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Starting Couples therapy

What is couples therapy?

Thriveworks Couples therapy helps couples work through their specific relationship issues. It is led by licensed professionals — often licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) — who are experts in their field and best-equipped to help couples. Some examples of common focuses within couples therapy include:

  • Jealousy
  • Trust issues
  • Infidelity
  • Opposing values
  • Different visions for the future
  • Disagreements in parenting
  • Lack of trust
  • Financial distress
  • Sex issues

How does couples therapy work?

Couples therapy works by helping couples identify and better navigate their unique challenges. Following an initial assessment of the couple in terms of strengths and needs, the therapist would then discuss their therapeutic goals and any possible approaches or ways of working together as therapist and couple.
Couples attend sessions together, whether they meet in person or by video. In addition to regular couples therapy sessions, each partner may also be asked to attend a few individual sessions to supplement their progress. This will allow their counselor to get to know each individual better, assess each of their personal needs, and develop the very best treatment plan moving forward.

Is couples therapy conducted in person or online?

Couples therapy at Thriveworks is conducted both in person and via Online therapy. We encourage you to choose the option that works best for you and your partner.

How long does couples therapy last?

On average, couples attend couples therapy for 12 weeks. However, couples therapy may last longer or shorter, dependent on the couples’ needs, the challenges they’d like to work through, and the pace of their progress.

Need more help deciding?

Most people have watched Disney movies or read fairy tales during their childhood years. The main character meets their one true love and after overcoming a few entertaining challenges, the couple goes on to live happily ever after. It’s easy to get caught up in romance stories but they often set an unrealistic expectation when it comes to real-life relationships. While books and movies may have a definitive ending, real relationships are works in progress.

Whether or not you believe someone is destined to be your soulmate, committed relationships can take a lot of hard work. It is completely normal for you both to hit a few bumps in the road along this journey. Asking for help from an experienced couples therapist may seem like an intimidating step to take at first but doing so can offer many rewards in the long run.

If you’ve been fighting with your romantic partner, it can be difficult to bring up certain topics for fear of starting another argument. However, this isn’t an approach that typically leads to a stronger and healthier relationship. There are few things as important in a relationship as communication. The outside perspective that a therapist provides can foster a new starting point to discuss your issues in a safe and moderated space.

If you’ve been desperately hoping for a stronger and healthier bond with your romantic partner but don’t know where to start, it may be time to seek out help. Professional marriage counseling and therapy services are available at Thriveworks Counseling in Baton Rouge, LA.

Common Reasons to Seek Out Relationship Counseling

Even if you feel like you have a solid relationship, it’s normal to find you may need couples counseling at some point. Most couples experience ups and downs in their relationship. You may even find that external pressures such as your careers and finances are interfering with an otherwise healthy relationship.

At Thriveworks Counseling, we help couples with a wide variety of issues. These are just a few:

  • Intimacy issues
  • Communication issues
  • Infidelity
  • Trust issues
  • Parenting
  • Jealousy
  • Navigating a breakup
  • Substance abuse

If you think you would benefit from seeing a marriage and family therapist, we’re standing by to offer compassionate and objective guidance at Thriveworks Counseling in Baton Rouge, LA.

The Benefits of Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

You may have a strong bond with your partner and are just looking for help in one or more areas. Or you might feel like your partnership is heading toward a rough patch. Either way, you can take the first step to a happier and healthier relationship by committing to rebuild your bond. This can be a challenging process, which is why relationship therapists are here to offer guidance.

Many couples plunge into a relationship or a marriage thinking it’s going to be an easy ride and have a hard time dealing with reality when it hits. In difficult situations like these, having an outside perspective can be extremely beneficial. Talk therapy guided by an experienced therapist can help you to get the heart of your insecurities and frustrations so they can be expressed and dealt with.

Many of us go through life with the idea of the “perfect” romantic partner in our heads, but this is an unrealistic expectation. Your partner may be perfect for you but every person has their own merits, faults, and complications. Relationship therapy can help you to see your romantic partner more realistically, with a better appreciation of their positive qualities and a loving acceptance of who they are.

Communication is central to a healthy relationship and most clients admit they have room to improve in that department. This doesn’t just include verbal communication skills, but also nonverbal communication. A trained couples therapist can help you both learn to discuss your emotional needs effectively so you and your partner can experience a greater degree of closeness.

If you want to work towards a happier and healthier relationship, get in touch with Thriveworks Counseling in Baton Rouge, LA to schedule an appointment for couples counseling.

Couples Therapy Appointments at Thriveworks in Baton Rouge, LA

At Thriveworks Counseling we’re committed to making counseling services as accessible as possible. One of the ways we achieve this is with our focus on online counseling. This can make it easier to find the time for therapy in your busy schedule, which can be even more difficult when you’re trying to balance multiple calendars.

New clients can schedule a session within 24 hours of reaching out so you can start opening up those lines of communication quickly. We also offer convenient rescheduling options because we know life can be unpredictable.

We accept most insurance plans and Thriveworks clients enjoy many supplementary services. If you need advice between sessions, you can reach a counselor via email or phone, or submit a question to a life coach for a response within 24 hours. We also offer a community discussion board, exclusive video content, a proprietary mobile app, and much more.

If you’d like to get started, it’s easier than ever to make an appointment for couples therapy or marriage counseling at Thriveworks Counseling in Baton Rouge, LA.

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I believe that Stephanie Dean is an amazing individual and counselor. Not only does she care about her consumers, she also cares about other counselors that are new to the way things happen. I noticed that it was easy to speak openly because I feel that she truly empathizes when I express my issues and frustrations. She is always a joy to speak with and to. She will be an amazing asset wherever she goes.
Read more I believe that Stephanie Dean is an amazing individual and counselor. Not only does she care about her consumers, she also cares about other counselors that are new to the way things happen. I noticed that it was easy to speak openly because I feel that she truly empathizes when I express my issues and frustrations. She is always a joy to speak with and to. She will be an amazing asset wherever she goes.
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