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We tell our children that they are amazing. They are the best artist, the best basketball player, the best piano player. Everyone gets a trophy. We are all winners. While the effectiveness of this type of parenting is hotly debated, one thing is certain, self-esteem is a very important topic for not only children, but also for adults. Being self-confident helps you achieve your goals, process failure more appropriately, and is very helpful in creating and maintaining relationships. Those with low self-esteem often see tiny hurts and insults in everyday interactions. They assume others are out to get them, and thus find examples of this to fulfill their own prediction. If you are struggling with low self-esteem, Thriveworks Austin counselors can help you find your self worth.

Low self-esteem can result from many different experiences. Having emotionally distant or neglectful parents, experiencing intense bullying during adolescence, being in an abusive relationship; there are many causes of self-esteem. Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause, but low self-esteem is a reality in your life, nonetheless. Thriveworks Austin counselors and therapists are experienced in this field, and can help you identify any possible causes of your self-esteem issues, and then work to help you improve your sense of value.

If you are looking for help for your child or teenager that is experiencing low self-esteem, Thriveworks Austin can help. Our therapists can connect with a child in ways that are difficult for parents at times. At Thriveworks Austin, we do not operate with a waiting list. We have appointments available for new clients. We are ready when you are ready to make a change within 24 hours
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