How to Forgive Yourself: Letting Go of Past Regrets

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How to Forgive Yourself?
Let it go. Forget about it. Move on.

Forgive yourself. It’s easy to say, but so much harder to actually do! We all mess up sometimes, whether it’s lashing out at a friend, engaging in a self-destructive behavior or cutting corners at work.

And with those mistakes often come overwhelming feelings of guilt. Shame. Self-condemnation. Humiliation.

Counselors and life coaches have found that these emotions can lead to stress, depression, anxiety disorders and even heart disease, if ignored.[1] Not exactly the formula for a happy life!

Forgive. We’ve all heard the word before, but what does it mean? And why is it so important?
Dr. Frederic Luskin at Stanford University reports that “learning to forgive helps people hurt less, experience less anger, feel less stress and suffer less depression. People who learn to forgive report significantly fewer symptoms of stress such as backache, muscle tension, dizziness, headaches and upset stomachs. In addition people report improvements in appetite, sleep patterns, energy and general well being.”[2]

If self-forgiveness is such a good thing, why is it so hard?
Too often, we punish ourselves for past mistakes, as if we could somehow “make up” the wrong that we’ve done. We walk through each day feeling less-than. We call ourselves losers. No good. We live chained to our past, holding on to hurts and grudges. And though no one else may know about our secret pain, the negative emotions we feel gnaw away at our joy and satisfaction in life.

Counselors and life coaches report that the hardest person to forgive is yourself. Not the friend who backstabbed you. Or the dad that wasn’t there for you. Or even the ex who broke your heart.

Why? Because you know yourself and you live with yourself every day. Go figure.

If you feel stuck in the rut of your past failures, try these tips for embracing forgiveness.

1. Talk about it.

When it comes to the past, silence can be deadly. So stop pretending. Free yourself from the bondage of holding it all in. Talk about what’s tearing you apart inside. Express the emotions you feel to a counselor, mentor, or friend you can trust. Forgiveness starts with being honest and vulnerable about who you are…the good and the bad. So say what you need to say.

2. Be honest with yourself.

“If I just pretend it never happened, maybe it will all go away,” we tend to think. Sounds nice…but not true. Choose to break out of denial. Be honest about how you’ve messed up and the consequences of your behavior. Journal out the specific behaviors and actions that are causing you angst.

3. Accept it for what it is.

As an imperfect person, you will make mistakes in life. Face it. You will hurt people sometimes. Youwill have regrets. It’s part of living in a less-than-perfect world. But you have a choice.

Either your past will keep you in a rut of guilt and shame…or you will accept it for what it is and experience the freedom to move on and enjoy the now. Self-acceptance is critical to your emotional health, so don’t miss out!

4. Let go.

Don’t hold on to guilt. You don’t need to justify your past actions or try to prove yourself. Letting go of the past means burying it and giving up your right to engage in self-condemnation. Forgiveness is a choice, but also a process. It’s choosing to stop hating yourself and cutting yourself down, but instead, seeing yourself as a valuable human being.

One of the first steps of letting go, is to just get it out there. Please feel free to use the form below to let it go, or apologize for something that has been on your chest for years.

You can use an anonymous name (and the email will NEVER be shown). Your post will be added to the wall below.

It’s okay. You can let go.

You can let go … here

Develop realistic expectations.

Evaluate the expectations you (and others) set for you. Are they healthy? Or unrealistic? If you find yourself never being able to measure up—no matter how hard you try—you may just need to change a few things in your approach to life. Healthy expectations are achievable and fulfilling, not draining and overwhelming.

Forgiving yourself is tough. It means striking a deal with yourself …

  • to let the past be past and live in the present
  • to stop beating yourself up about something that happened two or five or ten years ago
  • to banish guilt and shame from controlling your thoughts and behaviors
  • to accept and respect yourself as you are…in spite of your screw-ups

Counselors and life coaches tell us that “to forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”[3]

Tired of living as a prisoner? Download our free ebook.

[1]Dr. Frederick Luskin, Research from Standford University, [2]Ibid. [3]Lewis B. Smedes

Interested in scheduling an appointment for counseling? Or maybe you just have some questions? We’d love to hear from you. As always, if you need to speak to a counselor, give us a call and we can offer you a free 10 minute phone consultation (1-855-2-THRIVE).

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  1. John Knight says

    my ex girlfriend and i have done some crappy things to each other and we must forgive ourselves before we can forgive one another

  2. Val says

    me feeling like I’m not worthy. Begging for attention and love. The hurt I’ve experienced in relationships.

  3. Kevin says

    I keep losing my anger and lashing out on my girlfriend which scares her and ends up hurting bother of her. I can’t find away to forgive myself and it is bringing negative attention to my life.

  4. guilt says

    Last night I had a massage and the lady asked if I wanted “more” “Yes or no” art first I said no, but she kept touching me provocatively and asking. Eventually I said ok and now here I am. I know God forgave me. I just don’t know if I could ever tell my wife of 18 years. I let this go now.

  5. GS says

    When I was 12, I stole and put the blame on my friend because I got caught. I also stole money from this particular friend prior in the ruse of buying her food. I am not sure why I did what I did, but I regret it because I don’t think she or her parents ever forgave me for it.

    I also lie frequently, I know I shouldn’t but somehow I always relapse and my lies get bigger and bigger.

  6. sara says

    Wasted three years of academics ,one of which was a drop year, exclusively meant for redemption, but I seemed to procrastinate and now it’s too late and now I can’t stop cursing myself. I wish so dearly this feeling goes away :(

  7. nj15 says

    I want to let go of regret for not being open to a new love, and missing an opportunity to not being alone anymore. I regret not taking the chance…

  8. Tameika Dale says


  9. Terry says

    Quilt, regret for letting my only don,m go live with his father when he was 12.. I feel like a failure. My son is 37 now, failed marriages, children he can’t support, no job, he’s lost.. I never gave him a sibling.
    I cry everyday because I feel his dad didn’t give him the role model I thought. I feel ashamed now. I saw my son and he visited, but it was never the same… I got wrapped up in school and a career.. I feel like failure as a mom.. I was selfish. I enjoyed the time for a while, but be and increasingly sad when I saw other moms. Now I feel extreme loss, depression, guilt everyday.. I’m ashamed..

  10. rob says

    Years ago I cheated on the woman I lived with and dated all through college. I put her and the other woman through hell. I still bear the scars of that and years later, 2 weeks before I was to marry, I found out my fiance was cheating on me. I can’t make a relationship work now and I only meet substandard women. I see this as karma and punishment for what I have done.

  11. Losh Mcloud says

    I am so sorry I didn’t have the wisdom to make choices that had less severe emotional impact on you and me. I want you to know that I still love you and miss the amazing chemistry we share everyday. Often I feel shame and guilt and worthlessness in the face of my deep respect for what an amazing person you are. As you know many of my past actions felt unavoidable in my quest for self actualization and I know that I did the best I could at the time. Looking back I certainly see things I would have do e differently if even just to minimize the drawn out nature of all the pain. I will trust that it was a necessary process but miss you and our love no less. Know that I hold only the highest and most positive intentions for you, for myself, and for the future.

  12. rnd says

    I think I screwed up my thesis and paper and I am not sure enough to say either way. I didn’t mean to screw anything up but I am afraid someone could catch some thing i did and say it was a mistake that I made intentionally.

  13. The New Maverick says

    SI am a compulsive gambler. Today is my 13th day without a bet. Compulsive gambling led me to ruin my relationship with my wife and son, and also meant I ignored by business. I need to let this go so i can move on, but I had so much wrapped up in this it is killing me. I need to move on.

  14. Frank says

    The regret of leaving a career job 25 yrs ago, that has changed my life in many negative ways, by quitting that job to take a chance on something that wasn’t a sure thing. Turned out to be a bad choice and would be retired with a great pension now. But instead, I have nothing.
    And also I want to let go of punishing myself for all the money I have blown on gambling over the years and recently. That problem has ruined my life and I live with the “what ifs” everyday.

  15. Michael says

    How I went into a dream job unprepared and was fired after only one month after having three weeks to prepare

  16. josepheenjo says

    Reading this is like looking in the mirror. I experienced that exact same thing and it’s been 3 years since and I too cannot seem to forgive myself. I wish for you health and healing.

  17. somil says

    I sometimes think bad things about my wifes family infact they are a really good people i sometime turn too conservative with my wife may be thts insecurity

  18. Sean says

    I was such a horrible human being when I was younger – so angry with everything and I felt so alone. I was a violent drunk and was almost dismissed from college because I simply wasn’t going. I punched my friends, started fights randomly and was just a general hostile person. That was years ago, 16 to be exact and I still hold my self to my behavior. Today I’m not a screw up, but I am not where I would be id I wasn’t such a fool back then. I have a long way to go before I feel I like I can make amends for my former self. Here’s to hoping I continue to get there little by little every day!

  19. leslie says

    I want to let go of feelings of guilt that overcome me the day after getting drunk with friends. I always end up saying or doing stupid things, hurting them, I become aggressive and no one deserves to be on the receiving end of that. I’m pretty sure people don’t like being around me when I drink, I always seem to drink way more than I should and can’t control myself in the end. I wake up feeling deeply ashamed, not even able to fully remember everything but but knowing in one way or another I made a fool of myself. I always say it will be the last time and then it happens again, like it did last night. I don’t know how to stop it and it gets worse every time. I want to let go of feelings of guilt, shame and regret I’ve accumulated over the past years because of this.
    I hope today is the last time I experience this situation, I can’t promise myself it will be, but I can try my best. That plus forgiving myself is all I can do.

  20. regretful guy says

    I want to let go of the guilt that I have for cheating on my girlfriend of 3 years. I feel terrible for everything thatI took her through. I know that I hurt her bad and it makes me sick of myself to think of it. She probably will never speak to me again but i am very sorry. I promised myself that I will change for the next lady I meet. So its time to let the past go and move on!!

  21. Sabrina says

    I want to let go of the careless and inconsiderate person that I was when I was with Zayn. I put so much effort and focus toward his needs and his happiness that I went against myself in order to please him. I regret the lengths that I’ve gone and the actions that I have committed to this person. For this person. Who I have learned, isn’t the right person for me. I deserve better. But it’s time for me to let go and forgive myself.

  22. Mary says

    I want to let go of the extreme guilt I have for cheating on my husband 7 yes ago. I was tempted by the emotional connection I had with the other man and my husband wasn’t very emotional and I needed more. My husband found out and I told him I wasn’t in love with him anymore. I hurt him so bad. I remember he was devastated. I can not forgive melyself for my behavior at the time. My husband and I got divorced shortly after and we share custody of our 2 children. He has since remarried and I believe he’s happy. I’m glad he found someone new. But to this day I feel horrible regret and disappointment. Did I make the right choice back then?? How did I ruin my children’s life? I just feel like a terrible person and wish I could tell him how sorry I am for the mistake I made. I think about it every day and some times it consumes me. I hope I can find the strength to eventually forgive myself.

  23. regretful says

    i want to let go of my guilt for cheating on my husband and being an emotionally absent wife. I want to let go of my anger for my husband being emotionally absent, for him placing the burden of the household and all the finances on me, and for him never following through on his promises.
    I want to let go of the pain I feel for treating my husband poorly. For my behavior causing him to become emotionally distant. I had two emotional affairs and when I came home and told him that something was wrong, that I needed time and wanted to figure out how to fix our marriage, he was too broken to give me time and started dating someone within a week. I want to let go of the anger I feel towards his new girlfriend.
    I want to be able to let go of my marriage. Because my husband has already moved on and I need to forgive myself even though he can’t.

  24. fuckedupjim says

    i didnt listen to my parents and hurt so many people including myself and are all suffering right now for my crap . i feel horrible every single day and i dont feel like living life.

  25. Bri says

    I’ve had a few affairs during my 8 year marriage. The last one was the worst because I lost friends over it and I thought I loved him so I told my husband that I was leaving him. I feel so guilty and heartbroken knowing the hurt I’ve caused my husband. It wasn’t love I realized that now. The guy abandoned me and cheated. While I was with him I was starting to see qualities I didn’t like and also knew I still loved my husband too.. I think it’s a good thing the affair ended. I feel relieved yet so hurt. How badly I have hurt the one man I respect and admire who has only been generous, devoted, and kind to me and our 2 children.. I’m disgusted with myself and so ashamed.. God please help me or punish me.. I can’t live with myself

  26. Am says

    Doing stupid things that I’m so incredibly ashamed of when I’ve been drunk. Cheating. Making an idiot of myself in front of family and coworkers. I feel like a fraud loving a life I don’t deserve. I hate myself so much when I’m drunk and always say that I won’t do it again but I just keep finding myself in the exact same position. I have to stop drinking and stop hurting myself, putting myself in dangerous situations, getting taken advantage of. It has to stop. This is the first step.

  27. Sue says

    I was naggy, insecure, annoying, mean, unhappy and drove away the love of my life. He tried to make it work but in the end was fed up with my attitudes. I lost the best relationship I could ever have, he was so amazing to me.

  28. tomp1804 says

    Hi my name is Tom and I have been with my wife for 6 years. I told her yesterday that I fancied her friends first and pursued her because I thought she would be easier to get into bed. It was initially true but after our first date I fell in love with her. I hate myself and feel like a fake person. I have also adopted her family as my own and they have taken me in and I feel like I have betrayed them.

  29. Jodie says

    I want to let go the guilt I have for falling out with a friend. She spoke some horrible words about me to my sister, she attacked me verbally to which I said horrible things back. I would like to let out argument go, I would like to forgive her and move on. I want to let go an argument I had with my sister. A silly argument which got out of hand. I want to let it all go! I want to free myself from these grudges and silences. Thank you

  30. G.H.O.S.T says

    I’m nineteen; I want to let go of every lie I made just to keep people interested in me. I want to let go of the pain I caused to others verbally, physically, and mentally. I want to let go of living in past sins and regrets because I can’t continue to go on with life, if I don’t get myself together. I want to become successful and live right in the hands of my King in all purity of religion. I want to let go of all the bad feelings that I have about myself because I try to get over them and stop doing the wrong thing. I only sometimes wish, that I can go back in the past and redo every bad decision I made. I never broken the law and bought a child in this world. I just made bad decisions that I don’t EVER want to speak of again. I want to forgive myself and hope that God can truly forgive me as well. I need help.

  31. cookie910 says

    I want to let go of all the pain ive caused my boyfriend and forget everything he’s done that hurt me too

  32. Manuka says

    I was really horrible to my boyfriend on Saturday whilst on a night out with him and his friends- I felt so bad afterwards I said some horrid mean things to him to get a reaction from him things I didn’t mean at all things that I said to annoy him. But I felt like I really hurt him and it was so unnecessary and I wish I could take it all back. I know I shouldn’t have done it- but the alcohol had taken over me and it was a downward spiral from there onwards. I know I have to forgive myself and I know he has accepted my apology. And I need to just let it go and not let it consume my mind. I love him so much and I care for him. I know I’m not a nasty person and actually this has made me see things in a whole new light. I have learnt from my mistakes and I will help youse this to grow as a person and to make my relationship with him
    Better. I’m sorry. I accept what happened, and know that I can’t change it. But I can learn from it- and with this; I’m letting go.

  33. heart says

    You are stronger than you think and brave for posting. We are human and carry around baggage no one can see, oh but it is heavy! You are loved so remember that! Love yourself enough to forgive, reach out for help because it is out there!!

  34. Simply Me says

    I have a problem with forgiving myself for past wrongs. This past weekend my brother’s fiance had her bachelorette party and I got crazy (literally). I was flirting with a man I didn’t know, probably said some crazy stuff and I’m pretty sure I grabbed his “junk”. I was beyond drunk and I now realize, as I have in the recent past, that my crazy habits when I get beyond inebriated are due to me not knowing my limits with drinking, wanting to “fit in” since I’m shy and reclusive in my every day life and my deep seeded issues with being seen as appealing. This article is right when it talks about talking about the behaviors; I have acted like this 2 times before; I now see that pretending I’m perfect and never drinking again is unrealistic. I need to learn to control my impulses, move on from the past and forgive myself for making not so great decisions. No one is perfect, not even myself I’m realizing, but that’s okay; change starts with the first day of seeing what your issues are, whether they are a part of your character or not, and dealing with them!

  35. pookers says

    I asked for financial help with donor egg IVF – it was really hard for me to work up the courage – but I sent the email to 10 friends explaining our fertility issues and what we needed to come up with enough cash – and NOT ONE PERSON responded. not even to say sorry, much less donate. I removed the request link the next day. I have no significant relationships in my life except for my hub and completely hate myself for asking…now I realize a) I have no friends and b) have no chance at ever having children. :(

  36. nikka says

    My stupid asshole exbitch who brokeup with me over some stupid Insults.. i so want strength to forget her n find me an understandin lady

  37. Change says

    I want to let go of all the pain and regrets that I kept in my heart , mind for a very long time . Iv been carrying a bag of low-self esteem problems because of certain past relationships that made me feel I wasn’t good enough or worth it . I want to forgive myself for letting me go through all those storms of trying to please people by living some else life . For not appreciating the talents and gifts that I have in me , for letting guys use me anyhow and letting them define me eventhou I knew that greater potential lied within me . I wana forgive myself for looking down on me and forgetting that the is only one me , no one can live my life for me but my self . I have a son who is 7months , I dont know who his father is between two guys iv slept with . I cried everyday becaus I needed to be loved through the process , I wanted closure of who I was . Here I am carrying another life , how was I suppose to love him without even having self love ? Who am I to be a great mother towards him , fuuny enough both guys never deserved me . I come from a wealthy family that is very loving , both guys used to make me steal from my family . I allowed to be used by them because of self esteem . When I was 8months I took a decision for my son and me abd that was to start over , through it all iv learnt to love him because he deserves to be loved and well taken care of , I had to learn to be emotionally independent and do things on my own . Yes , I still have to do the paternity test to know his daddy, which won’t b a problem . But now I really have to forgive myself for everything iv put myself through because of low-self esteem . I’m a girl with many talents , 22years doing my second year in psychology. I want to have a new beginning, finally Stan alone and let my mess be a miracle to other people . There is power in letting go , loving and forgiving yourself . I pray that eventually I let go of every hurt and start loving me and be confident in who I am . Gods light shines brighter in cracked pots

  38. Judy says

    i cheated in thean of my dreams. I was married for 13 years to the devil and was rescued by the love of my life. 7 yeas and 3 years into our relationship I had an affair. Never ever would I have thought I would do such a thing and with somebe I don’t even like. I know I have broken my husband hopefully not beyond prepare. It’s been almost 4 years since the affair, but it comes back full force every so often. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to live without home but i fucked up so badly.

  39. BT says

    I stole money from my employer. Of course I was let go but I feel such shame and embarrassment. I really loved the people I worked with – now those relationships are gone. This has been the worst thing I have ever done and I cannot seem to forgive myself.

  40. Lauren says

    I hurt someone that I care about. I talked to my ex, and my boyfriend found out. I still think about my ex sometimes, and I feel so underserving to be with someone who loves me so much. He has lost his trust in me, and I understand why. I feel like so ashamed of myself and my actions. I’m trying to forgive myself, but I don’t know how.

  41. Jogs says

    I want to let go my past misbehaviour with my brothers, cousins, brother in law etc…..
    I have realized my mistakes and forgive myself for past mistakes.

    Whenever negative feeling surrounds my mind and i feel guilty, i come to this post and let go my past mistakes………

  42. rocked and rolled says

    That I became so anxiety ridden with loving someone so much that I actually pushed him away and gave up because I was to afraid to have what might have been…..too afraid to fail….to afraid to be imperfect…..

  43. SkinnyLove says

    I SnapChat messaged a coworker that I wanted to hookup with him (possibly said more) while extremely intoxicated. I’m currently in a relationship of 3+ years. What I did is so beyond my character and the respect I have amongst fellow coworkers. I wish I could go back in time.

  44. jogs says

    Being a human, i did lot of mistakes in my life and i understand that mistakes were not in my control & they just happened and for other mistakes i never realized what would be the consequences. Over a period of time i realize that if i would have been aware of the consequences and mental trauma one can have for his mistakes (after true realization); i should not have done this.

    Now the time has past, nothing is in my control, although it is very difficult to forgive ourself but i have decided that i will forgive myself for all my mistakes.

    I remember a quote “We all have a power INDISE US, all we have do is FIND IT”.
    I wish all of us who are willing to forgive ourself should move forward now and whatever happened has happened; do not crib on same………

  45. Maire Teresa says

    I want to let go of a past relationship and boyfriend who I dated for 6 months. We spent time at his apartment praying together, eating dinner, sharing music, singing, and playing music together. He shared his kiteboarding hobbies with me in the winter and the spring. I shared my interest in dressing up and going out dancing on Halloween. We both shared our love of food, and meeting new people and alot of his new friends. I shared my day to day activities at work, my pre-occupations with achieving a full time position as a teacher and my relationships with some of my siblings. He shared his stories about his parents, his siblings jouneys, his own journey in a significant past relationship, also his work as a dentist, his friends from long ago, and new friends he had met through the church as a new Christian. I played music at his church, I went to his friend’s house, I met his parents a couple of times, and I encouraged him to make our relationship called something. I picked up his suffering, even when I had trouble holding my own. I started meditating to help with my own stress and suffering which may have just came from me being a slightly more high energy person. I tried to find ways to help myself understand what to do about this relationship that presented as a man with a lot of debt, not working full time, disenchanted with his position, my own religious up-bringing and trying to understand how I felt about it amongst my growing faith in the Christian faith, I also was not sure i was ready to be lead by a man about 10 years older than me and ready to have a family and settle down. I was not ready I was not ready. I am now 3 years older…I have a full time position just last year, but that is not the kicker,..I was baptized Christian last year, but that does not stop my aching desire to be with someone someone for real in a relationship I can trust. I know how to live on my own, and though I am just now learning how much I need God’s love and presence in my life as the person I am, I can’t help but feel the suffering of women who maybe have lost the opportunity for a good relationshiop, and men for that matter as well, souls desiring for something, of union, companionship. I still have my voice, I teach voice and choir as a matter of fact. I have a lot of friends who are sensible and spirit filled and faithful. I have been able to witness one beautiful wedding and travel which was never an issue with this past person as he traveled independent from me as well on his God lead trips. So when can I stop tallying up my accomplishments and say I am ready now ready now to meet the person that I will love? When God knows its the right time, and when I am open and ready and willing putting the trust in his hands.. Because I do not know and I will never know without his guidance and direction. But I do know I feel more ready somewhat less afraid, and with someone else and God to do it with, who can be against us?

    I love you God
    Bring him to me.

    In Jesus name.

  46. Human says

    I want to let go of the past and forgive myself for hurting someone who meant a lot to me and now doesn’t want anything to do with me. I’m sorry for the pain that I caused and I wish I could take it back but I can’t change the past. I hope God gives me enough strength to move on because the guilt has been eating Me alive. I pray for forgiveness all the time and I know I’m too hard on myself. I have an unrealistic view where I should be perfect. But hurting people happens and this pain is one of the biggest lessons in life. I’m allowing myself to learn from it.

  47. RKJ says

    In india there is no traffic sense including me sometimes………. I have travelled to many countries and know how good the traffice sense should be. I generally follow all the rules of road.

    I regret from my heart for road rage which i had sometimeback. I was on two wheeler on a straight road and a car fellow took wrong turn & was speeding in a wrong manner from after a sharp cut. I literally stopped him by speeding my two wheeler. It was a small spat of staring and shouting but later on i realized, i could have let him go the way he was going though he was wrong. I feel sorry for stopping him unecessarily and showing my anger. I feel that wahtever argument we had must have disturbed him for a day or he might have struck someone else in anger, although this just a feeling of unknown. I am sorry for this…………

    The feeling of this misbehaviour i am regretting from my heart. There has been many instances like it with me because most of the time i think that others are wrong but later on i realize let it be the way these guys are going.
    I regret from bottom of my heart and promise to myself for not getting indulged in any road rage anymore……………

  48. Chad B says

    I payed for a massage with some extra services I don’t support this type of behavior I find it repulsive in fact. Now I feel so ashamed and I wonder why did I do this? My life has been kinda ruff depression and loneliness have ruled much of it along with drug abuse. I have been doing good for a while and it’s almost like I did this to sabotage my life. The problem is for me this is something I have never done and said I never would I find it so repugnant. Im so ashamed that I would do this that I would spend money for sex is disgusting and because I want to be honest with my partners, now I have to answer yes to that “have you ever.” It’s the list of “Oh I would never,” getting shorter and shorter. My heart goes out to women in bad situations I have so much compassion this is sabotage of my soul I cant believe myself.

  49. Sam says

    (Continuing) and that means we’re all trying to do better today than yesterday and though I have been ashamed of my past for what I wanted or i felt it should have been but wasn’t, for what I have done to myself, others, verbally, sexually, etc. That I recognize that i would change those things if I could, but that I know I want to be a better man. I want to be happy and I used to write in a journal and then my writing would get so long winded that I stopped, but it did help and just writing here helped. So thank you. I can try and do the best I can today, tomorrow and the days that follow. Just because the whole world is not writing on this forum, doesn’t mean they aren’t ashamed and guilty etc too. We all have made mistakes and we can’t always fix them, but we can move forward. Hopefully we can move forward leaving this behind us as it is very much behind us.

  50. Sam says

    I just feel so upset with myself and my life. Nothing I have done has brought me the happiness I had hoped it would, I also ruin practically anything I meddle in.
    Some main things that upset me are that I hold on to things and don’t let them go, as though I am not able to redirect my upsetness or anger and so i bottle it up over years and decades. I have such bad anxiety and I just exacerbate all my problems because I don’t know how to deal with them.
    -I hurt a friend 7 years ago by laughing when something happened that wasn’t really my fault of what I can remember, but it wasn’t okay because thats mean and though I didn’t make her do what she did, It shouldn’t have happened.
    -I feel like when growing up I should have been a better brother to my sister, to be nicer.
    -I feel guilty for things that I did when I was a child (when I was around the ages of 5), exploring sexuality
    -I feel awful that watch porn and that I have for 13 years now and because I watch porn I don’t need to find a man (as I am gay) to be sexual with, which derail my plans of dating and being with someone, at first my excuse for watching porn was that at least I wasn’t contracting diseases.
    -I feel guilty for somethings I have done that would come off bad, but I didn’t mean them to come off bad, I just wasn’t thinking.
    -I feel guilty and ashamed about so much of me and my life. Some of the things that happened could of hurt other people too and I am just not proud.
    -I am ashamed to be gay, though i love the idea of having a partner or husband and being with a man, I feel like I grew up with family that were not accepting, and it was clear in ways they verbalized it that I felt guilty for being true to myself.
    -It’s like I have known so much of this stuff for 13 plus years and I never make any progress and its just so upsetting.
    -I had a brief sexual relationship with a married man who was much older than me and I knew he was married and i didn’t plan it, but he came over to look at our house without his wife and realtor one day when it was for sale and he claimed he wanted to check out the house again and then he seduced me and it felt good to be wanted and to be touched and when we were doing stuff I felt so guilty and upset. I’ve had anxiety about that.
    -I don’t like my body shape, despite that I have only a couple times been able to lose weight and be proud of my progress (hardly eating) I hate my body, I have body hair all over and it makes me disgusted with myself. I feel so uncomfortable in me, I don’t know how other people feel, but everything I have ever done seems to have only made sex and me off the table. My mom is pretty tight on religion and growing up with that and wanting to be sexual just left me feeling ashamed and totally upset. By just being human I was screwed.
    -I have a lot of upsetness with my family, my parents got divorced and I miss having a safe place to call home. Though I am safe and living with a roof over my head, my innocence was taken.
    -I have an auditory processing disorder and so the symptoms that I experience from that makes me feel like a worthless piece of garbage because I feel incapable of keeping or excelling in a job.
    -Life isn’t easy to make your dreams happen and I guess I needed it to be because I am weak and not successful.
    -I have anger issues, i take out my anger on other people, not always, but sometimes I channel my anger at people who don’t deserve it.
    -Men that I have found attractive have never professed their love for me and that in it self is wrecking to one’s self esteem.
    -I always say that I am gonna be a better man and I don’t follow through.
    -There is a lot of things I just feel bad about, things I did when I was a kid from not eating a food we had on the table when we were broke, to slamming my moms arm in the car door, for peeing in public and vandalizing school property in kindergarten and 1st grade.
    Things that I really didn’t mean to do, I am still harvesting so much guilt from.
    -For blaming friends and being angry at them when they have let me down or hurt me, or when I have hurt them
    -for having a big mouth, for not keeping promises and telling other peoples secrets
    -for upsetting my mom at anytime, just the mere idea or thought of breaking her heart kills me.
    -for stealing money from my uncle and grandpa when i was 6 years old.
    -for not being the person I could be
    -for continuously expecting a pity party when I mess up as if its ok that I keep messing up
    -for blaming my biological problems from some of my problems, which though he may have been the reason or a contribution to the problems, I feel guilty for saying it to him.
    -for hating my dad, a man i don’t really know but have called dad for 25 years of my life.
    -for wishing that my parents were stronger and made a better effort at making our lives fun and happy, for wishing that we did more adventures and movie nights and game nights
    -for not getting to do sports when i was younger when my single mother was working to provide food on the table and me giving her a hard time all the time.
    -for disappointing my mother
    -for hooking up and acting sexual with men in my high school, the things were not that bad, but I feel ashamed and not proud for doing them.
    -for wanting to move away to a far distant city or state and restart because I am so disappointed in who I’ve been.
    -for still thinking of men that I had crushes on 8 years ago and trying to make them like me. Remember, they did stuff with their lives and i stayed in the same city and just went to the local college and did retail. not exactly adventurous.
    -for thinking about killing myself when I have gotten really low.
    -for not letting myself forgive myself
    The good thing that I have learned from reading other peoples posts is that “we’re human” and we’re not perfect

  51. Stephanie says

    I was flirting with this guy through text messages for a whole month, and I was beginning to like certain things about him. We finally met in person and he began trying to hook up with me within minutes. I should have stopped it but I didn’t and he hasn’t contacted me at all. Not only do I feel ashamed and embarrassed, I also feel used and regretful. I want to forget and forgive myself and forget about him and move on and be happy. I can’t tell any of my friends because I’m afraid of judgement. So I’m keeping all of this inside of me and it’s killing me and breaking me down

  52. Bigheart says

    A few years ago I was dealing with a lot of struggles, one being in a gay relationship. I confided in someone at work about my struggle and they confided in the sibling of my other half. At the time I was struggling due to this person breaking up with me. I had lost so many friends. I made the mistake of bringing my co workers life into the office. I apologized and thought things were ok until I asked them to a party I was hosting for their sibling. Two years after this incident I was called a awful person they would never accept and that they “know the type of person I am”. I have been ruminating over this for days. I know I am a good person who made a bad mistake. I need to get past this.

