of the worst therapists I’ve ever seen

The doctor (PhD) I saw for therapy decided, on the second session, to pay more attention to doing things on his phone than to listening to me. He thought he was hiding what he was doing behind his portfolio, but he was not. I could see the reflection of what he was doing, and he was looking down more than up. He was pretending to listen but didn't do a very good job of that, because when I stopped talking, he would incorrectly try to restate what I said or, make a comment on what I said which turned out to not be relevant because it was clear he wasn't listening. He did not seem to want to be there. It was a horrible experience. I called the next day to complain to the lady on the phone, and got a sincere "I'm sorry" and that's it. When I got the bill (very expensive, by the way), I have been attempting to call the office to pay it over the phone but I keep getting told that the people that do the billing are currently busy and that I should call back. It should not be that difficult for someone to take a credit card number and apply it to my bill, especially a bill I shouldn't have to pay due to horrible service. I hope the other therapists at Thriveworks are better than the one I selected, and actually have interest in helping their patients.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Couldn’t be happier

We couldn't be happier with the staff and help we have received for our family at the practice. Christine has been particularly helpful in assisting myself and our family get back on track.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham


Comfortable, private space for anyone and everyone in the family to get the personal time and space they need.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

She helped change my life

Dear Marcy, I can't thank you enough for recommending your therapist Dawn Gaden to me. She has helped change my life. I have always struggled with feeling misunderstood. But recently I fell into a deep depression; beyond something I could resolve myself. Therapy was required for my recovery. Since childhood I have been weary of therapists because I would talk through my problems but I didn't get tools and strategies to handle my problems better. Dawn has changed that. For the first time I leave each appointment not only relieved from having talked my issues through, but more importantly with tools to help me move forward. She has introduced me to methods I had considered silly, but now I could live without. I am proud of the person I am becoming and the journey I have chosen to take. Thank you for all you have done to change my life and my family's future.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

She Inspires Hope

I found Sandra Quigley on the web while searching for a Christian counselor. I was having a lot of anxiety about making a career change. She not only helped through the anxieties, she also helped me with concerns in my personal life. Sandra's non-judgmental and compassionate approach, made me feel comfortable and hopeful.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Karen Waldrop

Ms. Waldrop is an active listener and excellent problem solver. She offers practical resolutions to everyday problems for those suffering with depression, life changes, anxiety, and stress. She provides empathy in a quiet manner with a gentle sense of humor. She is capable to offer a variety of tools for those seeking positive and lasting life changes. If you are seeking someone with whom you can discuss your deepest personal issues in a confidential manner I would highly recommend Ms. Karen Waldrop as your therapist.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Everything I needed

I found Sandra Quigley in the back of a magazine (Psychology Today). I desperately needed someone to talk to. Newly retired with plenty of time to allow my mind to take over my life, I felt constantly anxious and very out of sorts. Enter Sandra Quigley- compassionate, non-judgmental, kind, and gentle. She is everything that I needed to heal myself. I had never talked to a therapist before, so this was a new venture. It was very important to me that I find someone with whom I could feel comfortable. Right away, I felt comfortable. I did have assignments; I never was prescribed a single drug. She went out of her way to help me specifically with my issues- finding me articles, books, telling stories. I never felt uncomfortable; I felt and still feel that my time with Sandra is valuable. With Sandra’s help, I have unearthed a much calmer, happier, together self that now wakes up each morning looking forward to the day ahead. We all have our baggage- I never once realized that I could unpack that bag and put my crap away. I now get to walk through life so much lighter!!
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

So helpful!

I really love the helpful and peaceful approach at Thriveworks. I have known Marcy for a long time and her ability to work through tough spots and discuss personalities makes her a lot of fun for me. Time flies when we chat and that is a good thing for a guy like me who is always worried about time. I also love Dawn Gadens video blogs! insightful and easy to access. I don't see Dawn in counseling but if she is that good on video I have to believe she is great in person. Give a shot...I bet you will love them.
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