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Workaholism Therapy – Counselors, Coaches and Therapists in Austin

Career and work are very important. In America, we place a great deal of importance on achievement and success. We want our children to go to the best schools, so they can get in to the best colleges, and then get a prestigious job. This constant attention can lead to an obsessive desire to succeed in career. However, this desire can then lead to a lack of attention to other areas of life. If it becomes difficult to concentrate on anything other than work, if you lose touch with anyone outside of work, if your family and relationships suffer, you may be suffering from workaholism.

Workaholism can have physical effects on the body as well. Headaches, high blood pressure, and fatigue can develop from this unhealthy obsession. If you are the loved one of a workaholic, you can end up feeling very alone and unsure about the future of your relationship.  Your spouse or partner may receive a great deal of accolades at work, and be highly admired. But at home, they are barely present. The workaholic may not even be able to make eye contact or carry on a conversation about anything other than work. Thriveworks Austin counselors can help both the workaholic and the relationship.

At Thriveworks Austin, we do not operate with waiting lists. We have appointments available for new clients within 24 hours. We want to be ready when we are needed. Call us today to get started. It would be our honor to walk with you on this journey of recovery and healing.



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