  53. Ryan says

    I cheated on my wife at a bachelor party. I was intoxicated and made a huge mistake. I told my wife about the cheating and she has forgiven me but I am having a hard time forgiving myself. I love my wife so much and would never cheat on her clear minded. I don’t know why or how I cheated on her but I did and I feel terrible. I want to move on and continue a happy life with her

  54. Ky says

    I know this might sounds stupid, but I went to a concert with a friend and her friends and we had a little too much to drink before the concert. Getting Into the concert was no problem but once we got in there we all had to pee but the line was so long we decided it would be a good idea to pee on the grass. To my luck I was the one that was being escorted by security outside of the concert and I was so embarrassed. I am not that person. I don’t do stupid things like that and I don’t get kicked out of places. I know it’s something as stupid as that, but i guess I just let myself down for falling to that level. For some reason every time I think of that artist and that venue I get a pit in my stomach and thing of how badly I embarrassed myself and how much I wish I could go back and think through what I was doing. To some, probably a lot of people, my situation seems like a stupid college thing to do, which it was, but to me, it was the first time I felt like I had done something horrible and something that made people thing less of me. Anyway thanks for listening

  55. Ariel says

    I am not in a good place at all. I’ve always known my boyfriend of 1year had 2 young daughters from another woman, but they weren’t able to come around..I was okay with that, my boyfriend not so much. His daughters and “the baby mama” were living in a hotel. My boyfriend and I had a small studio apartment together, so “the baby mama” asked if they could stay with us, of course, trying to be a good girlfriend..I said sure. But, after 2 weeks of paying for winter clothes, extra food costs, the whining, and driving to the opposite side of town almost everyday for the girls school. My boyfriends hourly rate hardly covers his half the rent, so I paid everything out of pocket. I, unfortunely, became resentful for the money issue. We never had any “alone time” either in a studio apartment. So, I kicked all three out and they are staying the grandmas. I just feel guilty and selfish.
    My mohter just passed away on Dec. 19th after 2 years fighting with cancer, I was there by her bedside on her last breath. I saw her body weight go from 160 lbs. to 50 lbs. She was so strong even walking to use the bathroom up until her last week. The cancer was considered everywhere one of her breast, larvax, side of neck, stomach, and growing towards her brain. She was enable to eat, drink, or talk for 2 months before her passing. I was there every morning to take care of her then went to work at night when my Dad got home from his job. I miss her greatly and she was the one that usually consulted me. She was a great, caring, loving mother and person. My mom was kind and gentle. My heart eats away everytime I think of her.
    In order, to pay my boyfriends brats (daughters) things I couldn’t miss any work so I only called into work on the day she passed. I went to work the next day.
    Not only that, like that wasn’t enough .. I had an affair twice with two different men when I was married in 2013. It ruined my marriage, of course. Till this day I have no explaination I started and kept cheating

  56. suzyq says

    Forgiving myself for taking my ex-back for the 3rd time. Now trying to figure out how to break it off with him. He and I work together. I saw red flags but ignored them, because I was lonely. I hadn’t dated in a while due to my extreme weight loss and health issues. He has helped me a lot professionally with work issues. But outside of work issues, he doesn’t give me the time or attention or affection I need. He says he is too busy with his side business he has started. He is isn’t seeing anyone else etc etc. He will not return my calls or texts outside of work or unless I don’t contact him for like a week. It’s like all these extremes with him. We haven’t exchanged Christmas gifts yet and its almost a month later. I wanted to end it around New Years, but he said he wanted us to get through the year. I feel bad about this mistake in taking him back personally. I had no contact with him after our last break up for almost 2 months. I had an issue at work and needed some advice. I gave in and we ended up getting back together after resolving my work issue. He started out spending a lot of time with me, calling me etc. Now he doesn’t. I am not a stalker or someone who blows up someones phone. Or harrasses someone 100x a day. I may call him 3x a week or text that many times. I was trying to hold out until Valentines Day. I didn’t want to be broken hearted and alone during that time. But my anxiety and emotions are so flawed right now, I would rather be peaceful& alone than worried about why he is taking me for granted. Why did I ever take this man back in my heart only to hurt me all over again? I feel so defeated, drained and given up on love. I deciding on how to finally end it and protect my heart. I may do it in the morning after work. I have not contact with him for a week, then another week and see what happens. How he responds. As I am not a priority to him. I am getting involved with church and volunteer work. I realize that was also a mistake to put a lot emotionally into someone who doesn’t see our relationship the way I do. I am just really indifferent somedays and somedays I am really angry at myself that I am not getting my needs met. It is my fault for not being strong enough to say NO when I took him back.

  57. jenny says

    Alot actually. Not. Being there for a dying patient I promised I would be
    Not spending money on frugolous things
    Letting my parents take a break from caring for me I’m 35
    Paid more attention to my surroundings and that I did care
    Realizing when I had it good and not push my limits
    Not burn so many bridges with selfish acts
    It goes on….

  58. Paula says

    I want to let go of hurting my friends feeling. I want to let go lying to people. I want to let go of my family hurt and pain. I want to let go drama, I want to let go of my self hatred towards myself.

  59. Greg says

    I hate everything about myself. I constantly lie. I lie to my wife, my friends, my parents, my loved ones….even about simple little things. I’ll tell someone one thing to their face and turn around and say the opposite to another. I subconsciously – and consciously at times, usually after the fact – want everyone to think I’m their cool confidant and I get them. I really hate myself for this. I’m a fraud. A phony. You think that’s fixable? I’ve cheated on my poor sweet wife with prostitutes, random women I’ve met, women online, online, etc. Thank God both of us have never contracted a disease (we’ve both been checked numerous times). She is a salt of the earth human being. It makes me cry inside when I hear her tell people what a good person I am. I suck. I’m the worst kind of disgusting rotten crap there is. I curse in front of my kids. I’m always walking around with a chip on my shoulder. I’m always criticizing anything anyone does because it makes me feel better for 10 brief seconds in my otherwise vile disgusting garbage life. I pray and pray and pray for help and forgiveness, and when I pray and tell God about the horrible things I’ve done, I basically tell Him that I realize there’s not really any hope for someone like me. I almost always do what’s best for me. Except with my children, whom when I’m with them, I love so much that it almost makes me cry every time I’m with them. My angels. Crying as I type this. I am always addicted to “something.” I’ll go through phases where I drink heavily. Then I slow down, and stop. Then it’s various meds. Slows down, stops. Then it’s porn. Or online chats. Always seems to be something. When I pray, I pray to God that “God, I wish YOU were my addiction…my high.” I have met with various churches, ministers. Told them. Met with therapists. I’ve admitted what a piece of garbage I am. I just cannot see how I can forgive myself for anything I’ve done. I go through the motions, leading this phony life where I punish myself, I’m not good enough to die (too easy of a way out, plus it’s against my religion. I do also know the pain it would cause my family and I’m at least not enough of a piece of trash to put them through that). But I’m not good enough to truly live and be happy. What’s done is done. It’s like I’ve fallen so deep in a pit and I have a rope only half the size of the pit to climb out. I basically just hate myself. I hate myself for using people. For being a lazy scumbag. For being a cheater. For being a user of people who have been nothing but great to me, and for just being an angry, critical, miserable person. I expect zero forgiveness, and I can’t give myself any. The only time I’m human is right now, writing this, and, when I’m with my beautiful children who are so sweet, innocent, and unworthy to have such a rotten scumbag parent in their life. My punishment continues….my punishment is my life now. I’m tired and weak. Why was I brought here? I do nothing good for anyone or anything. I just want to say I’m sorry, right here. I’m sorry, and if nobody ever sees it or knows it, this site does. And I can’t ever, ever tell my wife about what I’ve done by the way. She has a medical condition that, if she knew, it would literally kill her, or she’d attempt to kill herself. And that is not a lie. Time to go. Please feel free to shred me and rip me apart for the garbage I am.

  60. Santos says

    My old friendship ! I hurt this person so bad … I try to forgive that person but that person won’t let me! It’s kinda been haunting me ! I hate it so much

  61. Zorro says

    The love of my life was ill and his friend told me he was taking advantage of me and i listened to them…consequently I didn’t trust my friend…when he died I realised that I had been stupid and then I wanted to feel him around me ….i couldn’t bare to leave personal things id bought for him to end up in an estate sale…being pawed by strangers…so I took those gifts back that were personal to us…i betrayed myself and his trust…we had a disagreement the day before he died ….i was irritated and short tempered and tired …i used bullying to get my own way to try to get him to look after himself better..

  62. Em says

    You are not a horrible person, and even though you may feel it was ‘nasty’ it doesn’t mean you are! What happened between your friend was clearly consensual, so no one was hurt, so that means there’s nothing worth worrying about. What happened with you and your friend is also very normal. If you feel horrible because you fear you’re gay or something, first of all if you are gay that’s totally fine, second of all if you’ve always identified as straight exploring sexually with your friend doesn’t make you gay. It is very normal for people to sexually explore with friends of the same sex.

  63. Sabrina says

    I was with my husband, mother-in-law and we were getting my hair cut. I was not ready for my long hair to be cut just yet. I told my husband before I went in there that I did not want my hair colored. Right when we walked in their, my mother-in-law and the lady started to talk about my hair getting colored. Now the problem was that they were speaking Spanish and I had no idea what they were saying. It felt as if they were betting on my hair and what to do with it without my permission. Trying to give me a new style/look for the new year. Now everyone knows I do not do well with change unless I bring it upon myself. So i somehow got them to just cut off my dead ends. But during the hair cutting they were still talking and touching my hair. They wanted to dye my hair, I admit I pointed out hair colors I liked but I didn’t want to color my hair which they didn’t understand. Now with Hispanic culture it is rude to say no and I constantly get that from my mother-in-law, but the thing is that the stuff she tries to give me, I just don’t like. I am not like her and she doesn’t understand that. I don’t like to take things from people. Now continuing, I got my hair washed, without anyone actually telling me, hey lets wash your hair. Just said come here in Spanish. Which I was totally lost at. I felt as I was being dragged around without knowing where to go next. My husband kept asking me what’s wrong but I couldn’t tell him my feelings because it would just go up the line and I would of hurt someone’s feelings. It would be like a perfect round rock rolling down a hill at that point. So I sat through it getting my hair washed then just pointed at where I needed to go. She started to cut my hair and it was the weirdest way I have seen someone cut my hair. My hairdresser didn’t even speak my language and didn’t even talk to me. She just talked to my mother-in-law and god only knows about what. I was getting extremely sad because my favorite part of my hair was getting cut off. I just sat there and started to get mad because I still had no idea what was going on. Then I stood up and they were like okay go there, and I just stood there and my husband asked what was wrong and I said nothing and he told me to tell him and I said I didn’t want my hair colored. Well by then they still brought me to the back room and washed my hair out with the product they left in. I had no idea there was product that needed to be washed out of my hair. So by then after that I go back to the front and I thought at this point I was maybe going to get my hair dryer by a hair dryer but nope. They started to roll my hair up in rolling thingys. I am not a girly girl so this is foreign to me. My husband eventually makes the comment “I like your mohawk” I said “thanks” and that was it. Then they get everything done and I hear my mother-in-law and the hair lady say take a photo in spanish and my husband picks up his phone and says “say chesse” and I try to snatch his phone away from him and I miss. I start to hit him on his arm and the dog starts barking and I stop a couple seconds later. I sit down and the big hair dryer thing goes over my head. I can hear my mother-in-law complaining about my and I can tell my husband is whatever about it. I just hate it because whenever I am around my mother-in-law. I always end up blowing up somehow because her just being around drives me crazy. So I take off the hair dryer thingy and somewhat control my breathing. All I can think is, what the hell have I done. And I immediately hate myself for it because I will never hear the end of it from her. After I took off the thing early my mother-in-law says put it back on, its not done. I said no, it is burning my head. Then after sitting there what feels like 5 minutes she said I can take off the rollers. Thinking that someone would come help me, no one did. Then the hair dresser finally did, I have no hard feelings towards her at all. It is my mother-in-law and my husband I wish that could of helped me. But finally all of it gets out and hoping I would finally be able to leave I have to sit back in the chair and she then blow dries my hair and straighten it, when all I want to do is get the fuck out of that place and hide in a cave. By then I started to get dizzy and I looked at my husband and said I need food. He knows when I am saying something that has meaning and he goes and gets me food. I feel extremely uncomfortable at this point that I know I need to cry. I am finally finished with my hair and I wait for my husband to come back from getting me food. I finally see him pull in and I meet him outside. I instantly give him a hug and start crying. I apologize and he says he forgives me. I can not forgive myself. I think of other ways I could of gotten out of that position without hurting him. His mother wanted him to hit me back and he said if I hit his face he would of. Which makes me kind of scared. I don’t condone violence and I know I was in the wrong in that position. I feel that I should of been communicated to more so I know what was going on. I feel he should of known when to pull me out. I feel his mother should be less of a “managing boss” and not make him her minion. I feel he is afraid to stand up to his mother because he is scared of violence. I feel constantly ridiculed by his mother most likely because she is probably jealous. I am not saying if that is fact or not just because I don’t know. I feel instead of punching him I should of just crawled into his arms and nuzzled his neck. I feel I should of some how communicated to him I wanted out but at the same time, I wish he knew what I felt at that time and helped me. I just want myself to forgive me. I can’t seem to do that. I try to talk to my husband but then he tries to switch it up. It is my fault I dont know spanish. It is not his mother’s fault because she doesn’t know english in a primary english speaking country. When he knows it would benefit her in the long run. I like/love at this point the spanish speakers that say it is rude to speak spanish in front of someone that doesnt know spanish. It was not my fault I didn’t grow up in a english speaking home. I have taken spanish classes before and passed with flying colors but guess what, if I don’t use it, I lose it. That simple. I want to go away from all communication but I want my husband only. I want to forgive myself and the only way is if my husband tells me I wish I could have done what you said. I wont put you in that situation again. I want him to understand what it is like to not know something that is going around you. He sat there and listened to the conversation at the hair dressers and understood what was going on, I felt like a lost dog being told where to go and having my favorite pieces of hair cut off me. I want him to say he will try to move forward and not let situations like that happen again then I can say I will try my best to be less angry in situations like that. Shit happens, I know that. Let it go and move on.

  64. a broken heart says

    Ace, it’s OK. There is no shame in that. You were exploring and so was he. It doesn’t mean anything. Maybe you’re gay and maybe you’re not. Either way, you’re OK.

  65. a broken heart says

    I had an affair. I carried on an emotional affair for nearly four years with a man I thought I loved deeply. He was a born again Christian and I think deep down I resented him for that, for not truly loving me back because of his beliefs and because of his wife. I never wanted him to leave her for me, nor did I ever want to leave mine for him. I wanted to have a separate understanding friendship with him that filled in the holes of what we were both missing at home. But over and over, he made me feel dismissed, a distant second. I never knew whether he was going to talk to me, not talk to me, confide in me, hit on me, tell me how much he valued me, ignored me. I hated his wife. I was jealous of her as well. She stood for everything I resented; all the gleeful perfection and godliness I could never achieve. And she had him. All her happy family status updates made me cringe. Then he and I slept together. After that, he wanted to keep talking, pretend like nothing happened, like we had a secret that had to stay that way but he thought it humanly possible we could otherwise go on. Then, small talk. Chatting. He ignored my attempts to talk about it and when I finally forced the issue, told me that basically, he just doesn’t do “the feels.” I couldn’t let go of my feelings of being dismissed, dumped, and jealous of her. I wanted to hurt him, and I wanted to hurt her. So I did. I sent an anonymous email to her telling her that her husband is a cheater. I have no idea what has happened yet. I stood there fo 15 minutes, thinking about whether to hit send, and finally I hit it. I regret it so much. I wish I did not want to hurt her. I don’t know what will happen now. This could be a hornet’s nest. I know it likely signals the end of him and me and possibly that she will fuck up my life, because she was already suspicious and knows who I am. I didn’t do it to do the right thing, even if it was the truth. I did it to hurt her, to spread out my pain. I feel so horrible now that in ways I feel like I don’t even want to live. I have no idea how to fix this mess I have made of my life. All I can do now is sit and wait. She has not responded, nor logged on to Facebook. If I know her, she is making his life miserable at home tonight. I am scared. And I feel like a bad person. I have no idea how to keep a secret nor to move on from the hurtful and unfixable things I have done. I need to forgive myself for doing these awful hurtful things, because I am lashing out because I feel hurt. I know I am not a bad person because I feel guilty. But I can’t fix this. It has happened. I have to find a way to forgive him for not treating me the way I wanted, and to forgive myself for acting needy and desperate for him and lashing out when I felt dismissed. I know why I did it. It’s insecurity and sadness and a profound unhappiness that drove me to cause pain in someone’s live who I perceive in genuinely happy. I am sorry for that. But the truth is, he did cheat. So from that standpoint, at least what I did say to her is the truth, and what he does with it at home now is his concern. My concern is my homelife, how to fix it, how to make myself whole again. My family deserves me to be whole. I need to do whatever I can to make that happen. I don’t have the luxury of falling apart, nor of going away. I forgive myself for making horrible mistakes, and I Let go of the fact that I cannot undo the things that have happened over the past four years and particularly over the past month, less than a month. I pray that I have the strength to do what is right from here on out, even if I can’t right the wrongs of the past.

  66. Alc says

    Dear Friend,

    I’m so sorry. I don’t even feel right calling you a friend. In fact we haven’t spooke face to face for over a year now and we never will. In fact you don’t exist in my reality anymore and it sucks because we used to be so close and I know it’s hard to believe me but I loved you and I had a problem with alcohol 2013 and that’s when everything in my life went upside down. I pushed away the person who loved me the most and the last time I saw you was in court and I won. I know what you did was wrong but I still feel guilt beaches maybe if I didn’t have a substance abuse and diagnosed depression we would of been alright but we’re not. I still think about you every day and wished that the relationship we had was still there beacuse honestly I really liked having you around. I think you would be proud of me if we still where friends. My depression is almost gone now. And the last thing that’s holding me back is holding on to the tought of you and I have to let you go. I no longer have a substance a use problem and I’ve been clean for a year and a half. I still wish things didn’t go down the way they did but I still have to fucking let you go I can’t keep you in my heart anymore beacuse honestly the tought of you is killing me. It’s was never find to lose you.

  67. Roro says

    I have the most incredible boyfriend and have been going out with him for some time, but it took me so long to let myself trust him and for almost a year I thought I couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t turn out to be a conceited horrible guy who would break my heart, and I couldn’t let go of the totally unfounded belief that actually he loved his best friend’s girlfriend and not me. I guess I was just used to not being loved, not really, by boyfriends and lovers, even though I do have an incredible amount of love shared with friends and family in my life which I am so lucky for. I was sexually assaulted by various guys too before my boyfriend. My trust issues and anxiety and stress over my imagined problems in my relationship built and built and I just feel I’ve made so many silly mistakes and wasted so much time worrying and resenting my boyfriend for my imagined fears when I could have just talked to him so much earlier- at one stage I nearly even cheated on him!- and resolved my worries and prevented my mistakes and maladaptive behaviours. Talking really is the best thing in relationships. So yeah I guess I just wish I had been braver, sooner, less damn scared of nothing. I wish I could wind back the clock to times when I wanted to say things to my boyfriend, but let them slide and build; things that ranged from “I feel like you like her more” to things like “I know we still don’t know each other very well, but it would be awesome if you came with me on holiday to my country, if you want.” Uhhhh I don’t know. So many regrets.

  68. katie says

    my best friend kissed me when i was / am dating the love of my life who will leave me if i told him and i’m so in love with him but the best friend grabbed my face and forced me to and i just want to forget wnd live happily. help pls

  69. Ace says

    Im a male and i jerked of my male friend why he jerked me off now i feel like a horrible person and i thought it was nasty and now i just want to puke and crawl in a whole

  70. Taz says

    You have nothing to worry about, he has forgiven you, embrace that. I made a much worse mistake, and was not forgiven, and have lost someone I loved. That I can’t forgive myself for because they will not forgive me. You are lucky, you have been forgiven, learn from your mistake and enjoy a happy life with the one you love.

  71. Carly says

    I want to let go of my mistakes in the past. Specifically sexting behind my parent’s back and using random people. I want to stop beating myself up for what I have done and move on because I am a good person who made a stupid mistake.

  72. jakie smithston says

    I Am young two kids and married. Everything was good until I went through a phase where I wanted to have fun…. I had to much I cheated and was pressured into it but still did it.. husband forgave me its been two yrs this is me letting go. I’m sorry I screwed up this will not ruin my marriage

  73. Colin says

    I met a really great girl unexpectedly. She was very nice to me, very open and very accepting. And I let go of her. We spent a spring and summer together. It was so nice. I hadn’t connected with someone like that in a long time. Again, meeting her was totally unexpected. I just happened to peek my head into a classroom she was in and helped her with learning a new skill. I didn’t hit on her. We just had a lot of fun learning this skill. And she liked me. She was starting school this fall. I work for the school and for the company through which she’s doing her internships. We decided we couldn’t risk either of us compromising our positions with either the school or company and we ended our relationship. I am beyond full of regret and despair that I didn’t try harder to make us work, that I didn’t make a better effort. That I didn’t communicate that I liked her, felt a connection with her and that any plan that would end our relationship was a plan that would work only if it was the only plan to do. That I wouldn’t like or want to lose her. I feel like I abandoned her right when she was beginning a tough course. I just let her go. I was not my own man, I was not a leader. I just said what I though she wanted to hear… she was so independent, so strong. She called me a few weeks after. We had a great talk. She sobbed about how much she missed me. I told her I missed her as well. She won’t talk with me anymore. I have reached out. I know she’s in school. I know she’s got so much on her plate. I know I abandoned her. I hate myself for letting her go without a fight, without any effort. Just gone.

  74. Ruby says

    I broke up with Brian 3 years ago because I was too much of a coward to tell him I had cheated on him. I had to break up with him over the phone because I was out of state at the time. It was the worst day of my life and the worst thing I’ve ever done. We were kinda-friends at first but he eventually stopped talking to me and I was devastated. I am still haunted by it, even though I’m sure he has moved on by now. I never thought I was even capable of cheating on anyone, so I put myself in a stupid situation and apparently found my breaking point. He was the only person I’d ever cheated on, and the only one who didn’t deserve it in the slightest. He was my best friend and letting him go was the beginning of the end of my life. Ever since then, I’ve had a few disasterous relationships with complete assholes and a bunch of one-night stands or fwb-arrangements, mostly with people I’m not even attracted to. I have become extremely depressed and cut most family and all friends out of my life because I am too exhausted to deal with people. I feel like I am already dead. I need to find a way to forgive myself for screwing up my entire life.

  75. Rusty says

    I would like to let go of all of the stupid things I have done while being drunk…there are A LOT of them. It has gotten so bad that my partner has essentially given me an ultimatum: I quit drinking or she leaves with the kids. I understand that letting go is essential to the process of quitting drinking, but it also feels good to write this out.

  76. Amy says

    I slashed my ex’s tires. I had them replaced and I’ve admitted it to another friend but I can’t seem to forgive myself for it. I feel so awful.

  77. alal says

    I want to let go of hating myself and feeling that i have ruined my life. I want to let go of feeling stuck and hopeless. i want to let go of having slept with someone while i had a chance at someone so much better. i want to let go of the feeling that i’ve lost the one, or someone who could fix me.

  78. Amy says

    I really hurt my boyfriend with very hateful words for no other reason than I was mad at myself and took it out on him, and this is someone who has been nothing but patient, loving and supportive of me and didn’t deserve to be hurt like that. He’s forgiven me but I can’t forgive myself for being so hurtful to someone who didn’t deserve it.

  79. Ann says

    I had an affair and it tears me apart every day im ashamed of my self for what i have done , i feel i have let my family down if they knew they would disown me ,im not a bad person just done something very stupid that if any one found out could hurt so many people . I dont have any friends that i can talk to or a partner that i can share things with and i cant talk to
    my family as it happened with in the family circle . I just find it harder every day.

  80. K says

    That I lied,cheated,and betrayed my boyfriend. At the time we both were in a bad place and didn’t have the intention of hurting I hate myself and it’s keeping things from me let it go

  81. John says

    I had a similar experience growing up and I didn’t tell the girl I had feelings for her until it was too late, so my advice is to let her know how you feel privately, and if she feels the same way then ask her if she would be you’re girlfriend. The worst she can say is no. If she has a strong emotional response that seems negative but not a definitive no it may mean she has feelings for you but isn’t ready to be you’re girlfriend ( some say the opposite of love isn’t hate it’s indifference ). In that case though, be patient and persistent but not annoyingly persistent because that could turn her off and seem like harassment. If you really love her don’t give up on her easily and she’ll notice that and respect you for it, and if she really loves you she’ll find a way to be with you. And forget about what other ppl think you’re the one that has to live you’re life not them. I know from experience that you’re more likely to regret not taking the risk. Most of the people you know in school, event most of your friends, probably won’t be part of you’re adult life, but love is a powerful force and if two people really love each other that relationship can last a life time. There are such things as soul mates, which isn’t strict to romantic relationships, and also twin flames which is theoretically one soul split into two incarnations, don’t get too hung up on that, I’m just saying sometimes there’s a reason we feel compelled to be with a certain person, sometimes we love someone because were supposed to love each other. I’m not sure what else to tell you really. Maybe listen to the great escape by boys like girls, it can give a sense of hope for relationships like that, hope that if you endure with each other you can eventually transcend other peoples opinions of you two being together, and if you like the song or have another you like casually listen to it with her, be yourself always and encourage her to be the best version of herself and don’t be afraid to be romantic. Young love is a beautiful thing. P.s. In the case that she isn’t interested don’t be sad or upset, and don’t rush into another relationship with some one you don’t really like, you’re young and there are plenty of fish I’m the sea, so in such a case wait off someone else you really feel for to come along. I hope the best for you, good luck.

  82. Ralph says

    There’s a lot of things I feel guilty for. I never did my best in life, and I know if I did I would be able to have a fulfilling life, the kind of life many people would desire. I never fully appreciated my life or anything in it, which is my first regret. I could have an beautiful life but I want to kill myself sometimes, I feel guilty just for that. When I was young I would get in fights with my sisters. Once I kicked my younger sister in the crotch, I also scared her with a knife, waving it between the bottom of the locked bathroom door and the floor so she wouldn’t leave the bathroom until my parents got home, it was over something stupid like who got to watch tv, I was probably like 10 or 11 and she’s a year younger than me so she would’ve been 9 or 10. She had a pet horse that died and I wouldn’t stop bringing it up once, telling her that the horse was dead and never coming back until she cried. The worst thing was that later, I was sixteen she was 15, I let my friend who 17 take her virginity, she never brought it up , never said he taped her or anything, but I feel like I let him take her virginity so that I would have a friend. Turns out he was never a good friend and later stole a pound of pot from me. I’ve peer pressured people into smoking pot, not many but some, including my younger sister, she never continued smoking though. I used to get my cat really high with my friends and I know it didn’t enjoy the experience at all. Once my mothers cats went missing, eaten by wolfs maybe or just ran away, but she wouldn’t shut up about it so I told her I tied bricks to them and threw them in a lake, I didn’t but still feel guilty and horrified that I would ever think of such a thing. I feel greatly responsible for my family falling apart, I feel like I was born on a mission to help them all and love them and heal them emotionally but failed and did them a lot if harm instead. I loved a girl once, or as close as I’ve ever really come to loving anyone, but I didn’t tell her until it was too late, I had really low self esteem and didn’t think she’d like me, I didn’t want to get hurt but that fear caused me so much more suffering. What’s worse is that she probably had low self esteem at the time and ended up dating a lot of guys who all came and went, I feel like I could have showed her how beautiful she was and taught her how to really love herself by loving her, but I was a coward. When I was 14 one of my closest friends drowned at a waterfall of a river, it was summer and a bunch if us went to jump into the river from like 40 ft up, but the river was obviously to rough that day because it had been raining earlier that week. I didn’t jump in, but my a couple of my friends did and the current of the waterfall pulled one of them under and he drowned. We went to someone’s house to call 911 but it was too late. Within a couple hours his father showed up and he asked me what happened so I told him and he hugged me and just cried. I could have stopped everyone that day and saved a life but I didn’t. I was to afraid to speak up or maybe just didn’t think anyone would listen or something, I don’t really know wtf I was thinking. I was addicted to pornography since I was like twelve. Some classmates of mine introduced me to it, and also told me it’s not weird to masturbate imagining girls you know, so I did that as well but it was very weird I thought because it made seeing them weird and kept me from actually trying to have girlfriends. Porn became a serious addiction, as bad as heroin probably, it played a huge role in destroying my promising life. On several occasions I watched porn on my mothers laptop because that’s the only access to technology I had at the time. Addictions build tolerances so you need a higher dose and same with porn. I eventually would watch weird shit, bondage and shit like that. It fucked with my self esteem badly. There are jerk off instructions where women encourage you to masturbate, some tell you to do weird shit, and out of curiosity I started experimenting with my uh, back door. This was really shameful to me and was a very short phase but left me questioning my sexuality more often than the average guy probably. I’m not sexually attracted to men but just curious about my own body, that’s my conclusion to that confusion. I once tried to suck my own dick and could get the head in and came in my own mouth, that was weird as fuck too and I regret it, I was just curious I guess but would never suck someone else’s dick. I had a girlfriend for a couple months and we fucked a lot, my relationship with her was emotionally damaging to me. Worse, she had a kid who was like 18 months old and she’d put him to bed in his crib in her room then chill with me downstairs for about an hour, and then once he was well asleep we would go up to her room and have sex in her bed, for a long time sometimes and relatively loudly for her child being in the same room. Once I started having sex with her while her infant son was asleep in the other side of her queen size bed, only for a couple minutes then we moved to the opposite side if the room on the floor, out of sight were he to wake up. That was strange and I feel like it was wrong to do and I feel guilty. That relationship didn’t end well, and I still miss her because being with her was the closest I’ve ever been to someone, the closest I’ve ever been I think to feeling loved by someone or being in love, and yet I really don’t think it was either of those things. I slept with this one chick who was like three years older than me, and woke up naked next to her in the morning. She was still asleep and I put my dick in her and came in her before she was fully awake. She actually wasn’t to bothered by it but it felt like rape and I felt guilty about it. This other chick who was four years older than me and had a four year old daughter had me babysit her daughter while she went to an aa meeting. She came back way later than expected and with some dude who was nodding out like he was doped up. She put her daughter to bed, he slept downstairs on the couch and I slept with her in her room and had short and awkward sex with her. I think she fucked him for drugs and then fucked me for babysitting her child for her. I heard from people later that she had hpv, found out it was true and was worried because I didn’t wear a condom. I think I was alright though because it didn’t last very long. I had a drinking problem for four years and could really fuck shit up when I was drunk, this mostly hurt myself I think but also anyone who might have cared about me and it’s hard to forgive myself. I abused drugs to but never had a serious addiction to any substance besides cigarettes. I held a grudge against all of my family and friends and blamed them for my suffering event though I brought a lot if it upon myself. I have had very little respect for my father and mostly focused in his failure as a human being instead if his success, and often had little sympathy for him. I think my mother is in a relationship that is bad for her and can’t help her out if it, but feel responsible for the divorce that got both my parents into unhealthy relationships, if I did my best I could have healed my family but I was spiteful and reckless and didn’t give a fuck. I’ve smashed mailboxes for fun and stolen scrap metal and a trailer to mice it to the scrap yard with to buy pot. I kicked the shit out if one of my closest friends once because I was hitting on his girlfriend and feeling her up and it turned into a fight between him and I. I broke my right hand and had a fight with him the next day too, with a splint on my right hand I tried to fight him with my left, then threatened him with a knife and he fit in his car and left. I once stole petty shit from people who were trying to help me get my life together, petty shit like a 3 ft 12 plug power strip, professional studio headphones and guitar stands, rugs and an old wooden table. Two men have tried to pay me to let them suck my dick but I refused both, I’m guilty of putting myself in shitty situations like that though, I would have never been in those situations if I didn’t fuck up my life and end up homeless. I stole a winter work jacket from a guy who was living off the side if an exit ramp to the highway, he wasn’t around and I really didn’t let myself realize it as theft, just taking what I needed in my eyes, but I came back and he was there and really pissed off but I was far enough away that I could just leave, no harm to me, thankfully he didn’t have a gun because I swear he would have shot me. I never really cut myself much but did take some joy in pain when u happened to get cut, always figured if I was gonna cut myself it would be just to die, except for one time I cut up my whole left arm and wrote the words “I suck at life” down the length of it, also I would sometimes burn myself intentionally with cigarette butts or picking up things that were on fire like coals, logs, or heated metal. I stole beer from some people at a party and went into the woods in the dark to drink by myself once, also felt up this chick at a party who really wasn’t into it and I stopped but felt bad about it. When I was 16 I was kinda short and skinny, and I was drunk and high at a party in the woods when these redneck guys in their mid twenties probably, told me they thought I was gay and they were gonna kick my ass unless I kissed one of their boots, and fucked up and confused I did then left the situation. Wish I had stood up for myself, or not put myself in such a shitty situation. Also when I was like 5 I killed a dragonfly with a bad mitten racket and felt really bad when I realized I killed it, they were beautiful they filled an open yard and were harmless but I killed one, I guess I just wanted to play with them, but I realized that particular dragonfly was not going to get better, it was dead and wasn’t going back to the way it was. That was my first taste of regret and I was so sad, it was very difficult event then to move on and forgive myself. Now I’ve fucked up my whole life making poor decisions and it’s not going back to the way it was before, it’s extremely difficult to forgive myself and I have thoughts of suicide from time to time still. Forgiving myself for all of this is probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do in my life and I don’t entirely feel like I deserve forgiveness. I wish I could know that I deserve forgiveness and that forgiving myself is the right thing to do, I suppose I’ll do my best and move forward day by day and try not to think about it to much.

