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Relationship breakups have different effects on different people. While some may have the inner strength to boldly deal with this difficult experience, others may be badly affected by what they have gone through. Hence, seeking immediate help from a relationship breakup counselor or therapist is quite indispensable.

A lot of people who have gone through a breakup often demonstrate the following serious symptoms:

  • They may not be able to sleep well.
  • They feel hopeless and always worry about the future.
  • They are depressed.
  • They don’t have the motivation to do their jobs or any other activity.
  • They are bothered about what other people say about them.

In addition to the symptoms described above, some people who went through relationship breakups are mentally, socially and financially affected. The social fallout from a breakup could push a person into seclusion (a form of social withdrawal) as he/she actively avoids associating with people he/she had shared with their his/her spouse or partner. A great number of break-up persons go through a period of depression as they struggle to readjust to single life. Financially, those who used to depend on their former partners or spouses for financial support will have to fend for themselves after breaking up.

The main responsibility of a seasoned relationship therapist is to make sure that you go through the process of recovery safely and smoothly. Here are possible ways a relationship counselor can help you:

  • By spending time with you in order to fully understand your past experiences
  • By suggesting real-time and practical solutions to all your emotional needs
  • By encouraging you to improve certain areas of your life that will make it easier to maintain another relationship in the future
  • By helping you get over guilt and other confidence-destroying habits
  • By providing on-going consultations through which all your concerns will be properly taken care of
  • By staying at your side all the way into full self-recovery

If you have had a hard time getting yourself back after a breakup, why don’t you call us for a quick consultation so that we can access what kinds of assistance you need?

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