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In your Department of Transportation supervised position, you are subject to certain guidelines and regulations. When you were hired for this position, a drug and alcohol screening was part of the hiring process. In order to get hired, you passed this test, and on the job, are now required to participate in random screenings. A drug and alcohol screening will also be part of the investigation after an accident on the job. If you fail one of these screenings after getting hired, you will be required to undergo an assessment with a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). At Thriveworks Bristol, we have trained and professional counselors that are certified as Substance Abuse Professionals.  We are able to provide an evaluation and coordinate your possible return to work with the Department of Transportation’s Designated Employee Representative.

Being taken off of the job for a failed drug screening is very stressful for both you and your family. It can mean a loss of income and also a financial strain. We understand that you want to return to work as quickly as possible. You may be looking for answers as to when you are able to get back to your job. We cannot provide an exact timeline, but we can assure you that this timeframe will be determined by your own focus and willingness to work hard towards that goal.

At Thriveworks Bristol, we want to help you not only return to work, but become a healthier individual. If your failed drug test is an indicator of a more serious addiction issue, we are able to help with that as well. There is no need to feel any embarrassment or hesitation to speak openly and honestly with us. We are trained professionals, ready to put our expertise to work for you. We have appointments available within 24 hours for most new clients.

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