  83. nico says

    I was with the girl of my dreams and we were deeply in love, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her but I have a past with drug addiction… I had almost 3 years cleans when we approached our 6 months together mark and I made the worse decision of my life and relapsed on heroin. I lied to her about it for months and then came clean she helped me get better and was an angel… she truly loved me. And then I relapsed again, and again, and again and lied again and again and again.. and she gave me chance after chance to help me… but I kept hurting her so badly… and I was selfish in my addiction and put her second to it and I lost myself so much that I staged a break in at her apartment so that the things I stole from her would not be pinned on me… she has the worst anxiety attack of her life and I just sat by in silence knowing it was all my fault… the guilt I felt.. I kept using, it was the only way to live with myself and well… as with all lies the truth came out and it destroyed her… to know all that I had done and lied about… I lost the love of my life and hurt her when she was just trying to love me, she never did a single wrong thing to me and I just ripped her apart… I’m a fucking monster and don’t deserve to forgive myself .

  84. Brooke says

    I cheated on my boyfriend with my bestfriends boyfriend. It was about a year ago & both of our couples broke up and she still doesnt know. The guilt is killing me, I love her so much and shes the closest thing ive got. I know I messed up and I would give anything to change what I did. Im so tired of lying to her but if i tell her ill be alone & i need her :(

  85. paul brown says

    I am a truck driver and have been so for a few years. In my past as well as present driving experience have had incidents in the truck by rubbing against a fence or too close to poles while backing. Last night around 230a I hit another trailer accidentally but it look really bad and my boss will let me go. I am ashamed of my action and cannot believe it happen again. In debt up to my elbow and was working my way out each week I worked, now I have to start all over again looking for another job fast. I feel I let down my family and boss by not being more responsible. No excuses left.

  86. JustBe says

    • I let go of being aghast at spending hours on Reddit when I am supposed to be working.
    • I let go of my self-disgust for not doing what I said I’d do.
    • I let go of judging myself for spending hours on the couch watching junk TV when I have so many things to do.
    • I let go of blaming my husband for choosing this condo and talking me into buying it.
    • I let go of resenting this condo and all the people who live here.
    • I let go of standing in judgment and feeling superior to my neighbors.
    • I let go of my intolerance of my depression, lack of focus, lack of integrity, lack of motivation, lack of productivity.
    • I let go of being massively disappointed in who I am and what I do.
    • I let go of blaming myself for living small, being small.
    • I let go of blaming myself for not living up to my standards.
    • I let go of calling myself “lazy”.
    • I let go of calling myself a coward.
    • I let go of believing I am an irresponsible, clueless child and everyone else around me is a responsible, wise adult.
    • I let go of behaving like a child.
    • I let go of dishonoring the powerful, wise, generous person that I am.
    • I let go of lying by omission to my clients about how much work I am doing.
    • I let go of not taking care of my body so that it is a pleasure to inhabit.
    • I let go of spending all this money, time and effort in courses designed to help me, and not applying or living what I have worked so hard to learn.
    • I let go of not being loving and kind to myself, even while I am loving and kind to everyone else.
    • I let go of leveling my harshest criticism, shame, and blame at me.
    • I let go of thinking this will never end, that I will never get better, that I will continue to spiral down in ever-weakening, ever-depressing, ever-unthinkable lows.

  87. Leslie says

    I have the same guilt, although my marriage hasn’t ended. We are sticking it out for the kids. But every time I look at my husband I feel guilty. He already told me he will never trust me again. I’m so broken

  88. over it says

    i want to let go of what i did to my ex it is eating me alive i know i hurt this person deeply and i am so sorr for it but i can’t keep beating msyself up about it. What happen happen and i can’t change it. No matter how much i think about it how much i keep asking myself why the outcome is not going to change. I want to find me again i am letting go

  89. me says

    I want to let go of all the mistakes I’ve made while drinking and just start over its just easier said than done I feel guilty and embarassed and I sometimes think of myself as a loser I want today to be the start over of my life and actually stick to it.

  90. Joe says

    I want to forgive myself for my behavior as a child aged 9 through 13. I feel extremely guilt ridden every day for the things I did, and I sincerely wish I could turn back time and prevent myself from doing them. I suffer from OCD and every day I struggle. I hope for forgiveness from the people I hurt, and I hope no lasting problems exist for any of them. I wish to be strong enough to overcome all these guilty thoughts, and forgive myself for mistakes I made before I had the moral compass to decide what was and was not right. Please forgive me.

  91. braya says

    my dad lift me and my sister. I always told myself, it because of me. i was beat by my mother and step father when they were drank. i grow up in a bad plays were kid wouldn’t muck it out with there life after the age of 16, or snore. to live i get into a gang. being Mexican having no help or no one to go to. having noting to eat. i sold drugs. it eats me all the fucking time. seeing young kids dying. i seen a person get killed at 6 years old. I get into gangs when my mother kick me out. i was 11. one year want by i was seeing thing other will never see. i was lock up for 5 years… 12 to 17.. i get out. everything was new in my mine. i wanted a batter life. i told the gang i was done. no more they wanted to kill me. and the other gang members did also/ was there. every day not knowing if i would be able to get back to my foster. i was 18. i get on a greyhound. i belt a bus tact. to Utah. not having any were to do.. i was homeless. but i fucking wanted a batter life. its hard to let go….

  92. Truth says

    Daniel says enjoy life I know your pain me and my friend experimented couple of my friends one smokes meth now and I feel partially responsible and the other ones okay doesn’t even think nuttin about what we did I think ur a good person don’t blame ur self me and u needa forgive ourselves and move forward and better ourselves

  93. Truth says

    I wanna let go of my past I slept with my friend who’s a guy and I’m a guy I promised god I wouldn’t do it and I I lied I let myself down I screwed up I feel terrible and like I can’t be forgiven I’m sorry god I lied and I’m sorry parents

  94. Alex says

    I begged my friend to let me suck his dick he said no and I kept begging I also promised god I wouldn’t do stuff like this and I did it I begged him I lied to god and begged to suck my friends dick

  95. Madie says

    I want to let go of something that happened in 2012. I was 14 at the time; a few months after I began taking lessons at a new barn, I decided to fabricate a story to make myself seem more advanced and privileged, then lied to cover up my tracks. When a girl told my coach what I had done, I was kicked out of the barn. Now, 2 years later, I still feel regret and anger for what I did. I am angry that my coach didn’t even bother to ask for my side of the story. I am angry that my reputation is ruined. I am angry that I was not given a chance to redeem myself. I am angry at myself for lying, even if it was a harmless lie. I tried to reach out to the lady and apologize, but she blocked me before I had the chance to even begin speaking. I want to let go of the anger I have towards myself and to everyone that was involved. I understand that I will probably never get the chance to explain the situation and own up to my wrongdoings. I just want to let go and be free of regret, anger, and sadness.

  96. barry craig says

    I joined the military years ago. Due to being homesick and not enjoying training all that much i got myself discharged due to a preexisting injury. To this day i regret my actions. I wasted an opportunity and quit on myself. I am embarrassed and ashamed i quit. To this day no matter what i do in my life this is something i still cannot ever live down.

  97. Bob says

    Hello, I was not aware that my post would be created with a logo. Would the webmaster kindly mind removing my post? Thank you and thank you for all of your organization’s fantastic work with regards to helping people.

  98. Chelsea says

    I wish to let go my behavior after a fling I had with a man who basically slept with me, then never told me his feelings changed and wanted to remain friends. I felt used and taken advantage of. I told a bunch of people that I hated him which was very embarrassing. I tired to act like I didnt care but it was rather obvious that I was very angry. I know he knows I still care, and it bothers me I wish I didnt care. Why? Because I know he doesnt give a shit about me, and I wish I didnt give a shit about him.

  99. markus aries leo says

    Every day I wake up, I struggle to see the reason to get up. I’ve blown every opportunity I’ve ever been given or that I’ve worked for ether through self-destructive behaviour or simply not trying or caring enough. I’ve stolen from people, strangers and family I’ve hurt people physically and mentally, people close to me and total strangers. I resented the one person I care about most for leaving me, even though she had no choice I broke my father’s hart and believe I was the reason he became an alcoholic.

    I’m sure there’s many more I’ve forgotten but I’m having trouble getting them out I’ve never spoken to anyone about any of this well at least not truthfully. All in all I never say how I’m feeling or talked about my feelings (this is kind of going to be all over the place so I’m sorry If it doesn’t make any sense)

    I’m male, in my mid 20’s, unemployed and I smoke pot every day, I have anger issues ( I had them before I started smoking marijuana) and I can’t seem to be able to sleep much If I do it at like 3 or 4 in the morning if not then maybe not for a couple of days.
    I’ve been smoking pot everyday for the last 2yrs maybe 3 I’m not sure it’s all kind of a blur but I don’t want to stop because when I do I can’t mind from constantly running and replying everything things I screwed up, thing that could have been and having to face myself It kind of acts like a blockade stopping the part of myself that wants to tear me apart, it keeps the anger issues at bay.
    Anger issues I’ve had them for as long as I can remember.
    The person I resented is my mother, I’m not upset with her anymore but I use to be. My mother died when I was young the only things I have that to remind me of her is stories I’ve heard from other people. I think I have one memory of her but to be honest I know that it’s a dream. I hated her at one point because I couldn’t understand why she left. I still don’t know how I came to that conclusion I know she didn’t want to die. Maybe it was because I felt cheated in some way or another my child hood memories are filled with jealousy of my friends I wanted desperately what they had with their mothers, it made me so angry and I dint know what to do with it

  100. Michael Morrison says

    My regret of cheating on my girlfriend. I was so stupid to ever hurt her. She is the best thing in my life and I let her down so badly.

  101. Ella says

    I want to let go of my shame for my sexual past. Im 23 today, and still not over my failed first love relationship 4 years ago. Since the heart break, i slept with 9 guys. Some one night stands, others for a few months; the sex and warm feelings were temporary.

    Although today ive changed and am now more nun like, im left with the baggge of trying to forgive myself of such a past i believe is shameful, and that society shames too. Im embarrased of the plethora of cheap and superficial sexual encounters i had, and lie to friends who ask me about my past. I want to forgive and its difficult. I kniw i didnt kill or steal, yet im stuck with self shame every day. I feel like my past is a dark shadow that follows me everywhere. Thank you for reading.

  102. Bob says

    I have let my father down with decisions that I have made in my life. I have to let this go. I am a stronger person now and I am still learning.

  103. Daniel says

    I performed oral sex on my best friend when he was drunk. I don’t know how much he remembered. We grew up together and he was like a brother to me. We hung out several times after this, and we were even drunk together in hotel rooms again with nothing like this ever happening again. About three or four years after the night of my mistake, he took his own life. I know that I let him down as a friend. I have to let this go, because I have a wife and kid now that I have to be strong for and I am still very young. I pray for forgiveness constantly and I make an effort to visit with his parents. I never wanted to hurt him. It felt like harmless college experimenting at the time, but now I feel like I’ve contributed to his death. I want so badly to ask for his forgiveness, but I can’t and I never will be able to. I know that I am a piece of shit for having done this. However, I want to go back to being able to enjoy life again.

  104. Wesam says

    I want to let go of the regret i have for what i emotionally did last night. Although i was glad that i let some things off my chest, i acted emotionally and want to forgive myself for this. I let it go.

  105. Me-the real Me says

    I want to let go of self-doubt, feeling unloveable, incompatible and depressed. I want to let go of my fear and anxiety and the shame of being arrested for a fight that was contrary to my nice nature. I want to let go addictive thoughts and behaviors and alcohol, which has been something that eventually makes me lose control and say negative stuff. I just want to accept myself and feel secure and healthy and happy and inspired while accepting and loving my mom and dad as I still have many ambitions to fulfill at age 30. I just want to let go of my bad habits and live in the present moment where so much can be accomplished with focus and likewise so much enjoyment can take place.

  106. CLK says

    I have a longstanding problem with controlling anger. I was mean to a small child at a public place. I was not correct in the reason I was mean to him. I have no way of apologizing to the child. I reacted with rage towards something I perceived he did to me. He was not involved with the thing I thought he did. Many people were aware of my poor behavior. Many people were staring at me about what I said to him. The thing I am most mad at myself for is that this is a pattern. I am not learning from my past misteakes, because I continually do things like this. I have to take a Xanax if I know I’m going to be around people because I need something to help control my behavior. The majority of my outbursts are during PMS. As I approach menopause, I am petrified at this all becoming much worse with even less control. I feel terrible that I have to rely on medication to be around other humans. Medication only seems to take the edge off of things. My family deserves better. My husband deserves a nicer wife. My kids deserve a nicer mom. I have a public persona as a nice person. I am so embarassed of my behavior. No one else around me seems to be such a hot head – certainly not women. I rationalize my behavior to make myself feel better/justify my behavior. I cannot justify this latest incident that happened. I’m having trouble sleeping over this. I need to find a way to forgive myself for this. Shortly after this happened, I had an opportunity to cool down and apoligize to the child and his parent. I chose not to. I rationalized that my approaching them would be too embarassing and could potentially make the matter worse. I am just so sick of making the same mistakes over and over again. I want to change so much. I have chosen not to change, over and over. I feel like a terrible person. I have spoken to a close friend over this. Of course, when I spoke with her about it, I somewhat sugar coated my behavior to make my actions look more justified.

  107. MA says

    I had sex with a guy at 16 whom I did not love and did not want. It was out of marriage which is perhaps what bothers me most. I haven’t told anyone about it because I regret it so deeply and I don’t want anyone thinking ill of me. I didn’t want to do this but I wanted to make him happy. I can’t stand myself sometimes. It’s been about 9 months since this happened and I’m still feeling guilty. A few weeks after this happened I was raped. I started to not care what I did or what people did to me. I drank a lot. A LOT. To forget. My actions were not very becoming of who I want to be. I have anxiety because of the rape instance but I can more easily let that go because I know I had no choice in the matter. But the other..I had more of a choice in. I told him I didn’t want to but eventually caved because I knew he wanted it. I could have not done it though. It’s troubling that I am just now allowing myself to process everything. A lot of it I don’t even rebember. I just feel this overbearing guilt. I am now with a guy who so perfect. I have told him about the R word incident but not the other. He was very understanding about the rape issue but I’m not sure how he would react to the other. I am a completely different person now and I like who I have turned into but the weight of my past is really killing me. I need to tell my boyfriend because it’s the only way we can have an honest healthy and Godly relationship. We both hold our Christian values very highly. So I know I will have to tell him soon. I’m just afraid to. And I’m not sure how to process this guilt. I wish it had never happened. But I suppose I have to let it go.

  108. John says

    Years ago I took a job at a major company as the salary was good and the career prospects were good (so I thoughts). However, I soon realized that certain aspects of the business I was involved in was somewhat “shady” and downright immoral (at least to my standards). I didnt realize that at the time, and I quit after five months as I couldnt sleep at night working there. Still, six years later, I still feel shame and guilt for what I may have contributed to while working there.

  109. angela says

    I know that i have sinned and my sins have separated me from you. Aim truly sorry. I want to turn away from my past sinful life. Please forgive me. I want to receive all that Jesus Christ has me as my savior. Your word says, ” Whosever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved ” Aim calling you, Lord Jesus to be saved from my sins. I believe and confess that you, Lord Jesus Christ died for my sins, was buried, and from the dead on the third day according to the Scriptures. I prayer and ask, Jesus Christ to come into my heart and be Lord over my life. Thank- You that Aim born again by your Spirit and I can now see and enter the kingdom of God. Thank- you for giving me eternal lite. I receive my salvation and all of its benefits right now. Lord, Thank- you for saving me this day. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen

  110. angela says

    There is no one who really cares about me, who will be available to help me and whom, I can fall back on; This one resonates, but almost nothing else in that list does. I not know what part of people like that to me bad things. I just from away to people not good for me friends.

  111. angela says

    I know what it’s like to hurt so much you’re not sure you can stand it any longer. And there have been times when I didn’t understand how God could allow me to go through some of the things I’ve been through. My father sexually abused me & stepmother abuse on me and pick on me deaf beat me from the time I was about 9 years until I left home at 18, move live with Uncle’s John Wright since doing fine great, but my father not good not teach on me nothing else because he was use dunk too much plus that why how I without my grandma gone in the heaven free and I miss her so much and she so good care of me grow up since until 9 year old she was pass ways. Real my mom left me I was 6 weeks older year. Shame on my mom and my dad too my gran pap shame on wrong to me thing stuff hurt my feeling break my heart. I feel cold heart change my way. No body love me like me Jesus’s Christ. I never forget about past bad in my life sinner… Not my fault, it’s from family fault hurt me in my life. My father is wrong lair to me so much; his action wired running call something stuff bad sound. I feeling not love him anymore, but I did trying be nice to him but we not forward together that cold. I just left dad once that it. I’m not afraid of my father and my mom, stepmother, stepsister, stepbrother no body scare. I just move on already new my life. I’m not worry about them. I just let them go and will someday be sorry reason to me, I not need them no have time for me. I want own my life b happy with God’s Jesus’s Christ peace. But I do love in my family of course. But other family doesn’t love me anymore. I not mad at them. I just am happy with my boyfriend good to me and him so sweet nice help with me everything new my life. Thank you to God’s Jesus’s Christ change in my hearts loves him so much for real.

  112. Dee says

    I made a very stupid mistake, one which I deeply regret. I was desperate at the time, which is no excuse. It was a stupid error in judgment.

  113. Olivia says

    About 8 months ago I was set up to win. My relationship with God, my son, and myself was so strong. I had 10,000 dollars just fall into my lap at the exact time I was planning the move from my aunt and uncles house with my son. We had everything we needed. Plus I had recently got a new job making more than I ever had before. At that job I met a man. I instantly got so wrapped up in him. As a young single mom of a boy, I was afraid to branch out on my own for the first time. My son was coming to an age that having a male influence counted. I thought this man was the answer. I ended up getting an apartment with him myself and my son. It was okay at first. But it did not take long before he started changing. He told me he used to be a pimp and wanted to go back to doing it for money. He did not want to pimp me but other women. When I protested his dark side came out and he hit me. Then he wanted me to become a stripper for money. When I said no he became more violent and hit me more. There were a few times he became violent. Also he wanted me to purchase a vehicle for the sake of his prestige. I put 4,000 of the 10,000 I saved into a down payment while he put nothing. Since he had no credit history I put it on my credit. I now had 16,000 auto loan on my credit. The payment and insurance together is very high. We were supposed to split everything down the middle. Also he would want to share “the car” and bring me to work (otherwise sometimes he would just take my key and leave) but then take me late or not at all. I ended up getting fired so no income coming in. He would lie and say he did not have any money to pay for things. I ended paying for everything and therefore spending the rest of my savings. His violence scared me. Although my son did not see him hit me he was uncomfortable around him. I left him finally but it was when I had nothing. My son and I were blessed with an apartment and made it so far but those bills are piling, I still have the burden of the auto loan and paying the payments and insurance by myself. This man that “loved me so much” won’t help. I feel so guilty because God had favored us so much but I blew it all by putting my faith in this man instead of God and now I am under so much stress to pay bills, etc, and it affects my kid as well because I am under a lot of stress. I try keeping positive. I know God will turn it around if I stay faithful. I have called the guy and told him i forgive him and wish him a blessed life. But it is still so difficult. I really do try forgiving myself but everyday I am stuck in this circumstance, although I work, school, internship, etc, and constantly search for even better opportunities. I have good days but since the circumstances are still what they are, it is hard for me to fully let go when I have a constant reminder.

  114. Olivia says

    About 8 months ago I was set up to win. My relationship with God, my son, and myself was so strong. I had 10,000 dollars just fall into my lap at the exact time I was planning the move from my aunt and uncles house with my son. We had everything we needed. Plus I had recently got a new job making more than I ever had before. At that job I met a man. I instantly got so wrapped up in him. As a young single mom of a boy, I was afraid to branch out on my own for the first time. My son was coming to an age that having a male influence counted. I thought this man was the answer. I ended up getting an apartment with him myself and my son. It was okay at first. But it did not take long before he started changing. He told me he used to be a pimp and wanted to go back to doing it for money. He did not want to pimp me but other women. When I protested his dark side came out and he hit me. Then he wanted me to become a stripper for money. When I said no he became more violent and hit me more. There were a few times he became violent. Also he wanted me to purchase a vehicle for the sake of his prestige. I put 4,000 of the 10,000 I saved into a down payment while he put nothing. Since he had no credit history I put it on my credit. I now had 16,000 auto loan on my credit. The payment and insurance together is very high. We were supposed to split everything down the middle. Also he would want to share “the car” and bring me to work (otherwise sometimes he would just take my key and leave) but then take me late or not at all. I ended up getting fired so no income coming in. He would lie and say he did not have any money to pay

  115. Mina says

    I was peer pressured to get into a wrong act with a friend. It was the first time i ever did something like that. It hurts so bad that I felt humiliated and embarrassed. It’s been days now and I keep thinking about it. I wish I could turn the clock hurts so bad. I feel at the lowest point

  116. Victoria says

    I want to let go of all the things that I held in, I want to let go of all the times it spilled out in anger especially when I was drunk. I want to let go of all the times I was irresponsible with alcohol and hurt ppl verbally and physically. I want to let go of my immature decisions and making scenes when emotionally drunk

  117. Taylor Joy says

    I want to let go the 5 people that I’ve slept with and didn’t loce. I want to let go of cheating on my boyfriend that I love with my whole heart and soul. I want to let go of how badly I’ve treated the people around me. I want to let go of it all.

  118. Selfish says

    I cheated on the love of my life. I was drunk and I knew what I was doing was going to hurt me. I don’t know why I let it happen. I let myself do things I know will hurt me and the people who love me the most. I have spent hours crying. I can’t live with myself I feel so bad

  119. Determined says

    I want to let go of my sister. 3 years ago our mother died and she was named as executor to the estate and my brother was named as co-executor in case she could not carry out the duties. Mentally, emotionally and physically she was a mess and could not live up to what needed to be done, so my brother and I forced her to sign off- which she did and she immediately hated us and wanted no part of us ever again. I just found out my brother has since re-connected with her awhile ago- unbeknownst to me – I found out by a fluke- anyway – they are all cozy back together but she has told him she will never ever re-connect with me – never wants me in her life- end of story. Funny thing is all of this was my brother’s doing and I just had to go along with it to support him – I agreed totally that she was in no condition to handle the job but my name was not the co-executor so I made none of the decisions- yet my sister and other in-laws seem to think it was all my doing. So I really need to let go of this whole situation forever because its been eating me up inside. I have my own wonderful family and I just want to concentrate on them. But it is much harder than you think.

  120. James says

    I’ve been feeling guilty about lying this friend/love interest I’ve had for over a year about my previous love life.

    What happened before was this – I had my first (and only) girlfriend during my freshman year of high school. It was a simple relationship – we barely fought, we built each other up, supported each other when we were down, and we would tell each other every time we met how much we appreciated and loved each other. But after 10 months of bliss, she did the unexpected – one night, after my first semester of sophomore year (my high point: excellent grades, someone to love), she sent me a Facebook message to me saying that she had moved out of my hometown a few weeks previously and started dating another guy. She even told him every secret about me. I was just so betrayed and hurt, that after a few weeks of heartbreak, I fell so low and drastically changed. I was just angry and gave up on loving another person again (not just because of her, but because every friend I made before HS always easily turned their backs on me – no goodbye, no words, just silence)…

    I regret lying to this girl about my previous love life. I was just ashamed of the truth, and every time I start remembering, there’s never a moment when my face turns red, my eyes water and my face and voice start shaking…

  121. Kate says

    I’m a student. I get blackout drunk often. My friends have gotten tired of looking after me and taking me home early all the time. I slept with my ex-boyfriend’s best friend twice. My ex forgave me after the first time, but will never forgive me for the second time. I also told a guy who is in love with me that I like him back. I don’t. Last year, I did the same thing to him. I feel I have to pretend to like him now because everyone will hate me if they find out I’ve lead this guy on and hurt him twice. He is such a lovely and gentle guy. I am suffering from depression and can’t face life at the minute. I hate myself so much

  122. alice says

    Hey. I was in a similar boat as you. I am sober now and as a sober woman who has been in your shoes, you need to walk away and hope that he does what’s best for himself. You can not help him be the man he is when he is not on drugs when you are not sober yourself. Furthermore, it is not your job to save him. If you are ready to get help for your addiction, just worry about yourself for now. He says awful things to you and does awful things to you. I am so sorry to hear that you have gone through that. What he is doing is not okay, you do not deserve it or have to put up with that kind of inappropriate behavior, and you are not in a position to be in a relationship with such an abusive person. You can do some research and pursue treatment, or you can start to get involved in a twelve step program. A twelve step program is what helped me. Drugs was my problem but I do AA. You might not take my advice right now, which I hope you do, but if you dont, please keep in mind that you deserve to get well and not be in an abusive relationship. The resources you need you get better will always be out there. Please take care of yourself. Love and Light.

  123. Blue says

    I fell in love way too fast but I was so into this guy, he was my dream guy and the spark faded away. As soon as we began dating I had to leave for uni, we promised we’d wait for each other and I didnt I broke many promises. I lied, cheated, and strung him along, I could never tell him this because I knew if he knew the truth it would hurt him. We’re over now and I’m left with resentment. I know my actions where low and wrong, now I’m stuck with these feelings of shame and regret. I hope to learn from this and grow from it. I’m heartbroken but I guess I deserve this pain.

  124. Jessybug says

    My husband started a business in 2001. we sank everything into it, including a big amount of money from his parents. He told me from the get go NO MORE DRUGS!! but about 2 years into it, I started using again, stealing money from his cash box, bank accounts, lying about the size of my paycheck, anything to keep getting high, he would flush them threaten my dealers he tried with all his might to get me to stop, eventually, being that he too is an addict he started using, that was it within a year we lost all and then some..he was unable to get his feet back from under. he had an affair with another addict and began gambling, he pawned EVERYTHING we owned including his wedding ring. He lied, abused me physically and emotionally for over a year…finally he wrecked the car and almost died after a week partying in vegas with her, since then if i ever ever try to bring up the affair or find reassurance that we will be ok he attacks me physically and verbally, ears bled from the inside after a particularly harsh beating, i have bruises everywhere, he tells me no one would care if i died, and then brings up all my past mistakes. he is in jail right now for possession of a firearm by a previously convicted felon, and possession of a controlled substance. I have been using drugs as well, should i walk away and try to get help while wishing him the best? or bail him out, and help him become the man he is without the methamphetamine?

  125. Rocbottom says

    I lied to the love of my life — my girlfriend, the woman I thought I was going to spend forever with. She asked me not to play around with drugs and I promised her I would never do it again after she caught me hiding it from her over 4th of July weekend. But after my friend’s wife died of an overdose later that month, I did do it again. And I hid it from her for months. She grew suspicious but was afraid to confront me about it. One morning after we’d made the most beautiful love in weeks, a morning so epic I will never forget it, we walked for coffee and went to the dry cleaners to pickup the comforter. She tried to put cash in my wallet after I paid the bill and found dope; I was caught, redhanded. She tried to give me a second chance but I noticed over the ensuing weeks she wouldn’t look me in the face. I had betrayed her trust. She took me to the Hollywood Bowl for my birthday and barely spoke to me the entire night, giving me a birthday card that warned of the coming execution. But I didn’t recognize what was happening…the day after my birthday, she called me around dinner to tell me it was over. Cold. Emotionless. Callous. Heartless. My things were in a bag on the porch. She said nothing. No hug, no kiss goodbye. No wishing me all the best or good luck. She locked the door behind her and never spoke to me again. Two months later I asked her if she’d see me just for a moment to give me a chance to tell her how sorry I am and to just hold her again for a moment because I’ve been so ashamed that I cannot seem to move on and forgive myself for losing the only woman to ever really love me — the woman I waited a lifetime for. But she refused. I have lost her completely. She said she won’t see me because she is dating someone else and it wouldn’t be fair to them. She said “Maybe there will come a time in the future we can talk, but I’m not sure this is the right time. Try to trust that this surge of emotion and pain you are feeling will pass in time. You’re strong and will get through this, but I’m not the person to help you now.” But what she doesn’t realize is that even when the pain has gone away, I will still love her like I’ve never loved anyone before. I wasn’t ready for her. I have so much growing to do. And I am filled with so much regret that I will NEVER be able to get over losing her. Some mistakes you never stop paying for. So how can I let go when all I want is hope that someday she will let me see her and show her I can be trusted? How can I show her I have learned my lesson if she won’t see me? She has moved on, to a new relationship, and she did it INSTANTLY! Within days of leaving me…and yet she still said to me that “I didn’t want to break up, but your actions forced me to.” I have no idea where I stand. I have no idea what to even consider a “realistic” expectation! Is there NO hope? A glimmer of hope? Will she ever be able to forgive me? I’ve never been so utterly lost…and although she is sorry I’m struggling right now, she will not see me or help me. She is happier without me. And the hurt is unbearable! We were so in love…WHAT HAVE I DONE?!! I have shattered my life and the only chance I ever had at true happiness into a million little pieces….my god, what have I done?

  126. sharon says

    Stealing friends and family,mum,step dad,lying ,masterbating,oral ,falling in love someone who stole and broke my heart ,bad friends,talking behind people back ,bitching,slyness,regrets,bad memories everything terrible I have done and have happened in my life ,addictions ,lust

  127. Sharon says

    Regrets,talking behind people back making my mum cry and feel like I don’t love her when I do ,to forget all the bad things ,stealing phone from class mate,lying everything bad I have done oral sex,lust everything falling in love with someone who stole and broke my heart bad friends step dad

  128. JR says

    forget it all – not judge my past errors with so much condemnation that sometimes the past clouds it all and hides any accomplishments. not sure it can be overcome.

  129. Joe says

    I have a University Engineering degree. Because of the many choices I made over my lifetime, I now find myself working and competing with young , less educated people and losing out to them for promotions, better jobs, etc. I want to let go of the jealousy I have for then, and the dissappointment that I have for not doing better with my career, for being a 62 yr old man who competes with kids in their 20’s, etc. I want to get over my clinical depression and the pills I take, etc., and go back to living an enjoyable life with my wife and three kids.v
    Why is the job bothering me now and causing me to depress.

  130. alias says

    I got raped at a party
    my parent’s kicked me out and im only 18
    I got cheated on bitten down by my mom my dad and my ex
    my boy friend has a girl best friend
    and im vary joules

  131. Scared says

    I slept with my half brothers, ex girlfriend and now 3 years later I’m suffering from shame and guilt , I feel horrible

  132. Ashamed says

    I can’t forgive myself for blowing my sobriety again last night. My marriage is in big trouble and I hate myself for putting my adult children through hell last night. And my husband. I’ve done it several times last month and then 3 times this month. I have been a sober woman for most of my life. Didn’t drink when the kids were young. Didn’t start abusing alcohol until I was in my fifties. Took myself to 30 day rehab and didn’t drink for two years. I can’t move on until I forgive myself. My sons have forgiven me but neither msel or my husband can forgive me. I’m in psychological fear and having more anxiety today than I have experienced and I’ve experienced a lot of it in my life. I’m so disgusted with myself today. And I’m very scared. Need to let this go so I can begin to heal and start over. I am in therspy and I called her and told her. Thanks for listening.

  133. that'snotme says

    I don’t drink often but got blackout drunk this weekend and became a cruel, dark, ugly version of who I thought I was. I did and said some horrible things to my husband. I never thought I could hurt someone I love like this. I was out of control. I am ashamed of my poor choices that resulted in my behavior. I hope that he can forgive me and also that I can forgive myself.

  134. Hailey Diane says

    I want to let go the fact that I made a stupid mistake years ago. That I have matured now and look through the world with new eyes. I just pray with all my heart that my mistake in the past does not affect my marriage. I want to ask forgiveness but without reconciliation with that person because I believe that could be more harm than good in my marriage. I just… want to move on from the past and not constantly wish I could take it back or go about it differently.

  135. Ella says

    I ruined a picture frame while drunk. I tried messaging, to like offer to pay for the damage. I know he received it, but he won’t answer. Should I pursue or should I just let it go, because I did offer to pay for the damage.

  136. Ivorytower says

    I’m in a long distance relationship. One night, I went out with my mates for clubbing.. I was extremely intoxicated. The next day, I found out I kissed a married man. I live in a country where it’s a small community and I just moved here. I’m afraid of what I had done and how people will perceive me.

  137. weakling says

    I am so upset with myself for not ending my abusive 26 year relationship earlier. He beat on me, put me down, took away any self worth I had for myself he just left an empty shell. Not to mention he was sleeping with my mother and my sister because they were on drugs real bad at the time. When I confronted him about it he told me that I made him do it. Never the less, it was so traumatic for me to take in that I buried it in the back of my mind and took him back. This was ten years ago. I’m tired, overwhelmed, and I have unburied the past and now finally I want out. The relationship is dead he no it and I no it but he leaches in to me like I’m a meal ticket and so I feel guilty

  138. cml says

    I have severely hurt and betrayed one of my best friends. I am 16 and she has been my beat friend since we were very young. she was always there for me, always complimenting me, always texting me words of encouragement. She fell in love with a boy 2 years ago. he is 2 years older than us. they dated for 2 years and recently broke up last winter. she was heartbroken and cried about it to be often. she loved him so much and couldn’t figure out how to normally live life without the boy she was with for 2 years. Last April, I was at a party and this boy showed up. we got drunk and started talking and flirting a little bit. before I knew it we kissed. nothing else happened that night and I tried to forget about it because it was my best friends ex boyfriend. later that week we started texting and before I knew it I started growing emotionally attached to him. a couple weeks later we had sex. and then it turned into 2 times, then 3 times, then 4 times, then before I knew it I was fully engaged in a secret relationship behind my best friends and everyone’s back. nobody knew about it except me and him. it got so bad that I would spend the night at her house and leave the next morning to go have sex with him. the whole time I was soon it I felt terrible, knowing that if she ever found out she would be beyond devastated. this carried on for 3 whole months until early July. someone had found out about our secret relationship and told her. she was beyond upset and told me to never talk or acknowledge her again. she was in love with him and I was having sex with him behind her back for 3 months. this was totally unlike me because I am always the friend that is loyal and turkey values all of my friendships. I am in love with this boy and we have been together for 7 months. he makes me happier than anything I’ve ever known. he is the male version of me and I don’t know what I would do without him. yet I am still haunted every day over having emotionally torn apart my best friend over something so spiteful. she trusted me with everything and her every feeling about him, and I would listen to her vent her heart out to me while I was making plans on having sex with him that night. I was so overcome with lust that I didn’t realize the true consequences of my actions. I’ve tried to make amends a couple times but she wants nothing to do with me and views me as the shittiest person that she’s ever had the displeasure if knowing. it eats away at me every day knowing I was capable if hurting someone so deeply. I try to get over it but it hurts every time I pass her in the hallways and she doesn’t even look my way. I am nothing to her now. I love him, but I shouldn’t have engaged in a secret relationship with him behind her back for so long. everybody claims that we will never be friends again but I still have this deep down feeling that one day she will find it in her heart to forgive me of the awful thing I’ve done to her and we can share laughs and sing to our favorite song on the radio again. I know I am more than what I did, I was blinded by lust and trying to do what makes me happy. I am still in a relationship with this boy and I plan on being with him for as long as possible, but I am trying to find acceptance for the awful thing I did. I just want to not wake up every day in the morning feeling sick to my stomach because me best friend 100% believes I am a piece of shit. it kills me inside and I just want to be truly happy and forgive myself.

  139. Anonymous says

    I once was in i tough time with myself and i made a friend online. I liked to joke around and fake my gender but. Once i found he was a pretty cool guy and i actually wanted to be his friend but wished i didn’t have to fake my age or gender. The relationship went too far by the time i could have told him and i didn’t know what to do. He was a really good friend and upset me that i had to act like this to keep him as a friend. Making all these accounts and faking my age and gender and name. Until it got serious and i had to pull the plug on it. I did this for 2 years straight and i feel like i wasted 2 years of my life being someone i was not. I could never forget or forgive myself for the damage i did to him and myself. I wish i could just go back in time and changed the mistake i made that wasted 2 years of my life and someone else’s life and tricked his feelings and trust for others all because of me. At first it was a game and then it turned into a friendship i dreaded the end of and wish never began.

  140. beth says

    i almost had sex with a married man who cheats.we were friends but after the make out i feel awful and i cant forgive myself for letting that happen. i am scared the relationship between him and me will be awkward because he hosts me in his house

  141. i wish says

    I had such nice teeth, my folks spent alot of money on them.
    As i hit 21 though my late 30. I was told to take better care of my teeth by my dentist, i grinded them. Me, not taking seriously or caring like i should because i was PARTYING, i grinded them. Now i no longer drink and do other THINGS, I have looked at my xrays of my teeth. I have done a number on them. I can not restore them. I can only blame myself.

  142. Anonymously says

    When I was 11 a girl who I thought was my friend betrayed me. I thought we were friends only to find out that she didn’t like me and made fun of my appearance. One day I was at her house and found a drawing they she drew of me making fun of my big eye brows. I confronted her and she lied and said her brother drew it. I wanted to believe her and so I did but deep down I knew she was lying. I kept being friends with her and a mutual friend tells me that the girl was talking about me to her calling me “crispy” because of my dark complexion. Finally I stopped talking to her and started to talk about her and called her retarded because she was a bit on the slow side. My friend told the girl and she starts going off about me behind my back. She says that I wasn’t funny and she doesn’t like me. A few weeks later I go to my friends house and she’s there so I ignore her and she pretends to fall asleep and talk about me in her sleep. She’s calling me names or making fun of my appearance. For some reason later on that day we started talking again. But then a few months later I find out she was still talking about me. I finally stopped talking to her. I feel stupid for forgiving someone who showed so much disdain for me. I feel dumb for trying to be friends with someone who had no respect for me. One time we were play fighting and she literally acted like she wanted to fuck me up. Why didn’t I end the friendship ??? I feel weak and stupid. Idk what’s wrong with me. Why did I not pay attention to the signs ? I’m 24 now and I’m so depressed over the decision I made to continue a friendship with someone who clearly hated me.

  143. MovingON says

    I let go of missing out on a great relationship, even though at the time it didn’t feel very great. only in hindsight has it hit me. Although, the truth is, what I really need to let go of is not pursuing my own dreams and desires…of living chained to an imaginary expectation. I forgive myself for not motivating myself enough to ‘go after’ anything worth going after and today I will in the present and move forward into a new future.

  144. Sisaru says

    My husbands passing and the guilt of the last few moments we had to gather in the floor of my bedroom, I’ve not only can’t forgive myself but I seem to be getting deeper in non-emotions , which follows with sex and drugs and lies. I went from a person that work everyday to pure shit. It’s been One year and six mo. sense my husbands passing.

  145. Save my life says

    When I was 9 I met someone I really liked and really loved her. Cause I was really young and scared I couldn’t say anything to her and this went on for 3-4 years I told a friend wh betrayed me and starred teasing both of us and my crush went off and got boy friend. Present day. I’m now in the same class as her and I see so many simerparities and apart still loves her as much as both my parents and the other can’t forgive or refuse to love.

    I am in Limbo. Someone please inspire me. You can change my in tire life by replying.

    Thank you for your time.

  146. Me says

    I’m sorry for trying to get a family friend’s cell phone from between her legs to see if she was the one who was prank calling me when i was 17

  147. Casey says

    I got married when i was 18 to the man of my dreams. Now, we have been married for 3 years and I made a terrible, terrible mistake. My husband and I were going through a bit of a rough patch. Being the person I am, I’ve always been one to go above and beyond to let those i love know i care for them. However, my husband, while he is a fun-loving, extraordinary man, is not one to really express his feelings (not frequently, at least). 3 months ago, I met this guy who gave me a lot of attention and made me feel very good about myself and after a month of flirting, he kissed me. And I didn’t do anything about it. Worst part is, the kissing went on for 2 weeks (a total of maybe 7 times). During this time, however, my husband was trying really hard to become more affectionate. When this finally set in with me, I completely broke off ties and have been feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt and fear for him learning of this ( for he would certainly divorce me). I can’t ever imagine life without him and have decided to just suffer the guilt for awhile and learn from my mistake and NEVER do it again. I love him so very much and refuse to cause him any pain from a meaningless mistake

  148. Harlan says

    My ex wife will not forgive me for our divorce. I asked for her forgiveness, but she says never! How do I forgive myself?

  149. Angelsanddemons says

    My hubby was extremely violent to me, I left him and turned to drugs and alcohol. I had two kids, I feel so guilty about it all because not only did I do that it had a knock on effect for other disasters that could of been prevented had I not taken drugs and become self absorbed

  150. Bruised says

    My x infected me with hiv,hpv and yeast.He acted as if he did not know but later on was brave enough to say I deserved it.
    I helped him study so we can be able to buy medication,live healthy and be financially owk.
    When he was done,he ran away.I kept being his fool for long.
    He had promised to help me financially but now he just says I must leave him alone and laughs me to scorn.
    It hurts right deep within.
    I don’t have a child,I met a good man who loves me but he is not sure if He will be able to deal with my status.

  151. sabrina says

    I’ve lied so much that it destroy the relationship between me and my baby father, the love of my life, one of the best thing that ever happened to me… I didn’t cheat but because I lied so much him think me cheat. So because of this we break up and it could cause my child his happiness. I blame myself everyday can’t find it in my heart to forgive myself. Word of advice whenever you decide to change dirty habits make sure you change everything because it could rob you and your love one of their happiness.

  152. ellie says

    I’m sorry for being me and for blaming my insecurities on you and for cheating youband wastingbyourvtime, I did really love you but couldn’t vive you what you deserved but you also didn’t give me the one thing I needed….. love. I will always love you and regret my actions but I deserve love and happiness and even though this hurts so bad and to see you being happy with someone else will kill me I know that I have changed and one day we will both have what we deserve

  153. acceptingme says

    I messed up 3 not one but 3 wonderful relationships by being me…selfish…ungrateful…angry…moody….one even proposed and he has moved on and its been 3 years and I cant….I can’t I don’t know how. He taught me how to love but never taught me how to stop loving….then a whole sequence of horrible events happened after that and he seems so happy. He did wrong too, but mostly it was me but he was my life…I don’t want to be under his spell anymore bc in my dreams he only brings me black roses that turn into dust…I have over 3 years worth of mistakes and I punish myself everyday and every night….I cry every night…I don’t talk to anyone….I can’t forgive and forget how different my life could be right now if things I did I didn’t do. I don’t know what to do. 3 years and lives 3000 miles away. My other one gave me 4 chances and I let him down each time so I wouldnt come back to me either and this was 6 years ago…but I have changed I have and I can’t move past any of this….I have tried….I can’t I tried it works for…please help….

  154. acceptingme says

    I messed up 3 not one but 3 wonderful relationships by being me…selfish…ungrateful…angry…moody….one even proposed and he has moved on and its been 3 years and I cant….I can’t I don’t know how. He taught me how to love but never taught me how to stop loving….then a whole sequence of horrible events happened after that and he seems so happy. He did wrong too, but mostly it was me but he was my life…

  155. acceptingme says

    I messed up 2 wonderful relationships by being me…selfish…ungrateful…angry…moody….one eBen proposed and he has moved on and its been 3 years and I cant….I can’t I don’t know how…then a whole sequence of horrible events happened after that and he seems so happy. He did wrong too, but mostly it was me but he was my life…

  156. matt says

    I am in senior year high school in delhi, india. This time is very important for me as the most crucial exams of my life are coming. However, I cannot concentrate because I have made so many mistakes. My life didnt turn out as i had hoped it would. I have many regrets now. I have no friends. Not even a single girlfriend. I could have made many friends if not for my screw-ups. I had so many chances but i kept harming myself due to my own choices. I blame myself for this situation. What do I do now?

  157. Taylor says

    I fell in love with my bestfriend from day one. I met him 4 months ago. After we started working together I was his ride to work every single day. He told me he was Bi and I told some people and lied to him for to weeks, the first two weeks of our friendship. But he let that go. Then as our friendship progressed, I fell madly in love with him. He told me he couldn’t date guys. He likes girls to much. Mind you he has slept with men before he just lived in a homophobic environment. He never slept with me becuase he saw how much I loved him plus he saw that all I wanted was sex which was not entirely true granted there was a strong sexual desire, I cared more about him as a person than that. Moving on, I left my parents house to move in with him and his dad blindly following my heart holding on to the thought that one day he was gonna fall in love with me and we would be together forever. I got really depressed there for a little bit and he had to deal with that plus his own problems. I used to think he didn’t care but it was because it was alwways somthing new with me. everytime he snapchated a girl I got jealous. He couldn’t have a girlfriend the first two months I lived there. When I first moved in he let me sleep in his bed with him (nothing sexual) just because the couch was very uncomfortable, every so often we cuddled as humans do. but one night in my sleep I through my arm other him ( he was laying with his back to me on his side) and my hand touched his genitals. He woke up as soon as it touched I was sound asleep but I did wake up after god knows how long realized where my hand was moved it promptly and rolled over. That was the first time he lost trust in me. Fast forward some weeks, I went to a mental hospital for self harm. When I got out things where alot better. He got a girl friend I was ok with it. We were both kinda happy and blissful. Then four nights ago we lay down to go to bed and after he fell asleep I touched and groped his rear end for 30 min striaght. I knew it was wrong and it brought me no enjoyment I don’t know why I did it. That morning we got up he didn’t say two words to me what so ever. later that day I got a snapchat message Stating that he was awake the whole time and it better not happen again ever. So I packed my things and moved out. I already had been crying for 5 hours now. he got home from work and walked in got dressed and went to hang with his girlfriend. I left in tears. then I went back later that night to talk to him in person and I will never forget what he told me. He lost all respect for me whatsoever and can never trust me again even if we become friends again at some point I will never be a trusted friend or a brother to him ever again. He said he has no sympathy for me being the second time which drew him to believe I was awake the first time. It has been four or five days sense this happened and I am slowly wasting away I have sadi sorry so many times. I try to sleep but I cant because I know hes not next to me I wake up several times at night looking for him knowing he wont be there. I cry every single day. It doesn’t hlep we go to the same highschool and I see him everyday ignoring me. I dont know what to do.

    Thats what I would like to let go. There is a whole lot I left out. But this is the basics.

  158. RedBird says

    Dear Becky,
    PLease I am begging you, save yourself and get out of your marriage. He is not a man. You can do better then him, YOU ARE better then him. think of the example he is putting in front of your son. go back to your parents, or your sister. and begin a life from their with your son. He has cut you down to your very core, depleted you as a woman , and doesn’t provide money for you and your son to eat. He abuses you. You have EVERY RIGHT to not trust him and EVERY STRENGTH to walk away. if you’re too afraid to do it for you then do it for your son. You don’t NOT deserve what is happening to you. NO ONE does. I don’t care what you have ever done in your life but you need to save yourself and your family. It will be hard and lonely for a while believing that you have to depend on him ; but I promise you. once you let go of him, as scary as it is, and can manage to get away from that abuse you will Feel stronger, you will Be stronger, and you will be protecting your child. You don’t have to be alone during this, I know numerous women, some friends that have been in a similar situation and still have trouble coping. But they are stronger, wiser, and independent. My mother was a victim with my father when he abused alcohol, I was 4 years old holding my mother on the staircase while she cried. My father got help after the divorce and my mother has been strong and independent ever since. My father is now a changed man and I love him dearly. Don’t let your son have to witness anymore abuse, physical, verbal, or emotional. he can feel what you feel. Save yourselves and live a life of fulfillment, not bowing to a man that literally shits on your things and then blames you for it. It may feel hard or as if you are a failure because your marriage didn’t work or that you had to move back home, but it is so much safer and you can grow as a beautiful woman and a strong mother .

  159. Tony says

    Perverted behavior as a teen influenced by pornography. Same sex experimentation as a teen and young adult ( now 50) Infidelity in marriage.

  160. love says

    I had a crush on a guy, my neighbor, for 2 years and he didn’t want me. His friend, a relative of another neighbor, started flirting with me and I wanted him instead. Then the old crush started flirting with me, wanting me too, and I felt flattered at first, but then felt like I was in a love triangle. The whole summer passed and I grew angry and bored and impatient. Something came on the TV that pissed me off, involving Obama. I have bipolar disorder and I snapped. I sent out dozens of angry, semi-racist text messages to the former crush (they are both non-white, I am white). In truth, I meant everything I said, and was mostly talking about how I’ve been mistreated by other races, but it certainly made me look bad and crazy. I did it again a month later. Finally I texted him letting him know I had a crush on his friend instead. They all gathered across the street and the old crush cursed me out, but the next day he was back to begging for my attention and flirting. He’s pursued me ever since, 5 years later. All this time I wanted to approach the new crushes family and tell them I want him and I’m sorry for what I did. Finally, after dreaming about it so much and making inroads with one of them, I did.
    He claimed to have reached out to his relative (my crush) who is with someone else and isn’t interested in me.

    I have to live with the fact I may have ruined the love of my life. I may not have. He may never have asked me out anyways or the relationship could have led to disaster or not worked out. But I’ll never know. And I’m older now, and looking to marry and have kids soon, so I don’t have time to wait for him.

    I have to live with the fact I should have approached his family and made amends and inquired about him sooner- not let 5 years pass with him always on the back burner of my mind.

    He’s the most beautiful, handsome man in my mind on earth. Tall, slim, perfect. But what do I know of him beyond his looks?

  161. Andy says

    I want to let go of all the many times I cheated on my wife with escorts. Today I’m single and I need to learn to stop wanting to have sex with escorts. I have probably lost somewhere in the 4000 dollar range over the years on escorts. Help me I’m tired of feeling like shit

  162. bob says

    Abusing substance as a mother
    not putting my child truly 1st…
    neglecting the gift of life…
    lying to the ones I love because of shame

  163. Leo says

    I was 15 and I shoplifted a lot of items from a nearby mall. A while ago I was caught, and I realized how it would affect my mother and father. They work hard everyday to take care of me, provide shelter for me, and food for me. My mom already had enough stress going on in her life, and I am just a bother to her. I cried and cried and cried when she picked me up from the juvenile detention center, I felt like the worst daughter on earth. This is the first time I’ve ever committed such a sin. I was with my friend, and as a teen, I just wanted the thrill and experience of it. I was an A student, and I never dated, or done drugs or anything. I regret everything that had happened that day, and my mothers stress had been getting worse and worse since that day. It was my sin, but my parents had to pay the fine and take care of it for me. And the worst part was that I had at least $40 with me, and yet I still stole. I lost all the respect and trust that my parents had in me. I also lost my dignity, going so low and resorting to stealing. I’m so sorry mom.

  164. Phill says

    I am brand new to the world of driving and thus poor at it. I forgot the traffic law about stopping in front of a school bus. There were no children in the way and I did slow down (People did this all the time when I was a kid). The bus driver honked on the horn and yelled at me. I was too embarrassed to stop. I feel utterly terrible and I have been beating myself up about it.

  165. becky says

    For the last 2 years my boyfriend has been treating me horrible, the same time I gave birth to our son. I love him but I cant cope anymore. I just cry over everything. It started when he hit me, and grabbed me round the neck, he said it was my fault I push him. Then he started his new job working away. Id go with our son to see him and the once he seemed off with me so I did what I shouldnt n looked at his emails. That’s when I found an email to someone asking it they could fit him in. I copy n paste the email address in google to see if anything came up. Thats when I found out she was an exotic thai escort, I was heartbroken and confronted him. He said he didnt no and had ago at me for reading his emails. When he stopped working he came home with the samsung tablet I brought him to only go on it and see in the contacts thai 1 thai 2 and thai 3. He said it wasnt him and he doesnt to where there came from. After that the violence started again and then my mom saw something was wrong so she booked me a holiday with my sister to go away for 4 nights im only 22 so I needed a brake from it all as I look after me and the boyfriend and our son, all on my money *bf* gives me no money for food ect or even his son. Anyway so we went away * me and my sister* only for me to come back to all my clothes ruin in cooking sauce, beach, wee and p.. and my mattress which he used as a toilet. He said its my fault I went away and he thought I cheated. I keep trying and trying with him but now ive found him talking to other girls. I no I shouldnt flip as there is nothing wrong with girl and boy being friends but I dont trust him. He has also joined dating site and escort sites in the past. I cant do it anymore and I feel he has broken me to my lowest and now I cant let him go because he said I cant do better then him. He doesnt let me talk to him he just takes the mick out of me and laughs when I start crying or havibg panic attacks, I dont no what to do and I need help. I dont no what to do anymore. I need help

  166. aaron says

    i had did great mistake in my life that is i had stolen a lot of money from my neibourhood house when i was 15 n 16 yrs but i am 19 years old so what to do to be free from this kind of guilt? plz reply plz frn

  167. Em says

    I want to let go all of the guilt I feel from not talking with my best friend for several months. She moved in with these girls and grew to really like them, and I was afraid that they were replacing me and she wouldn’t need me after a while. I was also at a really low point in my life and trying to figure out who I was. I was amazed that my friend was still putting up with me, and that she did her best to make me feel better about myself. Eventually though, it got to be too much for her and I feel incredibly guilty for that. She’s forgiven me now…but I still don’t always feel like I deserve to be friends with her again.

  168. rija says

    I want to let go of the embarrassment of being used by a man who I showed my soul to I was completely honest with him, sacrificed my happiness for him and he used me for my money and then got engaged to someone else while we were to gather . I feel exposed, humiliated and beyond hurt.

  169. Heartbroken says

    I want to let go of the guilt, ramose and regret for cheating on my, now ex, boyfriend. He was a wonderful person with a beautiful soul and I just got caught up on the excitement and thrill of doing something I never thought I was capable of doing. I lost his trust, his love and any future I may have had with him. He forgave me and gave me another chance but I was so caught up on self-pity and guilt I didn’t take care myself or my relationship. I lost his love and now he is with someone else.

  170. Clayton says

    Well, I wanna let go all the terrible things from my past: the things that I did, the words I said and even the thoughts I thought, where I INTENTIONALLY hurt two women’s feelings with my rudeness, and I believe they two will know that I’m talking about them.

    One of those woman I refer to had her art works and style literally thrashed/”criticized” by me with the harshest, stupidest and nastiest words possible, where I lacked any sense of respect to her and her life in TWO days.
    To me it’ still nowadays the most embarrassing and traumatizing thing that I ever did to someone: how could I say such horrible things to her ? She didn’t deserve NOTHING of this at all!
    In the end, she wrote me that she doesn’t want me contacting her again.
    Nice job, Clayton. Nice job. *facepalm*

    As for the other one, we had some serious argument that ended with me keep ordering her to draw me something that she didn’t want to and her calling me “rude” all the time. I tried to apologize to her but it was too late.

    I wanna let go ALL guilt, sorrow, remorse and all these horrible things from the past from my life. I’m even taking providences to this, searching on the Internet how to forgive and like myself despite all my mistakes. I’m literally in a journey of self discovery and knowledge, facing and confronting my past almost everyday, despite the fear I feel and the guilt wanting to come back along with my “Heisenberg”/”I AM THE DANGER!” side, trying to condemn me and crush my willpower, my hopes and my wish to move on.

    However, this is a “fight” that I’m sure that I’ll win, and to quote “Highlander”: “There can be only one!”

    “And you ask me what I want this year
    And I try to make this kind and clear
    Just a chance that maybe we’ll find better days
    Cuz I don’t need boxes wrapped in strings
    And desire and love and empty things
    Just a chance that maybe we’ll find better days

    So take these words
    And sing out loud
    Cuz everyone is forgiven now
    Cuz tonight’s the night the world begins again
    Cuz tonight’s the night the world begins again”
    Goo Goo Dolls ~ “Better Days”

    “‘Cause you’re a sky, ’cause you’re a sky full of stars
    I want to die in your arms (oh, oh)
    ‘Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark
    I’m going to give you my heart”
    Coldplay ~ “A Sky Full Of Stars ”

    “If people refuse to look at you in a new light and they can only see you for what you were, only see you for the mistakes you’ve made, if they don’t realize that you are not your mistakes, then they have to go.” ~ “vinnikeez” comment on “Learn to Forgive Yourself Even When You’ve Hurt Someone Else” article.

    PS.: We’re all human. We make mistakes that we can regret later. But once we learn from them and stop seeing everything in the positive/negative light and see everything as a teaching for life instead, we grow and mature in life. Life is an “eternal” teacher and therefore, we’re always “in training”. ;)
    I thank you ladies for this opportunity you brought to my life to improve and mature myself. I confess that, without these events, I’d never had the attitude of entering this journey in search of wisdom, changing myself for the better and starting loving me for who I am. May ALL the gods bless you and that you two “live long and prosper”, heh. :)

    – Goblinko The Bat

  171. Alias says

    I have been in a three year long distance relationship and have slept with someone else twice, both times I had drunk too much alcohol and lost control. I dont want to lie and keep secrets but I cant see how I can tell my partner without a huge amount of pain and suffering for both of us……In the past he was unfaithful to me…we have been to in a relationship a complicated relationship for over six years and we have come a long way, but he has improved the way he treats me…i feel horrible, i cant look at his face when we are skypeing without feeling disgusted with myself. To make things more complicated I am a professing Christian and feel like I have been unfaithful to two people…God and my partner….

  172. lucky's charm says

    I am only 18yrs old and I have low esteem! drop out of school, and started living the street life!!!!!!! giving myself away to the wrong boy’s just living life like a Monster,,,, smoking weed drinking, snorting powder, had an abortion!!! live just going down the wrong path!!! I just want god to forgive me everyday I wake up I feel like why,,, ugh another depressing day, I just feel like everyone in the world is against me,,,,,, I need help crying out for help!!!!! I feel like my life is over,,,,, and I feel like that I will never ever find a husband in the future cause of my past relations and my lifestyle!!! nor happiness, I am a very intelligent girl, very beautiful, but my past just wont let me love myself!!!! no sleep, no good days,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do I do? PRAYING FOR BETTER DAY!!!! IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #HELP

  173. Brooke says

    I live with regret of experimenting with drugs and now I worry that it has ruined my life. Really brings on a lot of regret. I want to let my past go and start worrying about today only

  174. leep says

    i kissed a guy for a dare and other people were there and they told others and i regret it so much and i didn’t want anyone to know.

  175. Happygolucky says

    I want to let go of all of the pain and sorrow I caused my sons by being arrested for shoplifting. I had no jail time. One loves me no meter what, the other has cut me out of his life. His unforgiveness makes it hard for me to forgive myself and get over the past. I have apologized, but no response. I have to let go. This is making mr so depressed, ashamed, worried, sadder than hell, even suicidal. but I can’t change
    it…the past…I will change my future, with or without his forgiveness. God has forgiven me.

  176. Sad girl says

    i cheated on my boyfriend when he was abusing me and I thought he stopped loving me, so I went elsewhere for attention and now regret it more than anything

  177. KP says

    I lied to my husband about my relationship history when he asked me. I wasn’t honest because I didn’t want to hurt him about a non-relevant past.

  178. Rachelle says

    I started smoking and now I am addicted. I am going through a divorce and so is my partner and we live together and are having sex. I feel extremely guilty for these things. I can’t stop either thing and would love to let go somehow

  179. Joey says

    I want to let go something that I did to my best friend I hurt her and in no intention meant to I would never want to even hurt her and now she won’t talk to me and I have no idea how I want to let go of it but I can’t because i still need her in my life but I don’t know how to even talk to her anymore without her ignoring me.

  180. Matt K says

    I had an emotional affair on my wife of 6 years, together 8 years. I have lost my wife and family. I want to let go of the guilt, the self blame, the selfpunishment, I cant take it any longer. Every day is heart wrenching. I want to forgive myself for my mistakes, and become a better person. I want to feel joy and happiness. I wish that could be with her, but doubtful. I am slowly dying inside and need to let it go.

  181. Chantal says

    I have soo many things to let go of ,, unhappy childhood, absent parents, foster homes, abortions, and now when I drink I get nasty with my partner.. I insulted friends the other evening and feel soo bad and embarrassed as they said they never wanna see me again.. I’m a good person ,, just made a bad mistake and now feel overwhelmed with sadness , can’t take it back but have to get past it..

  182. Kailee says

    I want to let go of the guilt and shame for not being perfect. I want to except my imperfections, and love myself for every single bit of who I am. I want to let go of feeling like I’m not good enough. I want to accept and always remember that I am undeserving of God’s and others’ love. I want to let go of that one specific mistake that’s holding me back in life. I want to wake up every morning, knowing that God is on my side, along with so many other people. I want to stop feeling like I don’t deserve my boyfriend, or my supportive family, or my happiness. I want to, once and for all, let go of all negativity towards myself, to let go of the guilt and shame I have for the mistake, accept and embrace my imperfections, and love myself just as much as God loves me.

  183. Gaq says

    I want to let go all the past, accept myself for exactly who I am. I accept that I’ve made mistakes and that people have made mistakes that I didn’t like. I want to let go and forgive myself completely and start over

  184. TR says

    I cheated on my wonderful girlfriend. It was a drunken kiss, one I don’t recall, but it happened. It was my fault, I got too drunk, I made a mistake. A big one. But I have learned from it. It’s made me realise what I got, and how much I want that relationship to work. I will tell her tomorrow, and maybe we can both forgive my actions. I will not let this destroy our wonderful memories.

  185. idiot says

    I want to let go of quitting a job after two days that could have been awesome, I could have been independent for a while and I wrecked it all because I was afraid. Now I have to go back to NZ and stay with my mum, I should have just been stronger and hung in there, but it felt like everything was working against me, I tried, failed, quit and I can’t fix it….

  186. di says

    pain and suffering i caused myself, my children, my husband , other family members and friends due to my alcoholism, mental illness, bulimia and cigarette smoking

  187. SuperSorry says

    I’m really sorry for all my past mistakes and trust me they are numerous. From hurting my parents, family, friends and others hurting me and me raging at them and for me hurting myself so badly so, so many times. For trying to numb myself and for taking so long to forgive myself. I’ve stolen, lied, cheated, used and been used. I would love to feel I deserved the really good things in life that so many others enjoy on a daily basis.

  188. Stefanie says

    I knew his wife. I was black out drunk. He was drunk. After drunken flirting, we wound up sleeping together. This was 5 years ago. I cannot forgive myself. I am ashamed, scared that everyone knows and that my reputation proceeds me. I want to forgive myself and move on.

  189. Vee says

    Reply for Gina:
    This was NOT your fault. I know you might feel this way, but you did not force your friend to get drunk, nor did you break her headlight and you did not make her yell at her daughter. Each person is responsible for their own actions. You can’t blame yourself for the mistakes that someone else has made. She chose to do something irresponsible and is now paying for it, but this was not your doing — and she should know this, herself.
    Some people are terrible drunks; they get angry, say rude things, lash out at people, or they become extremely depressed and do bad things. From the comment you posted, I get the feeling that this night was not the first night that your friend got drunk and started acting out because of it.
    People who can’t handle alcohol well should stay away from drinking, because sooner or later, you end up doing something bad and paying for it dearly. Her irresponsibility is not your fault, and you shouldn’t be blaming yourself for it.
    She is being unreasonable towards you by punishing you for her mistakes, when it was her own fault she ended up with the DUI. She is an adult, fully capable of making her own choices and taking responsibility for them. The later death in her family also does not excuse her past actions and poor choices.
    Please try not to beat yourself up over this – it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry your friend is being so unreasonable towards you, and I’m sorry that this has split up your daughters.
    Take care.~

  190. Vee says

    Reply for Lauren Wright:
    If you are finding yourself reaching out to so many people physically like this, including people you barely know, you will eventually need to explore why it is you feel such a strong desperation for physical comfort like this.
    You aren’t doing this because you’re a bad person and you’re not a slut. There is obviously something in your life that has caused you to feel an emptiness inside of you and you are trying to fill it with these men.
    In the end, you will have to discover what it is that is making you feel this way and find something in your life that will fill up that void in you in a way you can feel good about. I wish you the best of luck.~

  191. Vee says

    Reply for Brianna:
    Hello there. I read your post here and I just felt like leaving a message for you.
    God doesn’t get back at people for making mistakes or doing wrong. You are young – everyone makes mistakes, and especially young people who don’t yet truly understand how love and relationships work. Try not to be too hard on yourself, things will work out for you. Also – don’t worry about God being angry with you. God understands everything that we do and why we do the things we do. God is loving and forgiving, he forgives us long before we forgive ourselves. You can do something truly terrible in life and God will even forgive you then. He forgives people who steal and murder and still loves them. God never takes revenge on people. Bad things happen to people not because of God, but because often because of the actions of other human beings. We all have the free will to do whatever we like, be it good things or bad things. If something bad happens to you in life, it wasn’t God who did this to you. Unfortunately, sometimes shit just happens and we can’t do anything to stop it, but that wasn’t God’s doing.
    Take care of yourself and try to feel better, you didn’t do anything wrong. :)

  192. Mae says

    I forgive myself for not dealing with problems in my relationship face on and the poor decisions i have made in the past as a result of that. I forgive myself for not being able to disclose the full details of past mistakes and I also forgive myself for not being able to let it go. I now choose to let it go and commit myself to fulling experiencing the present, and take the valuable growth and knowledge from my mistakes with me to help improve my character and be able to love more honestly and be compassionate with not only myself but others too.

  193. Sam says

    I kissed another boy other than my boyfriend and I can’t tell him I’ll never hurt him again I promise and I’m going to put all my might into not lying or hurting him again

  194. don says

    I stole money. I became dishonest to my wife. I am weak at this point. I messed up and i even thought of ending my life.

  195. Drew says

    8 weeks ago ago I lost the love of my life. We were at the beach and got into a huge argument, which was my fault. I said terrible things, and ended up slapping her. I have apologized several times in writing. I haven’t ever done anything like this before. I feel so so bad, I’m truly sorry and remorseful. She want speak to me, or forgive me,and I don’t blame her. What do I do. I have talked to counselors, friends, and her brother. I just can’t forget what I did. I really care for her deeply, and want her to know I’m truly sorry.

  196. Dumb bunny says

    I was mad at my boss and ” borrowed 400$ for 12 hours from the company credit card now I have to realize how dumb it was to react then when he returns in a week own up to it… I could lose a job that I really hate

  197. Alphonse says

    I’m in a relationship but I slept with one of my best friends. We were drunk and when we got to her apartment I kissed her and went inside her bedroom. The biggest issue here is that the next morning she asked what happened last night. She doesn’t remember anything. I basically raped her and I didn’t meant to hurt her. I never detected any negative behaivour on her, she never told me to stop I thought she was enjoying it. I thought the both of us were having such a good time and now she is blaming herself. I told her that if anything it is my fault. She is a beautifull person and I feel awful, I hate myself and I have no idea what to do. I have said that I am sorry but I know that wont solve anything she still blames herself and I probably destroyed one of my greatest friendships. I also must tell my girlfriend I can´t look her in the eye and not tell her.

  198. Dan L. says

    My x fiance…she’s moved on and happy after our 7yr relationship. 5 months later she’s happy with another man. I miss her and her kids I tears are flowing and I hurt, I’m depressed. I’m 35 with no one at home. I want to not think and not hurt anymore..

  199. Scott says

    I was extremely mean to a girlfriend
    I assaulted my father
    I assaulted my sister
    I was cruel to my son
    I was abusive to my wife in a drunken rage
    I lied to make money
    I lied about other people I worked with
    I had non-sexual relationships during my marrage
    I was disrespectful to my father in law
    I was disrespectful to my uncle
    I was cruel to my younger cousins
    I was cruel to my sister
    I was not attentive to my mother when she was sick

  200. brittany says

    I became close to a man that I thought was really sweet and funny. WE went out on a few dates. While he did some things that were questionable, I never gave him a chance. I chose to return back to my ex boyfriend and am still hoping that things will be better between us now… I regret ever letting the other man go. I think about him all the time. When i see him at work, I can see how hurt I made him. He won’t look at me in the face anymore…. I waited too long to tell him I was talking to someone else and I feel terrible about it. I really do.

  201. Me says

    I treated my kind and caring boyfriend poorly and hurt him many times. I pushed him away and now I miss him every day. I caused our breakup.

  202. SMS says

    I was out celebrating and got extremely drunk. I kept running into stuff and my bf said it was time to go. I cried the whole way home because I wanted to stay and dance. I feel like such an asshole. Why can’t I be normal and go out and have fun? I feel so guilty and childish. I’m letting it all go now. A new me is in progress.

  203. DC says

    I want to let go of few decision I have taken in the past. I wanted to buy a home. So I have searched it for two and half years. finally I purchased the home. based on opinion of others, I felt that I made wrong decision. I payed more money than I should have paid. I regret deeply for the same. but my father, my wife and my all other family members supports my decision and always says me encouraging words. I want to get rid of this situation. I want to get rid of my bad habit. I always regret once I made some decision. like I would be good if I could have done this so and so. Please help me. I am running out of my present life. I almost either live in past or worries for future. Let me tell you, rest of the things are very good in my life such as very good job, very good family ( my wife, and my 8 year old son). I love my life and I want to live it fully in present. Please give some advice. this kind of situation arise frequently in my life which damage me a lot. If makes me so negative that I cant see whatever good in my life. I bag your words of advice for the same.

  204. Ben says

    I’m working abroad and one night out I drank way to much and kissed a girl, I’ve been in a steady relationship for 3 years and this is really killing me, I feel sick to my stomach and I am having panic attacks every night since it happened, I don’t want to tell my girlfriend because it will break her heart! I don’t know what to do.

  205. Spirit says

    I was secretly in love with my friend, but acted like we were just friends. I knew that if she really knew how I felt, she would ditch me. We got too close once (tickle fight), and she put distance between us soon after. I’m gay in a relationship, and she’s straight. I could never see her for the talented exquisite person she was because I was so stuck in the fantasy of who I wanted her to be. She started spending tons of time on Instagram (IG) and I got jealous and made fun of her while eating out one night. My partner came to the same restaurant to meet a friend, which was weird. The following was our last text exchange. I haven’t heard from her since:

    Her: I am still processing what happened last night in the restaurant

    I need time to take care of some issues that I am becoming aware of.

    I trust we will connect soon

  206. Em says

    I’ve been single for 4 months. And I haven’t had sex in 4 months as well because I don’t want sex without a relationship. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Money, loneliness, car trouble. And have been hanging out with a guy from work. But just as friends. I’m not interested in him in any other way. Well I drank to much last night wheel we were hanging out. He didn’t drink very much. I had sex with him. I’m so ashamed, angry, sad, and every other emotion at the same time. I can’t believe I did it. I’m so mad. I don’t know how to get over it.

  207. Mona Rista says

    The fact that I made some horrible decisions, and I’m afraid to tell anyone, because I would get in big trouble… So i worry about it every day, and i dont even know if i can if my normal life anymore

  208. SallyQV says

    I AM SO SAD I didn’t take the opportunites I had in California and use them more. I thought I had to come back to Colorado because my family is here so I broke up with my boyfriend who was a nice guy and really loved me and left and now I am trapped and my parents are depressed and my career field feels like a dead end (I wanted to be a painter, now I realize that they all end up living with there parents…) JESUS I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT AND I AM PARAKYZED by inaction . I will be here waiting table for the rest of my life and I want to go home. I don’t know why I became so unhappy I think I was lonely. I MISS IT ALL AND I FEEL LIKE NOTHING WILL EVER BE THAT GOOD AGAIN.

  209. FG says

    Losing the best woman I would ever be with, who loved me more than I loved her but over our time together I rejected that love until it was too late.

  210. down2earth says

    I did the same exact thing a few weeks ago, your were probably just curious and unsure about yourself. Now you know what you want and don’t want.

  211. Mike says

    When I was drunk at a party in 8th grade there was a kid who keep bragging he had a big dick. When I was really drunk and he was passed out I looked at his dick. Idk why I did it. I guess I was just curious. It bothers me everyday that I would do something like that cause that’s not who I am. Now everytime I get really close to a girl I feel the need to tell them as if I need there forgiveness or approvment that it was ok and that I made a mistake. I just wish it never happened and I feel so guilt and sick about myself that I would do something like that.

  212. Waterman says

    I want to let go of the fact that I have physically abused two of my past partners in life. I want to let go that I have lied and cheated at times to get ahead or to try and get myself out of situations I did not want to be a part of. I keep making the same mistakes and I think it is because I have already self – destructed so much that I just tell myself how much worse CAN I already make it since I’ve repeated the same mistakes over and over. I want to start living with and contributing positively to the amazing people I love and care about who love and care about me. I absolutely hate myself for so many things in my past. How can I possibly let it all go??

  213. Human says

    I have on more than one occasion compulsively masturbated in public places. It was the only way i knew to cope with my anxieties. I was caught in the act and humiliated/abandoned by my peers, thus making the anxiety worse and starting a vicious cycle. On some days I still regret it

  214. Josh says

    Today I was experimenting w this guy I met on Campus. I told him that I was bi but I honestly wasn’t sure what I was sexually. So we met during lunch and I’m a freshman in college, he’s a senior. We started talking and eventually he starts to like me. That’s fine but I didn’t like him like that. So after that we go to a lobby and start talking more. It was cool. Now he invited me to his house and I was like Yeah sure. I don’t mind. So we pull up to the house, go inside, start talking again. We’re sitting on the bed. I lean in to kiss him and it felt nice at first but the more I did it, the more uncomfortable it got. Eventually I was completely bombed out by it and was ready to go home. He was like why u wanna go and I told him that I don’t feel comfortable doing this. He took me back to the campus and I felt so much regret that I had to do something for what I just did. So there is a girl I’ve been talking to that’s a freshman as well.. I went to her room and we kissed and then I went to talk to this hot girl. I jus had to do something to get that kiss out of my system. I felt so uncomfortable kissing him but at first it was ok. Now I’m definitely am not kissing another guy ever!!

  215. Phi the rising phi-nix says

    To start out, I am 22 and I have been doing so well at letting the thoughts and memories of my ex boyfriend Sean (27) gradually fade away in the past 5 months…. until tonight. I was transferring pictures of us from the 15 months of living together and all of a sudden our memories, good and bad, started to come back along with the guilt that I’ve been trying to let go of. All of my guilt came from abusing him verbally. I was miserable because I bought into his expectations of me to also be as sporty as he was which I was never able to meet. I felt like he was controlling and wanted to change me to be the “ideal version” that he imagined in his mind: keep active physically (by walking or jogging outside with him without warm enough clothing when it’s 14 degrees outside), know what I am passionate about and what I want in life (I was 21 for fuck’s sake I don’t think anyone can EXPECT me to know what I want in life, I am 22 now and I still don’t) , have a steady job and attend college. All very reasonable and good intentions right? But what good would it do when he was all in my face FORCING me to do so? It just made me resent him and want to find a way to snap back at him. I was doing the same thing in my head, expecting him to be the “ideal” person that I WANTED, instead of grow to love him for him. Often I would call him stupid or idiot or even useless or worthless when he can’t do a task that I request. This habit came from my interactions with friends in the past. Little did I know, I can’t use the “sass” I do around my girlfriends calling each others “hoes” “bitches” or “stupid” in a joking way with my man, especially when he have had bad experiences with it in the past. He brought it up a couple of times….but I never understood how much damage it was doing to him and insisted that he just needs to be less sensitive. I didn’t get how relationships work anyhow at the time so I feel like if I have the chance to do it all over again with the same exact knowledge I knew at that time, I’d end up doing the same exact thing I did. I was also in deep fear of having a 9 to 5 job that pays the minimum wage that I settled for a part-time online job that was paying $12 – 30 an hour working only 2 – 5 hours a day, a couple days a week….making under $900 a month. I was so afraid of failing or being not-enough to keep a job that I just hid behind the excuse of, I am okay….when I wasn’t….both of us knew that. Now the negative belief of I am not enough or I am worthless came from being criticized all the time and the feeling of being abandoned as a kid. My mom passed away when I was 10 and my dad was not there for me in the next few months following that…and it has caused me to feel a deep sense of betrayal and abandonment from both of my parents. All of those things have caused me to be triggered emotionally whenever I felt like Sean didn’t care. I would blow up and shift into anger almost immediately. He expressed that he felt like he was walking on eggshells with me all the time and it has stressed him out greatly. And being the ignorant person with no relationship experience I was, his concern just flew right past my head. I pretended like the relationship was okay…and actually believed that it was fine. My cup was filled by him and his attentions but he was drained. I just didnt fill his cup. But of course there were other good and bad things in our relationships. There were many compromises, and many healthy commitments that at least balanced out the bad….or so I thought. However, things got worse because we didn’t know how to efficiently communicate, mostly because when I presented my concerns, he just say “I am sorry” and EXPECTED me to forgive him without further discussing. And his concerns were so poorly expressed that I never grasped what he was talking about 90% of the times. We got to the point of screaming at each other at 3 in the morning, calling each other the most horrible names imagined because we were so hurt and broken inside that all we wanted to do was to get at each other and inflict pain in any possible way. And after 4ish months of misery and constantly putting each other down and getting on and off saying let’s break up but never have the strength to actually let go….he finally made up his mind and broke up with me…and this time it was real). We continued to live for 3 and a half miserable more months together because I did not have the courage to let him go. I thought staying there would somehow change his mind, but it only made things worse. All of those guilt and emotional roller coaster aftermaths of a breakup slowly devoured whatever respect and love we had left for each other.
    I finally moved out almost 2 months ago, focusing and focusing and focusing on keeping busy and filling that void left behind by that relationship with physical exercise, personal development programs, learned as many tools to get me back on track. And still… that guilt of “I could have done better” lingers. Perhaps I need to remind myself that I am only human and I will make mistakes… just like everyone else. Choosing forgiveness and peace would free my present and future from the negative belief of “ya but what if I did things differently?” because…. like mentioned above, with the knowledge I had at the time….most I wouldn’t have done it very much differently.

    So I choose to forgive myself and let go of regret that will get in the way of my self – love and self – acceptance.

  216. Mya says

    Lord, I need forgiveness from you and for myself for not setting boundaries from the beginning in my relationships. Now, I have compromised my values and the man that I love seems to have lost respect for me. We used to be such good friends before and at the beginning of before our relationship. I should have listened to you and the people that you sent to me to set boundaries . Now I am trying to set them and he feels like I don’t love him and am taking things away. I thought we’d agreed about this as believers. I remember when he had other Godly men around him discussing this, we were on the same page. I’m not sure what happened, but it’s back to square one. I need your forgiveness and help to fix the mess that I created and to let it go to you. Help me to be strong and courageous for you are The Lord, my God and you are with me wherever I go. Help me be strong enough to not hang on to my past mistakes and to move forward into your will knowing that what the devil meant for evil, you can turn it into good. Lord, you know my heart, and you know my true intentions and how I just wanted us to spiritually grow together, but not my will, but your will be done. I am human, fall short, and makes mistakes. Thank you for understanding this, loving me anyway, and being so quick to forgive me always. Thank you for your love and your peace. I forgive myself because I fall short. That’s what I have Jesus for, to remind me how much I need him. Forgive me Jesus for not putting the focus on you, and expecting so much from a man who also falls short. Help me to be strong from here and to let him go to you, so our lives can be better whether together or apart. Although that sounds sad and scary, help me to trust you and let him go to you. I pray that during this time, you teach him to be slow to anger, be quick to forgive, develop patience, self-control, understanding, and wisdom. Again, please put the right Godly men around him to develop him spiritually. Lord, let him be willing to go to events together as a couple that talk about purity if that’s in your will.

  217. Tris says

    Me and this boy were at a party and we were drunk so things got quite heated between us both but now my heads not spinning and I can see straight I completely regret it. It’s not like me at all to do that.

  218. Broken says

    I had what I thought was a man who loved me I gave in the his. Request and now he dumped me said I was too high maintenance for him he said he loved me but he put every think before me I would go to his home he would say hello then read his news on his I pad read his mail play his casino games then after all that he would turn to me. He never said I was nice looking nice said any thing about how I dress never a word about me personally yet he said he loved me. Then one. Day after I drove him for a treatment I told him I could not stay long he went into his bedroom and I waited one hr looked and saw he was lying on the bed so I left. After I left he called I told him why I left. He said he was making a phone call I never heard that and told him I did not hear him. He screamed something at me and broke up now he said I gave him some disease I was married for. 53 years to the same man and no sex how could that be I am sick over it I think he just wanted to dump me. How could I be such a fool.

  219. Blarg_2 says

    I was at my step-grandmother’s house a month or two ago, and while with my cousin (please note, I am 13,) I stole her makeup when my cousin was not looking, I also took two of her makeup bags to store the makeup in. Then, I proceeded to stealing my grandfather’s Jujyfruit candies. On the drive back to our state, I started feeling really guilty. I ate the candy when I was alone, and I hid the makeup in my closet, hoping to return it the next time we would see them. But, my mom found it yesterday. She was extremely disappointed in me, and worse, I tried to say I borrow the makeup from my friend. So, she called my friend, and my friend told my mom she had no idea what my mom was talking about. I lied to my mother, which was awful, but worse, I hurt my mother and my family. The next day I called my step-grandmother and grandfather, apologized to them, addressed my idiotic mistake, and offered to buy my step-grandmother more makeup, and to buy my grandfather the candy I stole and ate. They were so kind, and told me that what I did hurt them, but they’d never be mad at me. I bought them makeup and candy, and sent it to them today. I have finally forgiven myself, and my mother is not upset anymore, just disappointed. I have begun to earn her trust back. That felt good to say.

  220. Share says

    I divorced my husband because I couldn’t be the wife he needed or deserved. I couldn’t be the person I wanted or needed to be. I needed to find me and grow up. I can’t forgive myself for not being able to live up to my end of the deal.

  221. xome says

    Be careful what you wish for. How true this old saying is.

    My husband (though never actually married) of 18 years, I destroyed. He is a good man, always there for me, did every and anything for me. Loved me and still does. I met someone online in a game and through friendly talk ended up thinking I am in love with him. We decided to meet in another state and my husband busted his butt to raise money for a trip that was doomed to destroy everything.
    I returned home after a week and told him I was going to leave. Why? This great love of a man I don’t even know. He helped me leave and I moved 6 states away. The new man and I were not able to get together and I got homesick and he asked me to come home and I did but only for a month. That was a year ago…. I moved 5 states the other direction and for the past 5 months the new man has been with me. I don’t love him. I do love my husband but not the way he deserves.
    I cry daily. I’ve wanted to die. The hurt I caused him should never happen to anybody.
    I can’t get past it though he forgave me immediately and we still talk daily as friends. He has met someone finally and has a chance to be happy if it works out.
    I seriously am having trouble living with myself. It’s been pain on a daily basis. I want to be happy. I’m no spring chicken and the new guy is 14 years younger than me. What could he be thinking? He says he doesn’t care if I’m ‘sexless’ he loves me. ugh… I can’t do things like that if the feelings are not there and that was the problem with my husband. The feelings requiring that were not there though I love him dearly. I can’t go back… I would never EVER want to put him through that again and I can’t trust myself. I don’t know that I’ll ever get over the hurt of the things I’ve done

  222. doodah says

    I worked hard for a month to get my EX back I followed a book. It worked! I got her to eat lunch with me. My next step was to ask her to a theme park to reignite a spark. But yesterday I had a break down and said some of the worst things. One reason my ex left me. It was a mental breakdown from the divorce and seeing her beautiful face at lunch this past weekend. I put in a month of self help to get her to lunch. All I had to do was ask her to a theme park for our next outing. Instead I lashed out at my parents for ruining my relationship. which led me in to a nervous break down and I said things to my ex you don’t say to some one you love. especially her. I wish I could take it back but no one ever forgives me. I broke down because I love her so much. She will not forgive me and said all she wants is friends. I’ve ruined everything. Im lost and lonely. But its my own fault.

  223. guilt. says

    I cheated on my boyfriend. I told him but I can’t forgive myself because I now love him. I still hurting and its been 11 months when this happened. I told him on the 10th of this month after we made a year together on the 9th . He cried and it hurt me deeply because I never ever wanted to hurt him. I can’t seem to forgive myself even thought he forgives me and swears he still loves me.

  224. Stupid says

    I met the man of my life 19 years ago. the second I saw him I knew I wanted to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him. We started dating and less than a month into the relationship I cheated on him multiple times with ex partners that I had no respect for. because I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my boyfriend that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with I always felt as if he was cheating on me and wanted to huhe treated me so different from any man I ever dated. He treated me so different from any man I ever dated. Therefore I never felt his love and always believed he was cheating on me I’ve never treated the way he treated me. He is a very laid back, shy, passive person and I have never dated anyone like that. We got married in 2001 had five children together and I still never felt loved by him so I cheated on him six years into our marriage. after I cheated I found that I could not live with the guilt. I ended up totally trashing our home and destroying our family. My heart breaks I did all this but I truly was never happy with the man I thought I wanted every since I laid eyes on him. Every single day I felt so alone empty and unheard and never could understand why I wanted him. Now I see what an amazing man he is and any woman would give her left arm to have a man like him. Even though he is an amazing man, husband, father and provider I still wanna let him go. I feel as if I would be very lonely with out him. I love him more than anything BUT I don’t think I deserve him.

  225. Ruined it all again says

    Parents divorced when I was 11, (dad had an affair) I was heartbroken. Id always been daddies princess, but he never bothered with me after he moved out. The only time I saw him was if rang or contacted him. At 13 I finally hit the destruction button of life……. If my own dad didn’t want me then nobody would. Got into drink & drugs, pregnant at 15, raped at 17. All the while still craving my dad’s attention. I put my poor mum through such hell. So glad she never gave up on me. She died when I was 27, & I struggle every day, (12yrs) I’m sad & angry that she was taken so young. I’m angry at myself for causing her so much pain. & I’m so angry that I pushed away for so many yrs & yet I know I should’ve embraced it coz it’s the 1 thing now that I crave.
    I’ve been in abusive relationships & yet now it’s me doing the abusing.
    I have become the person I so don’t want to be!!!! MY DAD!!!! It sickens me that I’ve beaten up my boyfriend, smashed up our home that we worked hard for. & I’m embarrassed that I’ve let myself become him.
    Sooooo need to let him know that I’m finally seeking help about my issues & I can’t promise you I’ll never let it get to this stage again.
    I’m sorry.x

  226. Joshua Mitchell says

    Making the love of my life cry and making her feel a certain way about herself because of my careless mistake and for doubting myself and being so hard on myself to the point of no return also feeling sad near my girlfriend I let it all go today

  227. Joshua Mitchell says

    For masturbating to a picture of a girl I use to have a crush on. For question if I truly was in love with my girlfriend and for not being honest the first time with her when I had the issue. Last but not least for fantasizing other women when she gave me head when I was drunk one time.

  228. Mike says

    I know that everyone makes mistakes, and we all have to learn from them. Worrying about the past only makes things worst. What’s important is the present, and the future. I am letting go!!! For good!

  229. paul says

    I was addicted to porn during my marriage, even though I called myself a christian. I affected my marriage badle and made me get angry and my wife and i separated. I was so sad and lonely that i looked for love instead of working on myself and my marriage. I SO regret that because now I am in a relationship with a lovely beautiful lady for 3 years and I have been pulling away from her because I still have so much unresolved guilt and hurt that i dont feel ready to marry this lovely lady. I dont want to jeaopardize this relationship but eventually she will drop me because she is sick of getting hurt. I know I havent forgiven myself for the divorce. Whats worse is that my ex still loves me and wants me back!!

  230. Tiggergirl says

    I have physical feelings for a guy I dated over 10 years ago. I am really in love with him. I have been since we reconnected when my marriage fell apart to someone else. I hurt him tremendously and feel such regret. We have been great friends for years and he even gave me and my oldest a place to stay when I needed one. We just moved in. Despite all my protestations I have discovered I am still in love with him. Physically I am overweight and have major dental issues that need looked at (didn’t have dental insurance for 4 years that could have prevented this issue). He has verbally stated he had no feelings for me and was only a friend when my ex accused us of romantic interest. Now I am in a tough spot of desire but know disappointment is immanent if I pursue something. I regret all of the things I have done to get here. I loved him and clearly still do, but because of choices I made he will never be mine again to love. My heart breaks everyday now.

  231. MaryK says

    How I manage to hurt my God, my husband and my best friend and myself with the stupid choice to be unfaithful! Even though my God forgives me, my husband is doing is very best to forgive me my gf I have yet to even tell the truth to….and myself who wakes up every day with regret! The past I can not change….Will I ever be able to look into his eyes and not see a reflection of the pain I inflicted not only on him but everyone who knows! I sooo want to let go of this feeling of being less than, a loser someone who without real deep thought has impacted her thoughts perhaps for the rest of her life…please pray for me.

  232. Heather says

    I sent another man a boudoir photo of myself that a professional took. The photo was mean for my fiancée and when you saw that I sent it to a friend who was talking to me in a derogatory manner he called off our wedding and I don’t know how to live with that.

  233. Blue says

    I’m so sorry for how I treated you after the break up. I’m so sorry for how I still treat you. I wish I were a stronger person, but the pain of losing you was a lot for me to cope with during a time when I was already struggling. I can’t erase anything I ever said to you or did, but if somehow this apology doesn’t come out like a groveling, emotional mess, or even if it does, please, please, please accept my apology and know that I’ll always try to grow into a better person. I’ll never stop doing that, and to all the sentient beings and love and goodness that is out there in the world, I hope I can find peace.

  234. DJ says

    A friend wanted to hang out, after she got better. I texted her, and after she didn’t reply, I sent her a long rambling message full of pain. I feel like I’ve ruined the friendship, and hurt her feelings. It’s so awkward and I just wish I had played it cool.

  235. 4give me says

    My boyfriend of 10 yrs we separated once for like six or seven months during this time I slept with his brother and his brother’s wife I just told him we are now married for 5 months it took all of me to tell him it’s no excuse for what ive done I guess I wanted him to hurt like he hurt me for all those years now I can’t forgive myself…… *advice anyone*

  236. monty says

    I loved a girl since 2003 and started drinking in 2007 when she left me alone I ve been drinking for the last 7 years everyday but now no more I ve already wasted my whole youth drinking nd feeling being lonely…I want to start afresh again nd ll never think about her again ever in my whole life

  237. Siti Nur I'syah says

    Hello everyone, my name is I’syah and I’m from Singapore. These are the words that I could never convey to someone whom I used to love and care about. I feel extremely guilty towards him and I’m truly sorry towards all his close friends and loved ones for leaving him high and dry. Dear Gideon Chia, I hope that they have social media up there and if they don’t, I pray that The Most High will show to you what I’m putting down here when that ‘time’ comes. I never thought that I’d see you again, not in person but on my tv screen where you were filling in as extras in a Malay Drama. I was eating dinner with my husband when I saw you that night. I waited for the drama to be over and for the credits to roll. I was shocked when I saw (in loving memory) beside your name. I frantically searched on Facebook for your profile for condolences. I was still in a state of denial and disbelief. I saw that your close friends have gathered and tagged each other at your funeral on your Facebook wall. I felt so wrong and so bad, for dropping you like a bad habit. I wanted out of our relationship and I saw no other way to do it. I blocked you on MSN, on Facebook and even threw away the SIM card so you would completely have no access to me. I never gave you a chance to tell me what you wanted to at that time, good or bad. I’m very happy with my current husband and he’s everything to me now but upon the knowledge of your death, memories of our wonderful times together resurfaced and
    made me berate myself for leaving you the way I did. I was so selfish. I was so bad for doing this to you. You were a sweet guy and gave me all you could but you were not what I needed in my life and I had to get away from youthe way I did because you chased me each time I told you I wanted to break up with you. I guess one day you gave up and you probably would have hated me like crazy. You were my first real boyfriend and I won’t forget the feeling I felt when I’m with you. I know you won’t forget me too, my good and my bad. I hope to seek for your forgiveness when that ‘time’ comes. May The Most High forgive your sins and may you rest in peace until the time comes that I’ll see you again, my prince.

    I’syah(your Bee)

  238. Amy says

    The large amount of disgraceful, horrendous and harmful actions I have made whilst crazed by teen lust. It seems unfair how such an intense emotion can be felt so young and has led me – an otherwise innocent and kind girl – to behave in a way I can never forget. I just hope one day the guilt will ease to an extent I no longer feel cramps and sickness from it.

  239. Anastasia says

    Let go of the pain and guilt. Let go of the years of regret and fear. Let go of a love that has only caused me pain. Be able to forgive myself and this man who once was my all. But most of all let go of the old me who accepted a life that never completely fulfilled her. And be able to love myself, accept myself, find myself and embrace a new beginning.

  240. Abby says

    What I said to Someone Who I really wanted to date and his reaction and now he won’t talk to me. I keep blsming myself for saying what I said. I had a little too much to drink. I keep thinking if i hadn’t said what I said we were off in the sunset still. But there is a lot I’m leaving out to this situation bc id rather not talk about it. But he and I were never going to be happy ever bc he already was w someone else

  241. Sukkah for luv says

    I was in love with a man who was using me up he wouldn’t let go and my love for him made it impossible for me to be the one to let go even though he wasn’t good for me . So I slept with his good friend of mAny years so that he’d have to let go but my love for him hasn’t told him yet. I afraid of being alone even though I already am. 2 days after I slept with his friend he finally told me he loved me after 5 years. I cried . I’m so sad but I could no longer be hi doormat what’s done is done I did it for a reason and now I have to women up

  242. justme says

    maiesthename – I have almost the same experience as you with your step-daughter… I am trying to forgive myself for all the nasty things I have thought and sometimes said. I guess I don’t have much to tell you other than, you are not the only one….. you are not evil for feeling this way, and realizing that she’s just a kid and you need to deal with your feelings means you are on the right track :) In the end, she will be soooooo blessed by having had you instead of her real mom.

  243. He stole my joy and made me heartless says

    I slept withe my lovers best friend to get him to let me go because he was sleeping around but I still loe him and I’m so hurt have to tell him tho

  244. Mariesthename says

    My intense dislike of my sister who has always managed to make me feel like shit with her cutting remarks and actions…
    My anger over coming back from my honeymoon and having my step-daughter age 13 dumped by her mother and refusing to ever have her back! she is now 15 and still with me, but eveything she does winds me up, she acts, talks, looks like her mother which I know she can’t help. but her stupid thick attitude and manners are getting to me, I know this is about ME and not her, after all she is just a child, but I am angry very very angry at not being asked or consulted or given a choice to have her and my husband(her dad) says and does nothing!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  245. Ray says

    I want to let go of the past. Mistakes I’ve made and grudges I’ve held against people. I want to forgive myself and others. I want to let go of fear and open up myself to love again. To not be held back by my fears. Let go of expectations. Keep things in perspective.

  246. Jr says

    Just want to let go the regrets that I have with him for not telling him. The truth that t I love him until now .i need to forgive myself and try do hard to think him anymore.just focus on my own lives.

  247. Shouldawoulda says

    I held in secret that my divorce wasn’t final. I had longed separated from my ex husband. Now it’s taking forever to get it done and it’s reeking havoc in my current relationship. I can’t decide what’s really issues and what comes as a result of my guilt. The divorce itself isn’t hard. We’ve agreed and settled our differences long before the paperwork began. It seems like it’s always something else needed to get it done and then that’s not enough. Transportation fell thru, there was a death in the family. Just like one thing after the other. My current boyfriend pissed off, his words not mine. I’m scared that even once the divorce is final things will never be the way they were. That what had will be what we had.

  248. NoMoreBurdens says

    I want to apologize and let go of all the times I’ve spoken out in anger and hurt someone’s feelings. I want to let go of bad decisions I’ve made. I want to let go of guilt, hurt, and pain. I want to let go of everything because it’s all temporary anyways. I AM FREE BECAUSE I AM LETTING GO!

  249. Me says

    I am an ex kleptomaniac. I have hurt people close to me and let others down. I was so ashamed with myself. I felt like my whole existence was a sin; there was this side of me that no one knew except after I was caught.. I felt freed. I had interventions and counseling and was forced to right my wrongs. I had never been so honest with myself and with my family. There was a release and finally the real me did not have a part of me that I felt I needed to hide. I have been good for several months and feel no urge to return to my old ways but still I am haunted by my actions. I have a new boyfriend and constantly question if I should tell him. People I love still cannot trust me and probably not for a long time will I be able to earn that back. I have turned to God more than ever and want to make a final “let go”. Piece by piece I have let go.. I feel love for myself again and pride in my character again. But this doubt in myself I want to let go. I want to trust myself whole heartedly. I am letting go now. I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope over a large canyon but I’m not afraid. I am sure footed. This just turned into a cake – walk.

  250. Ann Barber. says

    I gave my ten year old dog away. I deeply regret it and want her back. She is full of fleas and I am so worried for her. They got the police involved saying I was harassing them. I wasn’t. I only called to find out if she needed cutting, she does, also for Parve
    O virus jab? I paid for both. The lady couldn’t cut her as she had to give her three flea baths and showed us the fleas still on her? They also have two cats. I am in pieces.

  251. Ronnie says

    Pain from a bad childhood, a bad marriage and disappointing relationships with my adult children and friends

  252. AS says

    A while ago I cheated on my gf and she found out and we broke up a few months ago. She’s happy to be single now but I’m a wreck. I know that it’s all my fault that this happened in the first place, but that only makes the feeling worse. It’s been months since I blew my chance with her and I still stay up at night hating myself. I don’t know what to do sometimes, other times I just want to give up. Idk wtf to do with my life without her and I need help

  253. Jess says

    I’m under the age of 16, but I’ve been through many heartbreaks and life lessons. I hear all the time that I’m very mature for my age. But, I’m not sure that’s a good thing. I think it all started with my first break up. He had already had many girlfriends and experience. I hadn’t even had my first kiss. He was always pushing and pushing for me to kiss him but I’ve always hated being on the spot. So I refused and he got tired. So one day he left me a voicemail telling me that he was breaking up with me. I cried and screamed at the moon. I didn’t understand we were dating for 3 months (not a long time but I loved him like no other). I hate myself for letting him go and now he’s dating one of my good friends. And it about killed me when I found out. It’s been a year since we’ve been separated. And I still miss him. But not like my second breakup. He was a pothead, had nothing going for him and thought the world revolved around him. I guess I felt like I deserved lower quality boys after my first breakup. So, he ended up being my first kiss and we hung out every weekend. We broke up twice and he came back a couple weeks ago. I started flirting and we were basically dating. But I realized that he just got bored. So I broke it off. He acted like he was hurt. He wasn’t. Poor me for thinking that he actually cared.. He’s cheated on me god-knows-how-many times. Him being under the age of 16, is pretty pathetic that he’s smoking weed, drinking alcohol and having sex. So I still love him even though he’s a piece of shit. And then long-story-short, there was another boy, we’re neighbors and he’s better than the pothead but not much. We’ve dated two times also and I’m not over him either. Seeing him on a daily basis doesn’t help. We flirt constantly and that doesn’t help either. He disrespected me one day and I went off on him and we hated eachother for awhile. Now we’re fine. But basically, I’m stuck between a boy with a girlfriend, a pot-smoking player, and the boy next door. I need help. I also suffer from depression and trust issues. So if you have the effort to read this please leave some comments. It would help immensely. Thank you so much.:)

  254. emoen says

    so i screwed up my first job, got fired after one day and now my mom and sister hate me how do i get over this

  255. Euphoria says

    Im letting go of my regrets of my mistakes in a past relationship. I learned from my faults and understand how important it is to love myself first.

  256. Olga says

    I read your story and w as shocked. It hunted me the whole day… Image of your dog was in front me all the time, I felt his pain and asked “why?” … he was asking “why I am hurt by my best friend, why he keeps kicking me?”… Your poor dog simply couldn’t comprehend what was happening. he simply wanted to be loved and enjoy life with you and you killed him. What kind of person are you? Do not even try to justify yourself by saying that you didn’t want it to happen, then why you kept kicking him? And how hard someone must kick a dog to get him bleed internally to death? do you think you loved him? No… Your story is the worst I ever read. I do not know how you can live with this… People like you shouldn’t have pets. You wanted to teach him a lesson? But you needed a lesson, not your dog. I wish I could have your dog and comfort him and love him and enjoy his love… As for you, I wish you being hunted by what you have done…

  257. Lily says

    I want to let go of the termendous guilt and shame I feel about leaving my husband. He loved me and cherished me and all I did was repetedly hurt him with my unreasonable expactations and demands from our relationship. He wanted to start a family with me and like an idiot, I could never commit. But possibly the worst decision I have ever made was to respond to my ex-boyfriend from years back and enter into an emotional affair with him. I started feeling so guilty for betraying my husband in that way that I could not look him in the eyes any longer and had to leave. I left to live with my shame and punish myself for what I have done. It has been 7 years now since we split. He moved on very quickly and has a family now, whereas I continue to live in shame and punish myself. I had a couple of relationships since we split but not a single one came even close to what I had with my husband. And I cannot help it that every new man I meet, I keep comparing to my ex. And of course none of them come even close. I feel like I will never meet anyone who will love me as much as my ex did and with whom I will be able to have as amazing a relationship that I had with my ex-husband. And deep inside, I believe that God is punishing me for what I have done to my ex for a reason, and I will be doomed to years of suffering in shame and regret over something that could have been and never was. I keep thinking, if I could just turn back time and act differently . . . I never should have left . . . I so desparately want to move on. I want to let go of the regret that I have over loosing my marriage and I want to believe that I deserve happiness and love in spite of what I have done. I want to forgive myself for my past actions and believe that I will find my happiness again some day and will have a family that I so desparately desire.

  258. S.P says

    I wish I could turn back time and take back the embarrassment I’ve caused to the person I loved and to myself. These guilts have been haunting me for months. I realized it’s never easy to just forgive myself after the constant cycle of this wrong doings. The thought of people gossiping and laughing at the things I’ve done, kills me. Oh how I wish I could turn back time and make things better as they are now. How I wish I didn’t have to go through all of these by myself.

  259. Ryan says

    My wife and I had been in a cycle of punishing each other, lashing out at each other, and ignoring each other for years. I love her so much, but we were becoming increasingly fractured. I travel and was depressed. She was becoming more distant. We had a huge fight about our sex life and we were both drunk. She went to hit me and I restrained her. She headbutted me and I headbutted her back. It was the final nail in the coffin of our relationship. I am wracked with guilt over it. I had never hit her back or laid a hand on her in any way over the years. I just wish we could have honestly talked about our feelings so we weren’t always boiling over at each other for the littlest most unintended things.

  260. Anonymous says

    I have an ex boyfriend who wanted to get back together with me, but I didn’t want to get back together with him. I shared with a best friend some guilt I had over things that happened during our relationship, and my ex found out that I did. He was furious about some of the things I told my best friend. I then severed contact with him because I couldn’t handle it anymore. Now I struggle with the guilt of “Should I repair this damaged ‘friendship,’ or what was left of it?” I don’t think it’s a good idea to repair it, but I just feel so guilty about it.

  261. JULIE says


  262. CeeCee says

    I want to let go of the fact that I hurt the man I love the most, the man I would die for, the man I want to marry, the man who would die for me, my bestfriend, my lover, my everything. I foolishly gave up on our relationship because of my own insecurities and failure to have faith in us.

    He has since taken me back into his life and has forgiven me of my actions which I am forever grateful for and extremely blessed. But although he has forgiven me, I have not forgiven myself, I hate myself for what I did – I am constantly flooded with regret and shame. I know what I did was wrong, yet I know that I am a strong person for realizing my mistake and fixing it but I AM SO ASHAMED OF MYSELF…. I hope that letting it go on here helps at least a little bit

    I dont know who will read this but, to everyone else out there who needs to let go, I don’t know who you are or where you’re from, or your past, but I am proud of you.

  263. alex says

    I am a teenager and i just wanted to be cool. i brought my dads alcohol to school without him knowing. i dint intend to giv it to anyone. i had brought very little and somehow people found out and they asked for it so i jus gave it, some one ratted me out, i was taken to the principals office, i thought i would get kicked out, but he let me off the hook, i was thankful, but i had worked very hard for a good name, now all teachers will know me as an alcoholic, i spoilt my disciplinary record, i regret it alot, i feel so ashamed .

  264. Samantha says

    I can’t stop thinking about my ex. We dated off and on for five years, but haven’t seen or spoken in almost a year. I just found out he is moving in with his current girlfriend-and seeing as I have a stable live in boyfriend- I just want to move on with my life and stop thinking about him all the time! He makes appearances in my dreams on a regular basis, and I can’t stop myself from feeling guilty about so much from our past. I used to lie to him a lot, I broke up with him several times because I was confused and kept losing site of who I was in our relationship, I sabotaged what we had. He gave me so many chances and always treated me great. I just wasn’t ready and didn’t know what I had. We lead completely different lives now, and I need to move on. I am sorry, I wish you well- I just don’t want to think about or torture myself with the past so much anymore. I want to learn from my mistakes and lead a happy life with someone else. Please forgive yourself and allow yourself to move on.

  265. Madeline says

    I’ve struggled with masturbation for years now and I always feel so guilty and ashamed. I also struggled with cutting and anorexia so I also feel bad about my past with that. Something really bad happened with my sister and I let it go on without saying anything. I lied to my parents about it for 2 months. Even though I didn’t know the extent of the situation at the time, my mom blames me for everything that happened and I blame myself. Because of anger and different reasons, I often say things to my parents that I don’t mean. I want to be able to forgive myself of all this and let it all go.

  266. anon says

    I want to let go of all the shameful and humiliating ways I reacted to my break up. I want to stop hating myself for it, and I want to stop hating him too

  267. Savannah says

    The other night me and two of my close friends (who are also female) got very drunk. We are all straight and our boyfriends had just gone away to football camp earlier that day and their phones were taken from them so we couldn’t talk to them. We all wanted to just hang out and drink because we couldn’t see or talk to our boyfriends and it sucked.. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 2 years and I have never cheated on him or had any desire to. He has never cheated on me either and we talk about getting married one day. Anyways, it was my first time ever drinking liquor, second time ever being drunk. I had 7 shots of tequila and played beer pong and then I was completely shitfaced.. I hated it and I’m never doing it again. But then we were all talking about how we missed our boyfriends and were all super drunk and sad.. and then we started kissing each other because we were drunk. it wasn’t really making out at first. and it stopped for a while. One of my friends had fallen asleep on the couch and me and my other friend went to a bed that is also in their basement. We kissed some more and I was honestly so drunk that I can’t even remember exactly what happened. I remember touching each other, but I can’t remember if it was sexual. I remember kissing each other but I don’t remember if it was sexual either.. the fact that I can’t remember is driving me crazy… I have told my boyfriend exactly what I do remember and he has forgiven me and we are fine, because I have promised to never put myself in that situation again, and I mean it. But I haven’t told him that other things might have happened, but I can’t remember them… I guess I shouldn’t feel bad because I can’t remember anyway.. its just the potential of something having happened and I’m just having a really hard time living with myself because I don’t know if i cheated or not. and that is not something I could ever imagine doing to him. If I’m capable of it while I’m drunk then I am so incredibly shocked at myself because he is the best thing that has every happened to me and I am well aware of that.

  268. redemption says

    a mistake that i made . that hurt my parents dearly, dated a guy who i trusted , he turned out to be a huge regret. who got me a bad name , having to hear the things said about you due to this guy, and living in the fear that if my mom and dad ever hears of it , itll break their heart. i want to tell them, but i feel i have hated my self for so long, and im not strong enough to face what happens if i tell them ……

  269. Ashley says

    I kissed someone else while on vacation while being in a relationship for almost a year. I love my bf so much and I regret it every second since it’s happened

  270. Dylan says

    I’ve never had sex with anyone else but my girlfriend, whom I’m with since three years now. I’ve been away from her for a month this summer.
    While sleeping with a dear girlfriend of mine, things got weird. We started kissing, undressing and started intercourse for about ten seconds. That’s when I pulled myself away from her and started regretting every single moment of cheating towards my girlfriend.
    If I’ll tell her she would break up with me no matter what..I’m sure about it, and she would be completely right to do so.
    I wish I never did what I did and keep thinking I’m an idiot and I’ll never forgive myself from that experience. I’m sorry, I truly am, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. I love you so much it can’t be explained and I wish to be by your side as long as I can.

  271. Angie says

    I cheated on my ex bf 4 years ago and I want to let it go. I recently saw him and his new gf together and I really regret everything I did but unfortunately can’t change it. I’m very happy with my bf of 1 year but I can’t seem to forgive myself and replay what happened in the past. I’m so happy my ex found someone sweet and moved on but I want go forgive myself and be the happy girl I was before. No one is this world is perfect and I most certainly aren’t either I want to let go.

  272. Jo says

    I am currently on holiday with family and we were looking through old photos., and the conversation turned to 1985 when I was 16 and was invited to come and stay. I didn’t want to I had just got boyfriend and wanted to stay at home and be with him and my friends but as my sister had done this the previous year I was forced to.
    I stayed with the(people I am withnow) but every time they went out would ring my boyfriend. Three weeks later when my parents joined us all hell broke loose.
    Worst holidays ever.
    I still feel so guilty over this. Later that month when we got home my exam results arrived, I had not done as well as hoped so was told to get a job and that I would not be going back to school.
    I did get a job and enjoyed the money to buy clothes cigs and nights out.

    But always I have felt incredibly guilty about those stolen phone calls.

  273. Brianna says

    Hi . I’m a teenager and I was in a previous relationship with a disabled boy . We’ll I never told him I would date him he just assumed and I’ve always been scared to express my opinion so I went along with it . This went on for about 2 months until I met a friend from the past and he encouraged me to get a voice and tell my opinion . I eventually fell in love with him while dating the other guy . I felt bad but honestly I knew nothing about the boy I was dating . He knew nothing about me and we knew nothing about relationships . After a while I broke up with the guy and for almost 10 months I’ve been dating the (friend from the past ) I want to be with him for a very long time but I’m not sure if God has forgiven us because I don’t know if what I did was wrong and everyday I go around guilty not forgiving myself because I feel God is going to get back at me .

  274. teresa harbin says

    Married 25yrs not having children. I am 54 and can’t get it off my mind.
    Not having children causes me to have panic attacks feel like going crazy makes me so sad. Teres

  275. Trina says

    I want him to know that while we weren’t together, I have had close encounters with men. its not because i wanted to be with other men while we were on our breaks, but because i wanted to feel something that was as close as to what we had before. i’m sorry that i screwed that up and now i have to live with the regret of feeling as though i’m not as perfect as you treat me. the only thing i want you to know is that i could never go back there again, because as long as youre around i never want to be with someone else as long as you walk this earth.

  276. Mahrk Lyev1111 says

    Being attracted to the same sex in countries like USA,UK Canada is really easily as i have heard.There are still people there who don’t like people like us but it not as bad as that of Russia cos here we are beaten jailed and sometimes even killed.You can’t hold the hand of the one you care about in the public so as to avoid been harassed we can even set a place to me cos if we are caught we face jail time.Here in Russia we gay are prisoner in our own country.I am currently in a relation with my fiance and we had to leave Russia to be together.Before now his parent were against our relationship cos they had no idea he was gay we sneaked around knowing the risks if we were to be caught.When he finally got heart to tell him family the rejected him and asked he stops seeing me or they were going to turn him in and that scared him a lot his father is a very powerful man in Russia and he made it possible for him not to be able to live the country i mean as long as you have money in Russia anything goes.I was lucky they never got to meet me cos if they did i would have not been here right now writing this article that you are all reading.Probably i would have been in jail.Months passed and there was no way we could see each other cos they had him watched to make sure he is never get to meet me and also to know the person the was he was practicing this profane act with as they called it.They stripped him of all his right to the family assets and made him an outcast i could see he was suffering form the text he was sending me they made his life miserable and made him end our relationship.I knew he was confused and did know what to do to get his life back to make his family see him the way they use to.And i knew that his family were never going to accept his life style cos they are so anti gay.If they were to be a fund riser to fight gay practice in Russia his family will be the first to ask that they host it.I love him so much but he was scared of him family and they also had a grip on him.I know most person don’t believe in what about to say but still if it wasn’t for Mutton Osun a spell caster that i found on the internet i would not have been writing this.It happened maybe by a slim chance or fate that i was a blog were it happened that i read three distinct comment about how he help them with similar problem.I contacted him with an email address that was in the comment.I asked Mutton Osun to cast a spell to make my then boyfriend to make up his mind to run away from Russia with me to be together and also his family as in his father to make it possible for him to leave Russia with me and set a very comfortable life for us were we were going.And i know doing spells with someone you can’t even see is outrageous but i promise you he makes you feel more at else when he calls and he really goes through with his promise cos he did with mine he was really helpful to him and kind.And like other people said he doesn’t even charge you for what he is doing for you.I had to provide some list of materials that he asked that i get for my spell casting.I preferred that i sent the money down to him cos they were not easy to find and even when i found them it was so expensive but he could get them cheaply.He instructed me on how to make the spell work with great effect.It took 7 seven day and night to see it result.On the seventh night my boyfriend call me to tell me we could finally be together cos his father did agreed to do all i asked mutton osun to make him do i just knew at once it was Mutton Osun spell cos it what i asked for and now me and fiance are the happiest right now we can hold hand now without fear of being harassed or sent to jail for we are in love and we are very comfortable here.His father made sure everything was set before we even got here just like i asked it should be.Am going to also leave Mutton Osun email here just like others have done for contact purpose godsofosunx @ rocketmail. com…

  277. Jose says

    I was walking my dog who I really love a lot.we were going to the park.i was trying to train him to be a beter dog and he would not listen to me so I got real upset and started kicking him and hitting him with the chain.I was so mad when we finally got home I started kicking him some more several times. I was really upset and afterwards his stomach was hanging where I had been kicking him, I was really scared I wasn’t trying to harm his health I was just trying to teach him a lesson, I was just with him he started changing color,then I knew I had taking the beating to far.i was looking at him he was trying to get up and couldn’t no more and just collapsed to the ground. my dog had died I never loved a dog like I loved that one,I was crying a lot I was never trying to kill him I just got out of control I will never be able to forgive myself.

  278. Sally says

    I want to let go of past regrets and old negativities with old friends. To be able to move forward with light in my heart and attract positive events.

    I just want to be able to give love and receive love from true friends and to learn from mistakes, etc.
    Live Love Laugh! :)

  279. niki says

    I have had difficult time for many years i have done some things that i should have never done and i have been rude and shown bad behavior to the one i love but his patience and his faith in god mad me realize today that I was wrong and i now want to let it go and start fresh with patience love and faith in god.

  280. Mike says

    5 months ago I posted pictures of my ex girlfriend on the Internet. I honestly put the information in anger and did not intend to submit it but she said something hurtful through text and in rage I posted it her life has in allot of ways been ruined because of this I have tried to beg for forgiveness she has not pressed charges on me even though she knows it was me but she will not let go of what I did I’m not trying to be insensitive and I know what I did was wrong

  281. Tyca Riv says

    I yell at him and make him feel terrible for talking to other girls. But I’m just a hypocrite. I’ve cheated on him so many times. But I love him so much. And all I want is to tell him. To let it all out. But I don’t want to lose him. I can’t. He’s my everything. He’s the love of my life. I have never hated myself more than I do now. I’ve lied to him. Who do that to someone they love?
    How could he ever love me if I told him this?
    I’m sorry.

  282. Rae says

    When I’m drunk I get very flirty- and that’s putting it nicely. Last night I let myself act all slutty and hooked up with my ex’s best friend. I’m not that type of person, I feel like sex and love are supposed to be joint but when I’m drunk I just want people to want me and I don’t know how I’m going to change that but I am going to do my best to control or limit myself.

  283. S Miller says

    Let go of the guilt about leaving my son and ex-husband. The hurt I have caused. Let go of Cameron and I. Leaving the past behind and living in the present. I forgive you Shiffon.

  284. erin says

    I want to let go of not doing well throughout the school years and never getting a degree.
    I want to let go of marrying my first husband who is an alcoholuc/drug addict and for the drugs I did when we were together. I lost a job over it and lots of money. And not to mention the years I wasted being with him and associating myself with some very lowlife people.
    I want to let go of marrying the rebound guy because I got pregnant because if I don’t love him. I love someone else. I wish i could have another child with that person. I refuse to have anymore children with my current husband. Another failed marriage even though we are still together.
    I want to let go of comparing myself with successful women. Some I’ve treated poorly because of my insecurities and envy of them.
    I want to let go of having no love or self respect for myself pretty much my whole life.
    I want to let go of feeling like I’ve failed my daughter who was just diagnosed with adhd. I haven’t been mother of the year when it comes to helping her with school.
    I want to let go of spending money on frivolous things, many of which I no longer have or use. I have none of my own money. It’s all my husbands.
    I want to let go of not making the life I now wish I had. But then again I didn’t know what i want until I saw what I can’t have. It’s very hard to leave the bed some days.
    But I’m only 36. I want to try to make a dream come true. One of the only ones left, to get a degree in exercise science and become a personal trainer and compete in fitness competitions.

  285. Lauren wright says

    I had sex with a guy to try to get him to love me. Months later I drunkenly had sex with a random guy and beat myself up for it. It’s been years later and I haven’t had sex until last week and it was again drunken sex with a random guy who I don’t even know his last name, and it was completely my decision. Can’t blame it on anyone else like I did in the younger days. I feel so insanely bad about myself, and feel like a slut. This isn’t who I am… This is gonna be a hard one, help me God.

  286. Mars says

    Self destructive behaviors. Getting too drunk lashing out at friends and trying to kill myself at someone else’s house. Yelling, screaming, threatening, hitting crying about everything. I snapped for no reason at all. I don’t even remember alot of it. I feel shame. I’m disgusted with myself. I never ever wanted to hurt or do this to anyone. I don’t know why I did. I feel deep sadness. I can’t believe what I did. I tried throwing myself down a stair case. The only reason I didn’t was because I was held back. I feel so ashamed of myself. I’m hurting and I also hurt other. Caused a huge scene for nothing. I also brought my past into a new relationship that could have worked out so well. I messes that up multiple times and this time for good. It’s hard to let go of the things I’ve done. I want to forgive myself. I want to move on. And I never never never never want to do that to anyone ever again. I never want to act like that again. I’m going to be better.

  287. Paige London says

    I need to let go of the fact that i beat my boyfriend up out of anger and now seeing him with all the bruises makes me feel really guilty. I just had myself for what I have done but he forgave me and I can’t forgive myseld for hurting the one I love

  288. dstar7sunrise says

    I wish words could aptly describe the hurt felt for losing the love of my life…

    She is everything I could ever want. She’s the most beautiful woman I ever met, she’s kindhearted and funny too. Just being around her makes me want to be a better man. Her loving personality and warm smile have captured my heart like a butterfly catches the wind…

    I met her several years ago and although I liked her from the first time I met her, I feel like I’ve blown the chance of a life time because I took too long to respond to her subtle hints of love.

    “If only I could go back and change one moment,” are words that I just can’t seem to get out of my mind right now. How I long to go back in time so I could tell her how I felt before it was too late…before she got engaged to someone else.

    There were times where we would try to talk to each other but other things just kept getting in the way…or maybe it was me. Maybe I let that happen.

    And now I feel so lost and hopeless that I’ll never find a love like this again and I’m pretty sure of it too. The pain of this loss has cut so deep it feels like I have nothing left in my heart…nothing!

    Why did this have to happen this way?!

    Why couldn’t I have just manned up to the challenge when it called upon me?!

    So often you hear people talk about their relationships and how things aren’t quite the way they expected them to be—and yet we live in a world that also puts so much pressure on getting married when you’re young that it can be just as bad as the peer-pressure you felt when you were in grade school.

    Why?!…Why does it have to be like this?!

  289. Juliet says

    I wanna forgive ma friend and also ask her forgiveness for whatever I did to her and forgiveness for whatever she did for because I want Jesus to also forgive me of ma sins.

  290. Nadia says

    I dated a drug addict. Stupidest decision of my entire life. I can’t get over how naive and dumb I was to think that he would stop using the drugs for me? For a life with me? To find some ideal of happiness? As if that’s what he was really into. All he ever did was use me, lie to me, use drugs for the entire 5 years. My family warned me, my friends warned me, any person who I told about him basically warned me. But like a fool, I would take him back every time he’d return from a binge, even if it was a year later….all he’d have to do was sell me another story of how amazing and pure our love was, be charming and fun – and like a foolish woman I just soaked it all up. I thought we really had something special. I thought all the times we laughed for hours in the middle of the night, all of the passionate love we made, all of the times he did nice things for me actually MEANT something. I thought he was my bestfriend but he never actually cared. I ended up getting burned, and everyone who knew my family and his family basically look at me like I’m the most idiotic woman on the planet for being with someone like him. Our families knew each other very well. I just can’t seem to forgive myself for letting someone liek him get so close to me. What did I think he was going to be a loving father and husband? I get so mad at myself for being SO much in denial. I wish his love never had such an affect on me.

    I’m trying to let it go, maybe writing it here will help. But I think about it all the time. I think about how manipulative and intentional he was the entire time – while my head was in teh clouds trying so hard to be the one that could save him. Trying to be sweet enough, pretty enough, forgiving enough, honest enough, smart enough – anything to show him that he could put his trust and faith in me and our future, that life wasn’t so bad after all. But clearly it was. I just feel so stupid. Like this fool who believed in love while the entire world knew I was out to lunch. And I never saw it! IT took me 5 years to finally get it. 5 whole years of my young adult life wasted on a guy who would leave me in the drop of a dime for drugs…

    The worst part is, I would rather believe he actually did love me, then to have to deal with teh horrible reality that I was the biggest fool ever.

    After this ordeal the only person or being left to rely on is God (everyone I know judges me and looks at me like I’m a crazy person) God got me through everything…prayer saved me. So I pray for his soul…and I pray for mine…and I thank you for letting me put this out there. I hope I can finally let that awful drama go to the grave once and for all…

  291. Art says

    Over the past few years I haven’t been myself. It all started when my grandpa passed away. He was the closest person to me and I just wasn’t ready to let him go so soon. After he passed, I spiraled. I started sleeping with random strangers just to feel a void I feel like. After every encounter, I alway felt disgusting and ashamed of what I’ve became. I realized that I need to stop because this wasn’t the person I was and for almost a year I did, but recently I did it again. I feel so ashamed and I wonder why me everyday. I wonder why I can’t just go back to the way things use to be and I can be happy again, I’m so insecure about myself and I feel as though I’ll never find that special someone to love. Every time I’m in this situation I always tell myself why? I know it’s wrong. I just want to be happy again because I don’t like who I’ve become.
    I really needed to just let go and I hope that I can just become a better person and forgive myself for what I’ve done.

  292. Violet Gomez says

    My first relationship was the worse relationship in my life.He was my step brother. we were close buddys when our parents started dating. We would cuddle next to each oter an hold hands.when our parents married we decided to stop. Then in jr. high we got close again and would stay up late just talking. i wrote how i felt about hin in a journal and all the things we did sexually. my mom found it and read the whole thing.she was pissed and yelled at him her husband his mom..i was sad because he said he loved me and when my mom asked him if we ever did anything he denied it! I would blast music in my room screaming into my pillow. How could he do this to me?then to top it off everyone acted like it was my fault. i never got the sex talk how was i suppose to know? My step dad hated me since then. I was so mad at my step brother So to get back at him I started dating his best friend. He was a bad and yet good deep down. We ended up having 2 beautiful kids. And for a second everything was good until. His bad side exploded. We were to get married in two days till the pressure got to him and he called it off. He never let go of the fact that I slept with his friend. And I don’t blame him but come on that was before we even dated so why does it matter? Anyways I just had to let it out

  293. Claire says

    I have these two friends who were really great friends in sixth grade, and I became part of their “clique” around the end of our sixth grade year. In seventh grade the two original friends were kinda drifting apart because one of them kinda started to hang out with some other people. Thats all fine with me. I stuck with one of the friends more, just because thats kinda how it worked out. over the summer, The girl who kinda drifted away from the group, kinda started to think of me as stealing her original friend. I was not stealing her, I just wanted to be friends with both of them! than this happened. It was carried out in comments on a google plus post. NAME (the girl who drifted away from the group) made a joke-ish thing that involved NAME2 (the other girl). this is kinda how it went.
    NAME- little did my dad know, NAME2 is my columbian boyfriend (its a long story)
    Me- oh yeah she told me about that earlier today!
    NAME- without me :(
    NAME- no i get it.
    me- NAME calm down, it was at a volleyball camp!
    it was after posting that that I thought “wait, maybe I should have said over text so that I dont cause a huge argument.” so I deleted my post about the volleyball camp and said this instead.
    me- calm down NAME it was over text.
    but NAME had seen the first post about volleyball already and said-
    NAME- oh, so no volleyball camp?
    me- well yeah there was a volleyball camp, but she didnt tell me there!
    and that is all that has happened so far. I feel horrible and I know I fucked up.HELP ME!!!

  294. BLT says

    I want to let go of the belief that I will never meet anyone after the man I was dating suddenly broke up with me. I want to let go of the fear that it was my fault but I’m not sure how. I want to let go of my need to be loved by someone else so badly because I don’t love myself. I want to let go of always finding something to be unhappy or worried or depressed about. I want to let go of believing I’m too old to find love.

  295. Dawn says

    I need to let go my ex-husband. I also cheated on him the last few months of our marriage. I want to forgive myself so bad. How do I do this?

  296. jordan says

    I lied after not paying my account for my tanning membership and got caught a year later after going by my marriage name by the owner. I walked out of the room and the man called me by my name and said not to let it happen again or he would suspend my account. I offered to pay the amount I owed and he said he took care of it..I feel so guilty and bad. I never thought I would get caught.

  297. johna_Than says

    My mom found out that I smoked weed and I told her I only did it once and that I didn’t like it. I lied, i’ve actually done it quite a bit, but still even with my mom knowing I smoke weed I feel so guilty and I feel like such a horrible and terrible person. When she found out she didn’t even yell she just calmly said that I shouldn’t be doing it and she was very disappointed in me. I just broke down and started to cry and cry . I felt so awful with myself for betraying her and not even once she didn’t even yell. She even said I can hang out with my friends, but still I just feel like such a first class jerk for betraying her like that. I like pot, but from now on I really don’t want to smoke it for a while. I can’t forgive myself and she seems fine like she still talks to me normally, but I still just feel like this awful son for her to have and that I went against all her wishes. I just really want to forgive myself and move on, but it’s hard and I can’t. Please help

  298. AJ says

    I hurt my exhusband with lies and because I never truly felt in love with him. I left each chance I could. I love my daughter and hurt her because I was selfish. I mess up at each assignment, because I procrastinate and make poor decisions. I have hurt and let down every friend, every family member. I have a great job and make poor financial decisions and payments on even little things. I need to stop thinking about this stuff. It kills me inside. I look at my beautiful daughter and know I have hurt her and set a bad example.

  299. Lily says

    I hate myself for not having the courage to take my 2 older soon away from my mother. 12 years ago I left them instead of fighting. I didn’t want my mother to suffer and she ended up feeding my sons with hate tours me. I hate that she is always judging me because I’m such a bad mother and I hate that she doesn’t accept that telling my son’s that I abandon them and that I didn’t love them and that I want to abort them only make them hate me and they don’t have respect for me. I blame my mother for breaking the beautifull relationship I had with my sons before I came to U. S. I hate that I can’t let go and I can’t see the beauty of my son’s anymore. I just see 2 kids claiming for what I owe them. And it’s all a vicious circle of triying to fix the past and damaging the future everyday.

  300. Deja says

    I want to let go of the hate and resentment I have for two exes, one who used me physically and played emotional games and left me to back to a woman he sasaid he would never go back to. And said he was over her he was lieing to me the hold time just to use me, for his own personal gain and evil needs. Another whom I made the mistake of giving another chance because he swear he had changed, and just lied everything from his evil selfish ass attitude to laziness and brokeness to no job& no car hadn’t change basically he is still a loser . And he did something hurtful to me, when he knew the deal he still did what he wanted to do. He is a nasty, dirty, bipolar nerd just the thought of him I get disgusted and wish I was never with him this last time and wish I could take it back and purge myself of elthe thought of him. As well as family member who wwent behind my back and slept with my ex, and I believe she is pregnant by him now . It has been years but now one of them have aplogize for the hurt and mental anguish they caused, I feel so disgusted and angry still I need true healing I thought I had but apparently all I did was cover it up& now it has resurfaced.

  301. PJ says

    I want to let go of the love and desire to be with a man that could care less if I died today. When we first go together he had nothing but habits. I helped him through thick and thin and he’s done nothing but made me feel less of a woman than I am now. I helped him get his benefits as well as provided a home for us when he would take off with his friends for weeks. I’m living in the house we shared and when he left I was left with no income and bills behind. I’m so devastated because now I’m having utilities disconnected and nobody to ask for help. Yet, I still think of this man and hope for reconciliation and he has moved on with his life.

  302. Ruby says

    Sometimes I wake up in the morning, thinking, I’m a horrible person. Or when I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed, seeing statuses of People who I have burned bridges with in the past. I got fired from my teaching job last March. I had so many other commitments for the two years I worked there, that it was extremely hard to be the dedicated promising teacher I can be. My boss fired me via email while I was on vacation. I was never able to see or communicate with my students again. I have guilt that my students think I have abandoned them. I think about all the things they must say behind my back. I left my nannying job this past month. While I was away on teaching trip abroad, I told the family that I would be gone for 3 weeks…after that, I was too embarrassed and afraid to pick up my phone when the family would call me. She hired another babysitter. Now, I’m terrified to go grocery shopping because I’m afraid of running into this family. I still have two jobs–a teaching job and another nannying job. While at work, I have these moments of complete and utter guilt and I become completely distracted. There has been tension between my boyfriend and I because of it. I’m constantly irritable, defensive and completely stressed.

    It’s a lot of stress having all this guilt and knowing I’m wrong.

    I just needed to let that out.

  303. Amanda says

    I want to let go of the shame and alienation I have been feeling as a result of my past breakup.
    In the midst of the breakup, I obviously was very vulnerable and in a lot of emotional pain and opened up to his sister. She is a mental health professional and her and I had already developed a pretty decent relationship. In the midst of the breakup, I obviously trusted her enough to tell her my inner most deep feelings and one of those happened to be suicide.. another happened to be not being able to let go of the relationship because I felt I couldn’t live with out him. (I truly loved this person.) She told him about this e mail. He did not handle it compassionately, or empathetically. Trying to diagnose me with all sorts of personality disorders out there hastily. I hated him forever. It has been just about two years now since we broke up. I feel like I have moved on in every possible way except, I do feel a lot of shame and guilt with my behaviour and lack of coping skills during this breakup. I can’t help but still care about how alienated he has made me out to be to his entire family and all of his friends and for some odd reason, I am terrified to ever see them because they might view me as crazy. I would like to let this feeling go.

  304. Miguel says

    My unforgiveness for ssa and struggles with emotional attachments and self hatred. Also my unforgiveness toward my self as who I am and the mistakes I have made along the way. Forgiveness of the past tand embracing who I truly am in Christ.

  305. Greta says

    I told my friend I’d play with her and then I kept saying things like oh I’m going shopping maybe afterwards or like oh I’m going to walk my dog I promise afterwords, anyways so I finally admitted that playing wasn’t going to work out today. Then while I was walking my dog my other friend came up to me and asked me if I wanted to play. And I said yes even though I told my other friend no. Then she saw us playing together. Then her mom yelled at me and I’m pretty sure her family hates me. I just want to cry every time it think about it.

  306. jan says

    I feel so ashamed, like a criminal. I need to remember that I can’t control the past. What’s done is done and can’t be taken back. Can only move forward from here. Ov

  307. Past Regrets says

    So did I. Thank God, no one was charged or went to prison. But I still hurt a lot of people very badly. I told this lie as a pre-teen/teen, and now over 10 years later, I don’t know who I was when I did that or how I could have done and said something so evil. Years ago, I apologized to the people I hurt, and recanted, but despite their forgiveness, the guilt, disgust, and shame are beyond overwhelming.

  308. Jah says

    I want to let go my friend who back-stabbed me, he didnt finish his job. I want to let go of my ex girlfriend, she hurt me. I want to let go my friend and my ex girlfriend for betraying me, Im not really sure, i think its infidelity. I was very patient, but they hurt and betray me after all the risk and effort i have given to them. I want to restart my life and be happy again.

  309. Bill says

    I want to let go of my ex wife that really never loved me anyway she was always with other guys from her various jobs and etc I blamed myself but ho can I blame myself for he being a slut

  310. kim says

    I put drugs over everyone I loved, esp my son knowing what I was doing while I was doing it but still making the conscience decision to do them. Im clean now and trying desperately to pick up the pieces but I feel like I’ve caused damage that will never be repaired.

  311. Cavran says

    Okay so my parents are going through a difficult divorce and I chose to go with my dad because I was tired of having to do so many things like meet new people and new children.I didn’t want to lose my mom or my dad to new people.I feel extremely guilty about going to my dads and leaving my mom behind because I needed a break.I want to tear my heart out and put it in a box. I feel extremely selfish because I left my sisters behind and my mom. :(
    I feel extremely bad and when I go home she’s probably going to say I told you so.Then were going to continue on with life all good I hope.I mean I want to go home but that would break my dad’s heart. Then I would feel even worse I don’t know what to do

    Do you have any ideas?
    Should I tell my dad how I feel?
    What about my mom?

    I really want the old days back when they were together. It’s going to be hard to tell my dad this because I never have really had the heart and guts to talk to them but I’ll have to do that eventually as an adult so I have to be courageous and face this.

  312. Ellie says

    I was negative, gossipy and unhelpful to my beloved daughter who really needed reassurance and support. I have deep regret and hope I will never do that again.

  313. A says

    I’ve been a horrible person to my wife, and not the father I have wanted to be for my children, unable to provide more often than not.

    I neglected to get counseling when I knew I needed it, and have spent years repressing everything from my childhood instead.

    I’m good inside, and I’m tired of feeling guilt from my earliest memories onward to this very day for everything I feel “unworthy of love” for.

    I deserve to be happy too, and I’m so sorry for the way I’ve lived my life and I want to forgive myself and let it go.

  314. Crazy says

    I feel so ashamed for getting so drunk that I hit my friend and missed work. One of the friends that I was getting drunk with phoned in to work at 5am saying I would not be in because I was unwell but then rambled on for a minute saying god knows what as I was so drunk I don’t remember this! Later I called my mum, her partner answered the phone, I was balling my eyes out and her partner then phoned work and lied for me and said I had to go visit my mum who was really unwell in hospital. He explained the drunken 5am phone call by saying he had asked one of my friends to call in and unfortunately they were intoxicated and rang in at an ungodly hour saying I (Crazy) was ill rather than my mum due to the personal/sensitive nature of the situation. Now I am so worried about going back in to work and lying about why I missed work. I feel terrible because I’m crap at lying and feel like they’ll see right through me. I wish I had told the truth from the start! But unfortunately I made these decisions when I was still drunk so now I have to roll with the lie. What I I have learnt now though is that I will NEVER do that again! It’s not worth all the shame, guilt and heart ache. I wish I wasn’t such an emotional person because then I wouldn’t care, but I really do care! I really do need to reevaluate my drinking as well. I don’t think getting that drunk is normal and it is certainly not normal for play fighting to end up as me kicking and biting my friend. I hate myself – I’ve decided drink is not my friend as I once thought and really my life would be better without it!

  315. blondye says

    my failures as a wife to my child’s father. I loved him and wanted to be a good wife but I wasn’t and sometimes I was mean. I didn’t meet his needs as a wife. I wanted to be a good wife but I wasn’t. I feel I’m being punished for everything as I have suffered greatly since he divorced me.

  316. Michelle says

    I want to let go the regret I feel for cheating on my partner before we were married. Every single day I feel regret. I can’t move on from it. I feel like I am living a sentence. I hate myself for hurting them. They did not deserve it. I can’t bare what I have done anymore. I need to let it go

  317. Joe c says

    When I was 14 I was a punk. I did a few mean things to my neighbor.
    I called in a false fire alarm and false ambulance call. Also called the towing company to tow their Volkswagen. These people did not deserve this at all. I feel so ashamed of myself and this was 40 yrs ago.

  318. Juniper berry says

    I cheated in school, hated my parents for abusing me, I am unemployed now and I am full of so much hate I don’t have friends because I’ve lost all social skills. My life in passing before me and my mom isn’t going to live forever and I just feel like I wasted my life. Please tell me that there is a point to this banal existence

  319. Harshneet Kaur says

    Past regrets and making that mistakes again now..But now having the deep guilt and want to let them go.

  320. Carol says

    Hurt family members terribly with hurtful email out of anger and frustration. Not their fault but took out on them and having hard time forgiving myself.

  321. Carol says

    Hurt family members terribly with awful email not meant for all to see but sent out of frustration anger and resentment and feel may have lost brother sisterinlaw and two nieces as a result. Very hurtful and having hard time forgiving myself and moving on with a million things that must be done in my life. Thanks.

  322. Von says

    The guilt, shame, self-condemnation, pain and sorrows from hurting and wrecking Fel’s life. Forgive me for all of my sins. I want to let it all go and be a valuable human being again.

  323. justthatblondekid says

    I was at a party last night and everyone was playing spin the bottle, and me and my two best friends were there, (1 male, 1 female) they both used to have a thing together, but ended it recently and I’ve liked him for a while. the bottle was spun and it landed on me and my male best friend, the one I’ve liked for ages, so we kissed, like properly kissed, it was what i had waited for for a whole year, but now i feel so guilty because it really hurt my best friend that used to be with him, I’ve apologised and i think she has forgiven me but i feel awful. i feel like i have betrayed the best friend i have ever had.

  324. tres says

    i turned down going to grocery store with dad, and then a min later all friends left and i felt so depressed about not going with my dad.

  325. D says

    I was such a horrible person…I stole, had abortions, drinking and drugs at an early age, slept with married men. Always looking for love in all the wrong places. Party heaven you know. So now I’m 50+ years old and wouldn’t know love if it bit be in the face! So tired of picking the wrong men, just stopped. Who needs them right? Who wants someone to love for the rest of their life? I do…everybody does…But truly don’t believe I deserve that because of all the horrible things I did! I am so sorry for so many things, and it is eating me up.

  326. Sergio says

    I’ve been married for almost year with a baby on the way… My wife is a working, loving caring person and has been that way with me since we’ve been together for almost 4 years now. I regret that i am constantly thinking of my first love— The first girlfriend with who i had a very intense sexual relationship with… I feel i truly fell in love with that person but broke up because of her parents not approving our relationship which caused a lot of tension… Only to then find out she was seeing a new guy about a month after our break-up… I tried getting back with her and she told me no because of this new guy but anyway, to this day i keep thinking of the sex which i know is wrong and so unfair to my wife. I know this other person is currently married with a baby of her own so i just want to get her out of my memory & thoughts which is hard because i left so many friends behind because of her and feel she did have a negative impact on my life. It’s been 10 years now and I want to stop wishing bad things happening to her and just go on with my own life.

  327. Isabella says

    When you have major mistakes in your post, it may lead people to not take you or your advice seriously. As far as I know, “Standford” University doesn’t exist. Dr. Frederic (not Frederick) Luskin is a director at STANFORD University. You even made the mistake in your citation. >.<

  328. AnonGirl says

    I spent 4 years on a relationship with a boy who, albeit tried his best and had good intentions, took me down roads I shouldn’t have gone down. I’m having trouble forgiving myself for not saying “no” during all that time, even though I was unhappy. I was so young (and still am) that I was just ignorant of what was really better for me. Giving up more than my emotional/mental self for a person at so young an age, truthfully only because he kept pressuring me about it, is something I’ll live with for the rest of my life.

  329. Josh says

    I’ve let you down. Idk what to do. I can’t do anything. You take what I have done for granted. You take what you are doing now and just spitting in my fave every single day. I don’t deserve that. You are the one who should feel ashamed but yet here I am again. The only one of us who cares. You say these hateful things that you believe now but you didn’t believe them before. You listen to that piece of shit and hang on his every word. You discredit every thing I do even as hard as I work. Even the crazy things I’ve been able to accomplish in my circumstances. But this guy who can’t even be in his own kids life, you appreciate every tiny gesture he makes to our daughter who has everything she could ever want from us. From what we do for her. From my lack of sleep to pay bills. From my 70-80hr work weeks. From my time I miss with her because I work so much to take care of her. Why do you do this to me. Why are you not giving a shit. I’m in the same place in your life and my daughters life as my step dad and he was actually a piece of shit. I’m not. I’ve gone above and beyond and even walked away so you can have things the way you wanted it and you just treat me like shit. I’m so angry at you. I’m so hurt by you. I’m so confused and lost. I’m embarrassed and disgusted. I’m tired. I’m worn out and stressed. I need you right now. That’s the only way I can be happy. That’s my only way to find peace. I need that so bad. I’ve gone for way too long struggling to get by and not being able to get over you. You gave me that chance to make things work and I messed up because I really wasn’t ready even though I thought I was. I just cannot accept these terms. It’s unfair and horrible and I don’t want this situation for our daughter. I work hard to not have her in the middle of the same environment you have her in.. I just want to sleep but I can’t. Everything I want right now, I cannot have and it’s killing me slowly. Please wake the fuck up and come back to me. What will it take. You are always in my head. I love you.

  330. Suzycue says

    When my sister died there was family conflict. I am proud that I stood up for myself but when I began to fight back in a childish manner I just cant forgive myself and I am embarrassed. I am contact with a sister that likes to remind me and at the time understood and was supportive but now uses it against me that I am somehow less of a person and am bipolar because I am so emotional. I am so sorry how I chose to fight back and wish I just would have walked away with my head held high.

  331. Sara says

    I sent a message to my best friend that is potentially harmful to her. I know she doesn’t hold it against me and forgives me for it but I still feel guilty for even sending it. I would NEVER want to be in any part responsible for hurting her. She is my best friend and I love her like a sister. I’m sorry.

  332. Lizz says

    I was abused when I was little. I feel like I’m bad (almost evil), I feel like I need to be severely punished (beaten, pussy whipped). My therapist keeps telling me that what happened was not my fault and that “I am a good girl”, but my body burns with this need for punishment. I can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t want to feel this way. The only way I think I can get over this is if someone would punish me. I don’t know or how to find anyone to do this and I’m trying not to look. I can’t get these feeling and thoughts out of my mind. I don’t want to be bad or feel like I deserved what I got. I know in my head it wasn’t my fault, but everywhere else it feels the other way.

  333. Devastated says

    During a very rocky period in our relationship, I had a one night stand with and ex. It will NEVER happen again with anyone but I am drowning in guilt.

  334. TGirl says

    Finally sticking up for my self and cutting my brother off. He has taken advantage of me emotionally and financially for years. He recently had to get his leg amputated because he didn’t take care of his health when he was advised to by doctors. Now he continues to feel sorry for himself and either blames the world for all his woes…. or he gets overly full of himself and arrogant. Especially forgetting that me and my husband saved his life these last 4 years while he was on the road to self destruction.

    We got into a huge fight (unfortunately we had been drinking at the time) and I let him know for the first time in years how angry and hurt I was. (I’ve never had the guts before. I always felt so guilty to say such things). Granted I had every right to express myself, but I feel it wouldn’t have happened if I/we hadn’t been drinking. These issues needed to be brought to attention – I realize. However sad part is, I know I would have kept them inside forever. Almost as if the alcohol brought the courage I needed to voice myself. Aside from telling him how much he hurt me and how I felt he took advantage, I demanded he leave my house immediately. This was a planned few days for us to hangout. I have never voice myself to him like I recently did when I blew up…, even though other times we spent hanging out at my home we also drank alcohol.

    It hurts me and I feel guilty, but I always feel guilty where he is concerned. I know I had valid issues, but I know I hurt him. He also said very hurtful things to me. I wish I could just let it be with the knowledge that yes maybe not the best way to confront my brother;however, the facts I stated were accurate. My delivery was bad I believe. I know apologizing would only undermine my standing up for myself and, a big part of me feels as though I don’t need to apologize. But, I can’t shake the guilt and anxiety this entire dilemma has caused me. It’s making my a wreck and I’m become dysfunctional over the guilt plaguing me.


  335. L says

    I cheated on my amazing boyfriend three weeks ago and it is killing me inside as I love him so much and don’t want the relationship to end. I do t know what to do :(

  336. B says

    I had 3 hookups at a festival this weekend and even though we aren’t dating, there’s a guy at home I care for deeply. I told him about 2 guys but that was it. He doesn’t really have a right to know because we are just friends but benefits, and I’m into him more than he’s into me… but I’m letting it eat me up inside. I just want this gross anxiety and worry to go away.. blah

  337. BeStill says

    My online gambling addiction. I have made the same mistake repeatedly not only hurting myself bur others who helplessly witness my self loathing and disgust due to my behaviour. I am a good, kind, compassionate and loving person who unwittingly fell down the addiction rabbit hole . I need to lift myself up and forgive myself remembering I am a child of God. He has a plan for my life. I make the choice to receive God’s love and Grace. I truly have come to the end of myself.

  338. suzieq says

    I missed a real estate listing to buy a house – the best 1 to change my fiancé’s life & mine (we have been looking forever!) it was immed. sold (supply & demand in my area) I feel so guilty, sick w. it & can’t get past this, another may not come up this year.. so stressed & tired of this we both want to give up, don’t know if the relation. can sustain this much angst & grief..

  339. NIc says

    I want to be able to feel good about myself, starting a relationship with someone new, and feel that I deserve the happiness, and that I am not a cheater, just because I let it fail my last relationship. I deserve to be happy, I am a good person, with good intentions.

  340. Anonymous says

    I fell I am guilty for why my ex girlfriend broke up with me in January but I just now realize how much I regret letting her go.

  341. Jeffery Hunting says

    I want to let go of all the guilt i keep bottled up for blaming the death of my mother on myself. Making bad choices with drugs and carrer choices. I always run from things insted of dealing woth them. Now that i want and choose to deal with them they are overwhelming me and making me frustrated with life. I just want to be okay again.

  342. Saurnil says

    I want to let go my past bad decisions. I want to forget about what went wrong these past 10 years. To learn from the experience and move on.

  343. Matthew says

    This weekend I drank too much and drive myself home, I was stupid and selfish and could have endangered other drivers. I drove recklessly and it will never happen again. I have learnt my lesson, I never want to feel this way again.

    • JULIE says

      I have had 3 dui’s. now I can’t get a job and everyone looks at me like i’m a piece of shit. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. it’s not worth it. get a cab, it’s cheaper. you may kill someone and then your future is screwed. take it from someone who’s future is basically fucked. I am having a very hard time getting a job…… I am so depressed all the time

  344. Anonymous says

    I wana forgive my self I feel so disgusted and awful. My boyfriend is in rehab and I had sex with his friend I fucked up we have a son together now I don’t know how I’m going to look at him when I do see him. God please forgive my sins

  345. Jade says

    I’m tired of making stupid mistakes while drinking. I need to accept the fact that I have the potential to be an alcoholic. I’ll go months at a time without drinking much, or only having a few drinks with friends. But every so often I go through periods where I drink way too much to the point of blacking out, and end up destroying my relationships with people I’m close to. I lost my best friend a few years ago due to blacking out too many times and treating her badly while intoxicated, and now I’m afraid of losing another best friend. We became really close this year and always have a great time together, and I found out from a mutual friend he liked me. I also had feelings for him, but after learning that information I ended up kissing him the next time I was drunk. We never talked about it and things seemed normal, but the next week I made a complete fool of myself by being too drunk around his family and not acting like my normal polite self. I found out from a friend he’s really mad about it, however he hasn’t approached me yet. He hasn’t talked to me in over a week, and since we don’t live in the same cities I have to wait a while until I see him next to apologize. I want to forgive myself for my foolish actions and am done drinking to the point of being so intoxicated I end up hurting the people I care about most. I hope my friendship with him isn’t ruined, even though my chance of a romantic relationship with him most likely is. Being able to accept that is the hardest part but I understand my selfish actions have consequences.

  346. lisa says

    Drunken night game, went against all that I believe. A friend posted a picture on social network and people saw it. I care for a good reputation. I told a friend seeking support but they did not take it seriously, I feel like I have made it worst.

  347. i2i says

    I wish to let go my anger inside. I’m a heart broken divorced woman whose husband did what possibly break a woman’s heart such as cheating,unfaithfulness,defraud and so on.these days i feel empty inside i cant make any friends. my life has drifted apart do you think i can let go this suffering?

  348. Paulette says

    Cheating on such an amazing man with a big fat friggen loser drug dealer that doesn’t take care of his children he has now. I don’t know how it happened. I was COMPLETELY intoxicated and barely remember most of my night, but I remember that it happened. I went home to the love of my life the next day, and couldn’t stand to look at him because of the guilt I felt, how ashamed I was, how much I had hurt him.. Watching him break down in tears & tell me he still loves me and wants to be with me, hurt me even more.. He deserves someone so much than me. It happened over 8 months ago, but I still hate myself so much. We are still together, but if can’t even look in the mirror Somedays, I hate the person starring back. So ashamed & disgusted with myself, I’ve even thought of suicide. He’s EVERYTHING to me, and I swear it’ll never happen again! I never want to feel like this again, or make this feeling worse, I can’t even handle it. Honestly, I don’t know how he’s forgiven me.. When I find it so hard to forgive myself. ='( it hurts soooooooo bad & to make things worse, I’m pregnant, and I’m so depressed this can’t be good for the baby at all. So I’m trying my best to let it go & move on with our lives together, as a family when our daughter is born. I can’t be depressed trying to take care of our baby girl. It’ll only hurt her. Someday, I hope soon.. I can forgive myself.

  349. yeah.. says

    Well..I got branded by my fraternity on my back ( a triangle). It is hurting me very bad(inside and out). I think and look about it every day all day. It’s hard to try and move on. I feel I have disappointed my family, friends, and people I know back home. It’s embarrassing. I was drunk on initiation and made an optional choice to get one and did not see anyone get theres before I did as I was out of the room. It’s been 7 months and I have not moved on, may god forgive me. I’m sorry I wasn’t the best person before I got it, and I feel I deserved to have something bother me so much. Ill have this my whole life. a scar on my back. Moving on is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I hope my parents will even start to forgive me when I tell them next summer (after it heals). All I can ask for is a boost in self esteem. that I can learn from this. Gain confidence from this. It burned at my soul, and I hope I can grow back a stronger one.

  350. Luis Mathews says

    I lost my virginity to my maid. A few weeks later I started dating the girl of my dreams and now I feel disgusted that I would ever sleep with my maid.

  351. Leia says

    Over two years ago, I slept with my then best friends boyfriend, which led to an affair, a full blown relationship and now we are engaged. He broke up with her a few months after the affair started. We had always been drawn to each other (although, in the beginning I must admit I did not like him because I did not like THEM together… and maybe it was a deep seeded attraction to him but I really thought he was the worst). I never believed in soul mates until I met this man. We are perfect for each other.

    I told the former friend that him and I were dating a few months after they broke up, and she severed ties with me. We had always had a bit of a toxic relationship. I helped find her a job at my company and gave her a place to live for free when she was unemployed and living at home, but she was never thankful. My act led to a strange jealousy in her, and I became her enemy. She spent the next year and a half backstabbing me to friends and colleagues, and once admittedly tried to get me fired at my job. This was all before the affair. She left the job and moved home after the breakup and we stopped talking after that. When I contacted her to tell her about how her ex and I were in a relationship, she started spreading the news to her friends, even to some of my friends, which led to people cutting me off, telling me that I was a horrible person but sticking with her, even though she had done horrible things to me.

    I feel like a horrible person for cheating with her boyfriend. I feel like even more of a horrible person because I didn’t care because she had hurt me so bad. I want to forgive myself and move on.

  352. Chris says

    I left home at 17 to move in with a girl that I’d met at college. The relationship was built on lust and infatuation (mine not hers). My Dad cautioned me at the time about her and suggested I talk to her about counselling before we settle together. I took offence and we had a big fight, after that we spoke like strangers for 15 years before he died suddenly. Now another 5 years later I’m so depressed, I have a 20 year sexless relationship with a woman I have nothing in common with who is emotionally abusive and only cares about work or television. I feel like I’m drowning and cry at least once a day… Guess this is karma for all of the attitude and pain I caused my parents especially my dad when they could see what was happening and were just looking out for me!
    These days I’m a mess, a robot, trying to remain emotionless as the only emotions I know hurt! I despise myself to the point where if I catch my eye in a reflection I’m filled with a rage to smash the mirror and get rid of that person I hate so much!
    I just hope that one day I either learn to like myself and that hopefully can forgive myself or that my death when it comes is quick and painless. At least then it’d be over and done with, no more sad nights or lonely mornings!

  353. Jett says

    I found out that I messed up my moms life because I didn’t like the man that my mom was dating and he did not want to date my mom if I did not like him and at first I was so sad that I messed up my mom’s life and I don’t want her to hate me. I’m just so stupid and sad that I messed up my mom’s hole life I am so loosing it .I want my old crappie life back.

  354. Meranda Lopes says

    I constantly hurt my husband through emotional affairs and lying. I need help. I love him and can’t stand seeing him hurt.

  355. Jeanette says

    I need to let go of the fact that I’ve hurt my husband so much. I was stubborn and wanted to teach him a lesson. Instead I taught myself a very hard lesson.

    We were married for almost 8 years in this time he was working and living overseas and we saw each other 5 weeks a year. In this time I begged him numerous times to please come back as our marriage is in serious danger. He said to me I need to get over it because that’s the way it’s going to be.

    I then started having relationships with a married man and divorced my husband almost a year ago. He begged me to come back but I continued with my “game” of letting him suffer. In the end I moved out and he begged me to come back but I didn’t.

    I then learned that he’s moved on and found a new “friend” but he feels a lot for her. He left for Dubai and is living there now and he’s corresponding with his lady friend. My x and I are now chatting over watsapp and facebook but he said he will never be able to trust me again and I need to let go.

    I can’t let go, I still love him so much it hurt and I don’t know if and how to handle this pain. At this stage I’m alone at home with my kids and not going out to even visit family becaus I feel so misserable and cross and hatefull towards myself. It’s killing me. I can’t work properly, I don’t sleep well and I keep beating myself up over what I did to him.

    I never saw myself as someone who will hurt those whom I love so much.

    We don’t have children together, and my childrens fater passed away 12 years ago. I still miss him as well. I feel let down by myself and don’t know how to forgive myself and to move on.

    Please please help me.

  356. Valerie says

    My whole life I have been a pretty good girl. Good grades, never more than a slap on the hand worth of trouble. I even made it through my high school years as a virgin. Senior year I started drinking and eventually lost my virginity freshman year of college to a guy I had only known for a few days. Me and the guy started liking each other so I didnt feel as bad. But then another drunk night, a few months later I had sex with a guy who was a “friend”, I also had a relationship with him so I didnt feel so bad. Then it happened two other times. Everytime I hav had sex it was followed by no less than a month of shameful guilt. I dont believe that girls should go through “slutty college years” and I have always believed women value themselves as more than a night of pleasure, which is where the guilt stems from. I vow today to myself to never have casual sex again

  357. NarkoSarko says

    I outright bullied someone I hold near and dear to my heart, a friend I consider a brother. I bullied him about the “problems” he has when it comes to interaction and communication. Instead of talking to him like a friend and working out the issues together in a calm and polite atmosphere, I belittled him, I emotionally blackmailed him by making threats to never speak to him again if he didn’t listen, and I made demands for him to change or get the fuck out of my life. I was not justified at all in the bullying I did. He is (perhaps was now, given everything) an important part of my life and I outright made him feel like shit over something that was small and could have been solved quickly, easily, and painlessly.

    I cannot quite fully let go, as I need to make amends as best I can. He is giving me a second chance by temporarily blocking me on Skype until the wounds–for the most part–have healed. What I need to do now is better my character and personality, so I do not bully him or anyone else again for any reason. So that I am worthy of being his friend and his brother. But I am glad for this form and this article. It has helped me let go of the stress so I can focus on the betterment and the amends.

  358. Meh says

    I came from a broken family so my mom had to raise us im the youngest so i was like every1 is looking for me..then i got bullied at school since i was young but never told any of my fam and i always pretend that it was nothing which was not a big deal at that time untill im in highschool it start to affect me but still never never told them instead i just prove my worth at school so ive to have good grades but ofcourse i cant do it all the time so i got depress but when im at home i always smile coz i just dont want to add burden on my mom or any of my fam .. So whats ive regreted is y i never really show the real me that even them never really know me that much that i myself cant even understand me also .. If im just not tht coward before ive never face this problem this late and what sucks is i cant control my emotion sometimes i know it affects my fam esp my mom that she says im becoming a stranger but i have to do it or ill explode.. And now im filing a change of name which s 1 of the reasons y i dont enjoy mylife my mom supports it but what i hate is i know she doesnt believe or understand why.. The thought of it makes me so guilty but i really wanna do it i been planning dis all my life.. Though, i know ill be facing big changes and itll affect my identity..

  359. Pete Stephens says

    I had sex many years ago when I was married. I am so sick about it and wish it never happened. I was in a bad place then. I love my wife so much and am so sorry.

  360. self-flagellator says

    I blacked out while drinking and was aggressive toward a male acquaintance (I’m female), kissing him repeatedly. At the end of the night I vomited all over myself and he had to see that because he was staying with me. I actually confessed romantic feelings toward him, even though when sober they weren’t very strong, and then had to deal with the fallout from that the next morning. We talked briefly but were both still pretty intoxicated and tired, so it wasn’t very productive. I’m too ashamed to even try looking him in the face now and we’re supposed to work on a project together in about a month. I know I need to talk to him about this but I also don’t want to approach him because I feel like I’ve ruined things for good.

  361. S says

    let it go, free yourself, it was an accident and mistake and we humans are allowed to make mistakes. you need to live and accept move on. everyone has diff methods for me was to find God.

  362. S says

    i never rang my ill brother in law or brought him over to the UK for much needed life treatment as i was always thinking he shall get better etc and he died suddenly now the guilt is eating up at me inside and i want to let it go as i have small children

  363. Kb says

    I want to forgive myself for letting go of someone who was the love of my life for two years. I forgive him for treating me badly and verbally abusing me. And from holding me back from friends. I want to forgive myself for feeling guilty that I had to let him go. I want to forgive him for not talking to me for he is probably hurt.

  364. Kiki says

    I want to let to of my hatred towards my ex bf who cheated on me years ago. I’m learning to forgive and I forgive him.

  365. Misty says

    I have the same exact situation going on. Id love to talk-since you know exactly what I’m going through.

  366. Misty says

    I cheated on my boyfriend. And I can’t believe I did for someone who was so not worth it. My boyfriend is everything to me, and going through that experience opened my eyes to that. I can’t imagine life with out my boyfriend and to think I was selfish enough to ruin it makes me disgusted with myself. I can’t tell him because I’ve never been so sure in my life that I regret it 100% and it will never happen again for as long as I live. I just know he won’t believe me and I can’t bear losing him over this.

  367. Gina says

    I let me best friend drive home drunk and in fact told her to leave my home. I was angry with her for yelling at ther daughter (12)and told her to get out of my house. She wasn’t talking tome me very much after that and later came to find out she was pulled over for a broken head light and then arrested for a DUI. and almost lost her daughter. I should never have let her leave, but I get sick of her drama and drunkness. My daughter has now lost a friend to. It’s my fault. My friend was mad becasue I knew about her headlight and from the weekend before and left a message telling her , but it never reached her. She hates me and blames me for everything and losing her job because of the DUI. Her niece died last week of cancer she was only 27 years old we are both 43 I can’t even go to the funeral! My friend never wants to speak to me again I’m so sorry and so hurt and hate myself for this. I ruined our friendship.

  368. Mb says

    I love this man and he and I live In states fare away from each other. I am in his state for the summer and we have been in some contact since with each other since we met. I came to see him three times before summer. Since I have been in his state since middle of June we have talked and we just saw each other this past weekend. I came here to his state for him, so we could get to know each other, and see if we have a future together. To I sent him text that are not like me, expressing how he makes me feel when we are together in the bedroom. I know my text went to far as my personality isn’t like that at all. I’m one who never expresses myself In a text like I did. I told how he makes me feel and how he heats up my body, when we are together, and I went to far. I feel so sad and regret the words I sent him in my text. I was very excited and I was telling him my excitement in my text to him. I can’t say I’m sorry enough and I can’t turn back time or take the text back. I have told him I’m sorry, I called him and left a message, and text him and ask him to call me. I know I went to far with expressing to him how he makes me feel because after my text to express how he makes me feel. “He sent me a text and said enough with the messages”. I know that’s why I said to much and I’m not sure if he is upset with me. I just know he hasn’t txt me back or returned my call but its not been but two to three hours. I still feel so bad and I don’t know what else to do, to make it right? So that is what I’m trying to let go on this Monday July 7th. I care for this man, and I Love Him and what to share his life with him. I just pray I haven’t messed up and hope he will call me.

  369. silver says

    I suffer from rapid cycling bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder and I take meds to control a lot of impulsive behaviour and unsafe types of actions. Recently my lithium went toxic, then below normal, now it is high again. Meanwhile I developed hypothyroidism and pericarditis. All of this in under 30 days. I got really drunk one night at my friends house and wound up taking my friends youger cousin home with me. He is 26 and I am 42. And we had a one night stand. I am not seeing him again or staying friends with that girl because they live together. AWKWARD
    But the worst part of it is that I have a 10 year long term relationship with a guy. He knows I went with two other guys previously because I broke up with him first and he cobsidered tgat cheating on him and he never ket me forget it for years afterwards.
    In tge last 10-12 years I slept with 3 other guys that he doesb’t know about including this last guy.
    I have also suddenly fell ill with pericarditis and fluctuating lithium leveks and hypothyroidism. If I tell him, he will end it right away. But I wonder if I will successfully heal living on top of all these hurtful lies.
    Guilt Ridden Heart

  370. khashayar says

    i WANT TO FORGET MY EX. THE FIRST LOVE OF MY LIFE. I want to forget her.I want to forgive myself for doing her wrong.I want to forgive myself for stalking her for never leaving her. I want to forget her and move on. I have a very huge nose and i look unacceptable. I want to accept how i look. who i am. I want to have personal goals.I want to stay at my job and do good to the world. I wanna be useful.I wanna have my own thoughts . I’m sick and tired of hating myself. I have my own dignity. I have pride. I can be a successful person.Have a loving wife and a successful child.I wanna visit other countries and get to know interesting people. I wanna know why i am living here.I wanna perceive the meaning of life
    i wanna let go of the bad things i have done. i wanna quit watching porn. i wanna respect humans and world more. i wanna rise and make my ancestors proud. I am who i am. I’ll be a guy who everyone will regret leaving me.
    I did hurt my ex,nooshin.I did hurt her a lot and she has the right to leave me. I need to find new friends to forget her. I’ll live again. I’ll be the old happy khashy. the guy who was full of hope.

    I’ll live again

  371. Blind says

    I am forgiving myself for having sex with someone I temporarily felt desire for- whole I am in a relationship with someone I know I will marry. I would rather die than tell my bf- so I am letting this pass- and forgiving myself. I feel completely blind and numb and don’t even remember the situation. How did this happen? I’m not sure. But I want to breathe and let go.

  372. Livinganotherlife says

    Baby I love you with all my heart- cheating was a mistake. It wasn’t me- I was sober but I have no idea how it happened. I love you and only want you.

  373. Jessica Walter says

    I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to prophet salifu for bringing my husband back to me,I was married to my husband for 4 years and all of a sudden he started seeing another lady (his mistress).he started hailing at me and he was abusive.. and he hated me , but I still loved him with all my heart . the situation made me unsettle and not to focus at work .so a friend told me about trying (prophet salifu )spiritual means to get my husband back and introduced me to him ? i did not listen to her and hoped that my husband will come back home . after 9 month of seperation and depression , it got out of hand and my husband came back home to break the news to me that he want a divorce that he is getting married to his mistress .Hmmm it was so shocking to me ,i felt sad and more depressed ,so i contacted my friend again and decieded to try to use spiritual means reluctantly..although I didn’t believe in all those things? I never thought in a million years that i will get my husband back to me a again. but I was proved wrong.after 24 hours, my husband came back and was pleading..he had realized his mistakes..i just couldn’t believe it that we are back together. I am deeply satisfied and thankful with prophet salifu work .if you also want to fix you marriage or relationship email him at or , his work is for a better life .

  374. Rob says

    a girl I was dating rejected me and I acted crazy and scared her away for good. I have abandonment issues and my fear and obsessive nature cause me to overreact and make a mountain out of s molehill. I wish I could go back and react in a more mature sure way.

  375. linda says

    I retreat not being being responsible for myself during my marriage. For being irresponsible with our money, for not being present, for not having a open heart, for not being positive, for not having the skills to move forward. For not knowing how to communicate. For not knowing how to love Todd.
    For not being present! For being stuck in a negative state of mind. For not stopping and recognizing my reality. For not being a equal. For not loving him enough. For not supporting and enjoying his company.
    For not being my ‘best’ for not loving him sexually. For spending all his money. For putting him in bankruptcy.
    For not being my whole, true Linda

  376. Sadmistakes says

    I want to let go of the shame and regret I have for drinking too much all throughout my twenties. I’m 30 now and I want to stop this destructive behavior. It has caused me to gain weight and I am very ashamed of my weight. I used to be thin and I see the way people treat me differently now. Just on my walk home from the grocery store with a frozen pizza, two hipsters looked me up and down, I smiled and them and they didn’t smile back. It hurt. I just want to look like I used too. I want to be beautiful again. I want to let go of alcohol and overeating.

  377. Breige says

    I want to forgive myself for getting so drunk last night that I had sex with a much older man, whose character I don’t like that much and I am not remotely attracted to him. He is rough and ready, defensive and can be quite aggressive.
    I feel traumatized and abused, even though I consented. I have been very vulnerable these past few years due to being in an emotionally abuse marriage. He knew this and I feel taken advantage of.
    I already have components of PTSD and feel like I abused and retraumatised myself.
    I am a single mum and lonely.
    I feel sick at the thought of it and can’t get this out of my head and have no one to share this with.
    Please allow me to be more gentle on myself and let this go. Please allow me to care for myself better, with compassion and strong boundaries.

  378. Stupid Sally says

    I was too touchy with my boss one drunken night, and might have kissed him… In front of my fiancee. I know it is my fault and i blame myself. Shit happens yeah, but I hurt him.

  379. thomas e myers says

    I want to forgive myself for letting my brother fall when I was suppose to watch him his fall gave him bain damage.

  380. Emma says

    I talked bad about my dad to my stepsister which doesnt get along with and now i feel awful im scared of how he will react if someday he finds out what i have said.

  381. David says

    from the time I was 13 until I graduated high school I am very good looking I had a lot of girls fall in love with me I take care of horses and love them so I had a lot of opportunities for love come up but I never asked them out I guess I hurt a lot of them by ignoring them, I am single and 50 now I went to school in the 80s and I feel that my lonlieness now is gods punishment for rejecting all these woman I was often asked why I am not in a relationship and some times called not so nice names I feel that time is running out and I still cannot get over my guilt whats your advice

  382. someone says

    I’m am ashamed of breaking down and crying in front of all my boyfriends friends. I was really upset over his behavior and I might have over reacted but I couldn’t stop crying. I told all his friends what’s going on between us and I regret it because its our private life and I shouldn’t have talked badly about our relationship and his behavior. I’m sad about the way he treated me and I wish he would just text me so we can talk but he is so distant and I don’t even know what’s going on with him. I just want things to get better. And I’m sorry if I did something wrong to make you act the way you’re acting. Let it goooooooooo. Let it go. Let it go.

  383. TINA says

    Got drunk and have to be helped to leave a night club buy my date. I’m now terrified he won’t see me ever again. I apologized with him. Letting time pass. Don’t want to bother him but I don’t want to lose him either. I’m such a loser.

  384. Daisy says

    My self destructive behaviour because of jealousy. Being UGLY to men when I feel put down or out. Sending hateful, ugly messages; going over the top; out of proportion. I feel humiliated and I wish I hadn’t done it. And I wish the man I did it to realises it is one of my flaws. Not my total being. I’m so sorry. I want to forgive myself so I can function.

  385. tanya says

    I’ve been drinking since I was 16 and I’m 29 now I feel guilt and shame over the things I’ve done while intoxicated I have a 4 year old son and he shouldn’t have to see me like that he’s my world I love him more than words can explain and I’ve finally decided its time to get help so I’m going to start going to aa meetings but its still so hard to let all the things I’ve done go everytime I think about them it makes me extremely depressed and like I’m the worst person on the planet

  386. Leo says

    I lashed out with a lot of cursing at a stranger in a car. He and some friends challenge d me and I drove away. I feel cowardly and most of all wish I had not lashed out. He di nothing. I just feel like a joke and want rid of this.

  387. :) says

    I recently got a job in a pharmacy and they’re working me very hard and at a fast pace and the other day when I was putting the checked prescriptions into the hangings bags that wait to be picked up and my boss told me the next day that I had given a women all of her usual prescriptions, plus one of someone else’s and that the women noticed immediately, didn’t take any of the medication and is a regular and was very cool about it. When the pharmacist counted the pills in the returned bottle the bottle was 5 pills off, 2 horrible mistakes in 1 situation. I’m having a hard time forgiving myself for having made such a horrible mistake and so early on in my training. It was embarrassing and dealing with the guilt is hard, no one was hurt but the potential of what could’ve happened is the hardest part.

  388. Alias says

    I still love my ex, we’ve been together for 4 1/2 years and we had our ups and downs frequently . I met him in college when I was 20 and he was 21 yrs. After he lost his job , I was the one supporting him and now I resent myself for having to take care of him because he is an adult and he’s not helpless to find work again. But having to support him , the love I gave him ,I never got in return. I knew he was the Emotionally Unavailable guy . He used verbal abuse on me and is destructive in his mind. He smokes weed because he has an over active mind medical issue and I hated it every time. When he was with me and I don’t use drugs. In the years we been together, he couldn’t really find a stable job and I had a stable job. he was jobless since we were together. We had trusting issues and I use to hate him for trying to make me feel jealous if I didn’t help support him because he was living at home while I was supporting him. At one point he needed to pay his mom rent. He told me he had a dream to become a UFC fighter. When we first met, he was beginning his trainings And etc . But after awhile since he had no money to train He wanted me to helped him $710 to get on track. I felt good making his dream come true and at the same time, I knew I needed that money for my own financial reasons. Anyways, he broke up with me and said I was the one who ruined everything in our relationship. I never once met his mom or dad personally informally. They’re divorced. And he’s an only child but now has a 5 yr old sister . Anyways, I guessed I should’ve helped him more ????but I knew I had to do the right thing to not help him anymore. He recently got a DUI and went to jail for the night. And he made his life worse. Lost his license for 3 months and I had to drive him around. He’s told me he has love me and yet at times i still felt he had brought his past relationship to our future. I had threaten him once because he says he would leave me for another girl if I didn’t help support him and he would ask for my checks every time I have got paid. :[. He says he didn’t force me to help him and at one point I only wanted to support him for a little but turned into our whole 4 years together. I told him I admitted of cheating on him during out college days but that was only because he was always emotionally unavailable to me and I thought he was my boyfriend.Anyways I’m done.

    I want to let go : of all the money I had spent on him and supported him for and all the wrong things I know I shouldn’t have done for him. But yet still , I put his needs before over mine.

  389. scorpio rising says

    being the controlling and jealous one in a relationship. he eventually dumped me after a year, but I miss him so much everyday. It’s been almost a year since he left, and I’m still not over the pain, shame, guilt, and utter desperation I feel everyday over losing him. i fell stupid, embarrassed, and so full of shame. i just cant seem to shake it. i go over it in my head repeatedly – all the shitty things I said or suspected. it’s like he, and the relationship (good and bad) haunt me.

  390. Bernie says

    W. I am so sorry for being mean to you, picking on you and breaking you down. I know I made you feel like you did nothing right in our relationship. All I did was nit pick and come down on you for everything. I don’t blame you for leaving and being so cold and disconnected at the end. In my own weird and sick way I loved and cared about you. I don’t think I truly appreciated what I had until it was gone and you left. I miss you every single day. What I wish I could tell you is that when I got pregnant and knew I had to have an abortion, a switch went off in my head. A part of me hated you. I was angry with you. I pushed you away and sabotaged the relationship, a part of me wanted you to leave, but deep down I don’t think I wanted that. I didn’t know how to cope. I felt guilt and shame and I took it out on you. I couldn’t talk to my family or anyone else, because of my guilt and shame, so you were all I had. Unfortunately, you became my punching bag. I wish you could understand the intense pain and depression I have been going through the last few months. I know I shouldn’t have taken it out on you and you didn’t deserve that. You tried so hard to always be there for me and be supportive and all I did was break you down. I projected my own feelings and sadness on to you. I’m so sorry. I have been sitting here guilt ridden for the last month, unable to forgive myself and miserable. You’re gone…forever…I have to accept that. I need to pick up the broken pieces. I think now one of the hardest parts is learning how to forgive myself for the way I treated you. I feel like a horrible person. Going through an abortion is never an easy decision or experience, and I told you in the past how much I already struggle with my issues from being adopted, in foster homes abandonment issues and insecurities. Over the last month I have tried so hard to tell myself I am not a bad person for how I treated you, that I didn’t know how to cope, but I feel stuck in the mud, and am having a very difficult time getting past it, because of how kind and wonderful you are. I would like to be able to forgive myself so I can stop carrying around this heaviness, realize I’m not a horrible person and try to move forward and let go.

  391. Mike says

    I spent 25 yrs in a marriage that never started off on the right foot and is now ending. I realize now what I should have done instead of being self centered and in my own little world. I caused my wife great emotional heartache and pain. I need to forgive myself for being such a selfish person. I never realized how much I love my wife but now it is too late. Her heart is closed and I don’t blame her. I pray everyday that she will see that I am a good person and how much I really do love her. This is the most difficult challenge I have faced in my life.

  392. Jessica Rabbit says

    Last night I got way too drunk with a friend. He went over the line I believe and told me how he thought I was sexy, and would love to do things to me. Although, he is married with a child. I told him how he should let me talk to his wife so maybe we could get “friendly” or something. I have no idea. Stupid drunk talk. I just feel awful about this and wish I would have just shut up and went to bed with my husband when he did instead of staying up until 5am drinking. Urghhhh.

  393. Mark says

    I have reciently lost the love of my life due to many stupid mistakes I have made in our marriage.I have taken a real look in the mirror and dont like what i see . I cant live with out her she is my whole life and i dont think i can ever fogive my self for my mistakes i have made. my biggest problem is that you dont do these thing to the person that you love unconditionaly. my world is shattered my heart is totally broken and i can barely get up and go to work. I cant eat or sleep. the only contact i have with her is texting. Iwould do anything to change the past but i cant . I have learned alot from my look in the mirror . There is more than material things like posessions to obsess over .there is more than worring about a clean house . there is more than harping on the kids and being un happy with the way they keep ther rooms. I had a goog thing and did not embrace it . There is more about being social having people come to our house insted being the fussy pain in the ass that i was and worring about cleaning up a mess .I should have reveled in the moment to make my lovely wife happy . I am so regretfull of these actions . I wish there was a way to make this up not only to my wife but the kids. Insted of being excited when my step dauter got her drivers licence all i did was be selfish and worry about shairng a car. Ishould have been happy for her . I would also not want to play games or do anything as a family . I was always too tired. My job was also a problem I let it come home with me and I would not listen to my wife on how to deal with it . I was always a problem because we worked in the same place. She was a boss and i was on the other side of the fence . My whole problem is that I am stuborn and a poor listener. With all of this self awareness it my be too late for us . I hope not . I know i am a changed man and i can give them all a better happier life. All i want is a chance to prove it

  394. flboy says

    I slept with someone after me and tmy girlfriend of two years broke up then told her I didn’t when we started fixing it.

  395. Me says

    I want to let go of not going to college. I want to let go of not saving money.I want to let go of the depression I had and the weight gain. I want to let go of using marijuana in the past and the subsequent actions because of being high. I want to forgive myself of the anger I held towards those who have abused and abandoned me. I want to let go of living in such paralyzing fear. I give it all over to you Lord. I WANT TO BE FREE!! In Jesus name. Amen.

  396. Cee says

    I want to let go of the fact that I did not go away to college and that I messed up in school so much. Going away to college was something that I’ve always wanted to do but never took the proper steps in doing so. I’m 23 years old now and it’s been eating at me more than ever. I constantly think of “what could of been” if I had went away. I think about all the things that I could have done and how my life would be different today. It’s something that I think everyone should experience. I’ve felt that way since I was a child and I can’t understand how I allowed myself to get in this position. I never knew it would bother me so much and I honestly don’t know why it’s now out of all this time that it’s kicking my ass. I want to let this go because I hate this feeling. I know I can’t rewind the past but all I have been doing is wishing for a rewind button. I wanna let this go so I can free my thoughts of this guilt and stress.

  397. Ariana says

    I let a guy take advantge of me at a party when I was intoxicated, even though I have high values about that sort of thing. I regret drinking so much that it inhibited me from respecting myself

  398. Doris says

    allowing myself to be controlled = being hurt by husband alcoholic over and over – and to let it go

  399. stellios says

    I loved a woman who is more beautiful than I can put into words. Her intelligence was ever present. She missed nothing. Having her come into my life have it purpose and made me feel more complete and whole.
    She was recently divorced and talked about her ex on our first date. She kept in touch with former lovers. Ex boyfriends remained her friends. All of this rattled my confidence. I grew insecure. I grew passive. This put a wedge between us.
    She was demanding of my time. She demanded I essentially live with her. She was always sick and needing my caring. But she was always aloof. I never felt the love returned. I was always her boyfriend at home but felt less than that when we would go out. I gave her so much love. More than I’ve given anyone. Somewhere in her is a beautiful soul. Some man will be able to bring her out and to experience her love. I am so disappointed I was not that man, even though I put my heart and my life into her. I saw such incredible potential for us. As a team. In love, we could do do many things. She called my natural anxiety and gave me guidance on how to love. When I felt love from her it was profound. But she was able to let go of me, suddenly, without much pain. Her caring for me had kept her with me but she had lost her affection. I feel so ashamed that I didn’t just walk away earlier. I deserved to be loved back, even if I may have been over zealous. I deserved her to be interested in me. Not using me.

  400. Julia says

    I broke up with my boy friend because I thought things weren’t working but now I realize it was such a happy relationship. I loved him!!! Now he hates my guts because I broke up with him while he’s dealing with his grandmothers death. I hate myself for this. It’s the worst feeling in the world. I’ve had feelings for him for 3 years. I’m so sorry I did that. He doesn’t want me to talk to him anymore. I hurt him, WTF KINDA PERSON DOES THAT TO SOMEONE THEY LOVE WTFWTFWTFWTF. IM SO do ANYTHING to go back. I hate myself. I care about him a little more then myself.

  401. I stand alone78 says

    Road rage with kids in car, trying my best but not giving my kids the type of life they deserve, isolating myself from a social life, working graveyard shift to be to tired to deal with my anxiety because I can’t afford meds and having my kids see how tired I am all the time, loosing teeth and embarrassing my kids in public because I’m not attractive anymore, wishing I could die so my husband can find a better/prettier mom for my kids, I wish I wasn’t so nervous at work so my co-workers and supervisor wouldn’t make fun of me so much, wish people wanted to be around me so my kids could learn good social skills

  402. Arthur says

    I lied and skipped seniors found that I lied.they saw me as a good person before but I don’t think they will ever again.i m so ashamed to face them again.ill be meeting them everyday and they will think of me as the liar and will never trust me soo soo ashamed of my self.everybody thinks I’m a good worker and that I do my job properly but when others also get to know about this they will think I neglect my work.n that I’m being unprofessional .

  403. Vanessa mcknee says

    My mom has caught me smoking cigarettes more than once.. Her and my dad are very strict since they come from a muslim family. Last time is happened she was mad At me for about a week but now she doesnt trust me anymore. I feel stupid and regretful and very ashamed. It happened last night when i thought she was asleep but made too much noise and waking her up leading to me getting caught . Shes at work now and probably wont talk to me when she gets home . And probably will take my phone away . Sorry if it was ba way if telling the story i just wanted it to be short i need someone to tell me how to make it up to her

  404. Susan says

    The guilt I feel for getting married and moving 40 minutes away from my son who begged me not to go.. The fact that I ruined my new marriage because if I couldn’t be with my don, I didn’t want his kids around. He left me… I treated him badly at times because of my guilt and sadness over missing my son.

  405. gibbo says

    Recently I’ve got into this relationship with this girl that makes me smile, melts my heart, is so caring an adorable an my absolute happiness. But I found myself out of boredom one night sexting a girl that I had talked to heaps prior to our relationship, I mean I basically cheated on her, an it makes me want to cry that I didn’t even think an to do something like that to this girl I am so in love with. So friggin Naive an stupid, so far she doesn’t know an I wanna keep it like that cause I couldn’t bear to tell her, I just forgive an forget an concentrate on my GF, I deleted the girls number an any other girls that maybe a distraction. I want a future with this girl an have to leave my single habits behind. Thank you

  406. Big D says

    My dirty house, taking the SAT 3 times and doing no better than 1600, the fact that I needed debt to go to college. When I was a teenager I grabbed girls butts out of lust, today because of my appearance I don’t think any girl would like me. All the times I wanted to study but wasted time watching tv, lusting, playing games, etc. The sins I have had in my life.

  407. Just want to free says

    I have a really bad porn addiction. Some of the things I have watched were so taboo it makes myself sick. I have been so depressed, have constant intrusive thoughts, and am unable to sleep at night. I can’t seem to forgive myself. I feel like my addiction has broken bonds between family and some friends. I want to let go so bad, move on with my life, and never even have the urge to look at pornography. Worst of all I feel like a hypocrite, since a lot of people expect good things out of me and know that I am Christian.

  408. just me says

    the pain I see in my son eyes from a girlfriend who we accepted into our family. I pray to let go of the stress, pain, humiliation she has caused and pray that she finds happiness.

  409. /// says

    I want to let go of everything. Being brought up in a broken home, with an alcoholic and a drug addict. Being sexually active at too young of an age that resulted in my first child’s birth. Having a horrible marriage and putting my children through so much shit, just so I could say I tried.
    I regret leaving my husband for another man, who is no longer apart of my life. I regret being irresponsible and losing two very good jobs. For being selfish and not putting my children’s needs ahead of my own satisfaction.
    I want to let go of mistakes that I continue to make in my current relationship.
    It’s like I have it on repeat.
    I’m coming to the realization that I am a confused individual. A bitch. I can be so selfish and disrespectful.
    I want to accept and acknowledge all of this so that I can move forward with my life and make a change.
    I have to be happy with myself before making anyone else happy. I have to work on myself.

  410. Ed says

    I have made mistakes financially which have ended up hurting my family. I have also had an affair. My family is there to support me but I can’t move on past those mistakes in my life. I pray every day for that closure.

  411. Meshell M. says

    Getting my tubes tied before I got married (27). My husband wants to father a child with me. Cheating on my husband. Accusing my husband of infidelities without any such proof for over 10 years. He’s still with me, but is somewhat distant and has admitted that he feels distant more so when I throw baseless accusations at him. He’s really a good dude. Thinking that he really wants someone other than me when he tells me that he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Feeling like I’m never good enough. Being so fussy at my kids when they were actually really good kids and are wonderful young adults. I was an asshole. Guilty suspicions!

  412. Dork says

    I got an email from the cable company for pirating. I feel really bad…I want to let it go! I feel ashamed and annoyed at myself for letting it happen. and feel bad. I need to take a deep breath and let it go. I’ve apologized, now its time to move on! Thank you!

  413. Le1851ww says

    i broke my best friend heart ‘by cheating on him with a some1 else whom i had feelings for more than my friend. i regret it.

  414. Brian says

    Hello , this is very hard to do. I’ve fell in love with a women that I truly care about and love so much and her daughter. She’s never been shown any kinda of love in her life before she meet me. I took it and ran with it and at the same time I tripped and fell numerous times with drinking and going out of control with my emotions. Did the stupidest things imaginable said the most ignorant things ever! I’m never this way so she knows that. But I fucked up bad this time and can’t forgive my self. I’m so angry and disgusted and pissed off with myself for my actions. I don’t even understand why I said the things I said or did the things I did. Her family and friends now completely hate me. She knows I’m a great man and just can’t drink but at the same time she doesn’t know what she wants to do. Truly don’t want anything else or want anybody else I’ve quit drinking since Father’s Day and I’m never going back to drinking. It’s crazy how a substance can make you act emotional wrong Destructive and irrational. That’s not me at all. There’s so much to the story I can’t say it all. But I know there’s one thing in my heart is the most to me and it’s My Chell Belle!! I don’t know if I’ll ever give me the chance to be able to be the man she fell in love with again. I’m falling apart. I messed up so bad. She didn’t deserve it. I hate alcohol!!! Money is the root of all evil alcohol is right there next to it.

  415. Graeme Andew says

    hello, recently become good friends with this girl at work and had a little crush on – wehave lots of fun together and with others. This one occassion we all went out on a day drip and got drunk – i let her drink loads – and then when we got back, i left her with some people and i went home. i promised her Dad i would look after her and i Failed.

    She is ok, and another person took her home – but i cant forgive myself, yet she has forgiven me, and we are still goodfriends ???

    If i claim to like this girl and care for her, why did i not take her home to make sure she is ok?

  416. JS says

    There are two people that I did things to that I wish I never did. I want to learn how to forgive myself for what I did. Everyday I struggle with feeling like somehow, someway I’m a bad person and I deserve to feel guilty. I have a big heart and I love to help people but I have this burden that I can’t let go. These two people I have apologized to but not even a million apologies describe the remorse I feel. I want to let go so that I can be a better person to other people I encounter. Also so I can learn to love myself. And to anyone else who encounters this site – we all deserve to let go and forgive outselves. We just need help doing it. I wish the best for each and every one of you..

  417. Callina Hendrickson says

    I want to let go of the guilt that I hurt my daughter by not buying her a bed that she really wanted , I want to let go of the guilt that my addiction may have led to my sons, I want my ex-husband(25) years married to quit blaming me for all that went wrong in our perfect Lever to Beaver Family. After all I was the strong women with many degres that bought him material things that he would have never dreamed of, due to him being un-educated and from a poor family. I can’t handle his burdons as he drops them on me and try to move on and make our family happy!

  418. Hurts So Bad says

    I am feeling shame, guilt, regret and extreme self-loathing right now. I shouldn’t have slept with my ex-boyfriend. We worked so hard at cultivating a friendship out of the ashes of our failed relationship. We had even moved on to other people – – -and then I fell back in love with him again…and foolishly told him. He doesn’t feel the same way about me…or so he said because shortly after that we started spending more time together and being intimate.

    I thought maybe he had changed his mind. Maybe there was hope for the reconciliation I so desperately wanted. But I was wrong. I found out he was seeing someone else.

    My reaction was unwarranted, ugly and disrespectful not only to him but to myself because I know better, but alcohol has a funny way with people, especially me. It leads me to make bad choices. Choices I live to regret because they wind up hurting the people I love the most.

    I wish I could take it back – – – but I can’t. I apologized to him and acknowledged and took responsibilities for my actions, but I honestly think that he has had enough of me and our relationship is now irretrievably broken – – – and it’s all my fault.

    If only I had just counted to 10 and thought about the consequences.

    I have no other choice but to accept this reality and move on. I’ve apologized – – – that’s all I can do and hope that one day he will truly forgive me and want to be my friend/

  419. E says

    Calling my mom a slut bitch asshole telling her I hated her. Calling my dad an asshole telling hi I hated him. Telling them I wished they were dead.

  420. Kimberly says

    I want to let go of the guilt and dirty feeling I’ve been feeling for quite some time now. It’s all due to a hookup. I was at a guys house party and I was drunk and cold and we cuddled and he took advantage of the situation and we made out for a while before falling asleep. I’m mad at myself for not stopping it especially because I don’t like him at all. I just don’t want to feel like a slut anymore. This may not seem like a big deal but I’m not one to do these things and worse of all is he’s friends with my friends so I hate seeing him every time my girls and I go out

  421. karl says

    I want to let go off how I treated my ex girlfiriend I lied I cheated and I took money and her love for granted sibce I have payed what I owed her back . but we haven’t spoken for two years I want to forgive her of the way she broke up with me and myslelf for the way I treated her I was I was young and stupid . I threw away one girl who really loved me , I am happy she has found a new love and I want to cut the tie of guilt I have .

  422. Mr. Smith says

    I broke up for the 3rd time in an abusive relationship. I never really wanted the relationship fully but enjoyed some of the benefits.
    It was a huge price to pay! I lost myself worth. I misplaced myself. I changed fully to satisfy someone else’s needs because I did not want to be lonely. I sacrificed all most all of me to please another. I just took his BS and made little stands but I kept coming back falling for the pretty words with no actions to back them up! This time I made a stand. He cheated on me and treated me like I was less than anything but a convenience. I told him we are finished and I walked away and never looked back. The hardest part is forgiving myself for staying in a terrible relationship. the hard part is I only have one friend and I’m a mess inside and talking about him all the time just makes me mad! I’m so tired! So exhausted! I tell myself this is going to give me a great healing but I will be glad when I can stop think about him!

  423. Tamara says

    I’m a 23 year old womanI have been with my partner for 3 years who is as 22 year old male we get on great talk and enjoy life but early on in the relationship I felt neglected and down as I felt he wasent Thier or listend to me it got me so down I looked elsewhere to snog other guys out outside my relationship to fulfilling my needs that someone wants me but I have been kissing other guys behind his back when he upsets me he dosent know I do this but I want to forget the past and move on the guilt of cheating is tearing me up and bothering me so bad I have not had sex or any other contact except snogging with random men it ment nothing just a pain relief and I feel terrible help what do I do?

  424. X says

    When I was young before I ever met my husband I slept 24 people I have never told him only because he said he didn’t want to know but it haunts me every day I wish I never did it even though I didn’t cheat on him I feel ashamed and I abused my body and I feel like more people should have taken care of me for it never to of happened. It was mainly drunken moments but still.

  425. Mandy says

    I kissed an acquaintance/person in my friendship circle’s recent ex.
    I know how much the woman is hurting and how raw her pain is, yet I chose my needs over respecting her. I am very upset at myself and deeply ashamed.
    I don’t know whether to tell her or any of mutual friends. I am scared of the reactions, but also scared that creating fodder for gossip will make it worse.
    I’m sorry Penelope – if I could take it back, I would.

  426. AJ says

    i completely lost it at my boyfriend this morning, after feeling like he didn’t respect my time and my emotions the night prior. i got more angry than i should have… i completely screamed at him and ended up in a full panic attack. he says he forgives me, but i know him and his voice is so sad and broken sounding. im petrified that our relationship is over because of this.

  427. Kylie says

    giving up on my ex so much instead of trying to work things out, even after he took me back many times before. He was great. I just didn’t know how to treat somebody like him.. I feel like I didn’t deserve him. I wasn’t treating him well enough. I wish I could take it all back. But I guess you live and learn, and I’m only 16. I will get another oppertunity to prove myself and let go of my past!

  428. c says

    I stole from my parents and my cousin when I was 15. I also stole from school. I was trusted with the school tuck shop and I took money to buy things I wanted. I sometimes see the teacher in the street and when he looks at me I know he knows. I feel like I could die. I am now 40. I can’t seem to move on. I have been diagnosed bipolar and when I am low these things fill my mind.

  429. Mayne says

    I cheated on my husband for 7 years with the same man. This ended my marriage. I I hurt my children very badly and now I see what I took away from my grandchildren….to have a grandma and grandpa together. I not only couldn’t keep a relationship together for them to have a father…I couldn’t even have it for my grandchildren. I’m a failure at love relationships and a slut on top of that.

  430. wendy says

    Mistakes I’ve made.. Always changing job thinking I’d be happier. Being too soft on discipline with my son. Now he’s in care,Al because he didn’t like the word no, tidy your room etc. Got bigger and it got violent.sorry I didn’t get therapy as a kid for the childhood I my mum thwarted me ruined so much of my life. My first marriage ended because of her. We still loved each other, we had no reason to part, we were so happy. That still hurts me now 20yrs on.mistakes I’ve made in my marriage now. Head all messed up, seeing my husband as the enemy when he’s stood by me. He’s not perfect but in my head I’ve had its wrong for so many yrs. At 42 still battling fir happy body image,where do I fit in.? I like to have muscles, used to c